Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy birthday Song

Not really old skool but I like it..

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well today im officially one step away from being 30. Let the parties begin...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Akon - Sorry Blame It On Me [Official Music Video]

Not exaclty ALL EYEZ on Me, but he is tryin..I guess..

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Senator. Craig, Black Folk Call it the Down Low.....

"Im Not Gay" yeah.......................Senator, Youre right youre not. Where we from in the black community, when and if you at least try to engage in alleged nasty-ness in the public restroom, that means you know what was going on in that restroom and decided to be nasty. The term is Downlow. I even hyperlinked the definition of it for you so you can read up on it.

But, just in case you need it for you in lam ens terms here ya go!
Courtesy of Urban

Downlow= Black community slang for black men secrect homosexual activity.

Whaddaya think about that homeboy!?

Real Talk=

Peepz, for those of you still uncertain about voting this year I want you to remember this. The last 2 alleged sexual devients to come under fire are members of the Conservative party. The same party that has zero zip zilch problem explaining how homophobic they are, and how they oppose any mention of equal rights for civil unions. It begs the question as to why we allow these people to get into office?

We have got to rock the vote! Lemme break down a little of what this guy is accused of. He went to a known stall in the restroom where sexual activity is present amongst men (and men only) and displayed all the signs of a typical trick trying to get his fix. He tapped his feet against the side of the stall. He swiped his hand under the adjacent stall showing his id card and stated :
"Im a US Senator whaddaya think about that."
Well I'll tell you what I think about that, I think you need not bother about re-running for anything.

Whats sad is, after about a week this story will fade into oblivion. A US Senator, a man in charge of making and upholding laws in this country, soliciting Sex in a bathroom will simply go away. Yet, a Quarterback who fought dogs cant seem to get a break. People, is it me or do we sometimes tend to get things jaded when it comes to whats important and whats not? e

Giving Good Sistah's Props.

I wont lie, today was gonna be a slow blog day, but seeing that I rarely give my Beautiful Nubian Sistah's who actually do GOOD props, I decided that today, i'm going to make it a new category. The way its gonna work is, each week i plan on selecting 2 sistah's who are on top there game, from a personal, profesional, and emotional standpoint. My boy E over at bgdboom already gave me inspiration for my innagural sistah. By the way when yall get a chance, show him some love and cast a vote for him at the Black weblog awards.

Good Sistah Profile #1 Alicia Keyes

Age: 27
From: Hell's Kitchen NY.
Occupation: Singer, Song Writer, Activist
Relationship Status: From all we know Single..

Why We like her: AK not only explemifies, the best qualities a Wifey type could offer, (sweet down to earth, great personality etc.) she also has sex appeal and has one of the most beautiful faces youve ever seen. There's no question she's a 10 on anybody's scale, and I would go as far as saying if black folk had there most beautiful people list, she would consistently be a TOP-5 pick.

Good Sistah Profile#2 Thandie Newton Stats Age: 35
From: London England
Occupation: Actress
Relationship Status Married w/2 Kids

Why We like her: Thandie brings a sleek sublte sexy-ness to every character she plays. Not known for being a scene stealer, but if she's in a movie odd's are her presence is felt. (Check Crash) Whats cool about Thandie is she gives you the thought that she isnt really even trying to look good, and be positive. Its like it just naturally oocurs. The simplicity of the way she seems to go about things makes her even more of a certifiable Nubian Queen if you ask me.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

NFL Preview Part 4 of 4

Well if youve made it this far then you know Ive only got 2 divisions left the NFC and AFC North. One of these will be quick, the other one will be the AFC North.

NFC North Predictions

Bears 12-4 (2nd Round Playoff Loss)
Packers 7-9 ( Maybe Brett Retires)
Vikings 5-11
Lions 4-12

Quick Shots

Bears= Way to keep the defense in tact. There gonna miss Thomas Jones, and Rex is still the starter. I'd like to say this team is Super Bowl bound, but that would be me giving props to the offense.

Packers= Donald Driver's sore and you lost Ahman Green. Brett Favre hasn been able to do it all by himself in 5 yrs. This could very well be his swang song.

Vikings= Love the running game, hate everything else.

Lions= If only the game could be played with Wide Receivers only.

NFC North Summary

The Bears should make quick work of this lame duck. I dont see anyone posing a threat to there reign atop that division. Brett's gonna (at least Aaron hopes) announce his retirement this year, which will come after one of his worst career season's ever. The Vikings need FAR TO MUCH for me to comment on, and finally the Lions are hoping the league switches to a mandatory 1 rush 3 pass format.

AFC North Predictions

Ravens 12-4 (2nd Round Loss)
Bengals 11-5
Steelers 9-7
Browns 5-11

Quck Shots

Ravens= Picking Up Mc Gahee in the off-season may be enough to get this team to the Superbowl. Im just not sold on there Receivers. Mason's older , and Clayton needs to step up. Heaps solid, but they see him coming. Air Mc Nair is gonna have to pick up the slack. The defense lost a part, but they still have Ray Ray and Eddie. Really thats all you need ...

Bengals= This team keeps getting in its own way. I'd like to have this teram so much higher, but I know there prone to f-ups. They still have a very high powered offense, and there defense is legit. I just cantgive them the nodd over Baltimore.

Steelers- I reserve the right to change there standing the moment Cinncinatti implodes. This team is complete, and there only real issue is QB. If Big Ben is back, then this team is a threat. I absolutly love Fast Willie.

Browns= They are the victims of being surrounded by to much talent in the division. Because of the division they'll keep it close, all games are rivalries, but they'll still get stomped. The Seargent will be calling for Brady really soon.

Well that'll do it for my NFL Predictions. I know they are a little vague but I tried to give you my best take on who's gonna be where come January. Yall know where to find me if you have any debatable chatter..e

Travis Loves The Kids, and Vicks Statement

Dont know why it took me so long to post this, but Denver Broncos Star Travis Henry get this has a reported 9 kids in 4 states. 9 KIDS IN 4 FREAKIN STATES. I was sitting arround thinking, do I own actually 9 of anything? It turns out I do, Underwear, Tee-Shirts, Bill Collectors, and thats about it. Cool thing about all of them, there all in the same state. I can control each and every one of them.

But 9 kids. Dayum thats crucial. You often run into a at who'l tell you he has 4 and you go wow, yall tryin to have a big family. But 9. Ima tell yall what it is, Travis reads the Condom Wrapper and say's it aint a hundy so it aint safe. From that point he just say's forget it. I know this, thats alot of child support.

Link To Travis Henry

Vicks Statement

I promise to keep this short. Michael Vick did what needed to be done yesterday. I like how there wasnt a lawyer reading a statement "HE" typed on Vicks behalf. For his fanbase, dont worry, he'll be back out there again in 3 yrs.

Monday, August 27, 2007

About that Reunion...........

About A month or 2 ago I hit yall up with this:

Well a funny thing happen on the way to securing the Venue, people FAILED to PAY. Thus turning what wouldve been a classy, sheik, and somewhat Casual affair into Ladies night at the Dave and Buster's. White Tee's and Blue Jeans are ok. People at what point do you say enough is enough?? Now, to be fair, I place absolutely 0.0% on the person in charge of getting our Class Reunion off the ground. Up until June, no one even wanted to get something started, and the person who took it over had no obligations to. My problem is that when the venue got changed, I wasnt refunded my paid money , and gave the option to pay for the new venue.

Old Venue : Brookhollow Sheraton Lobby and Conference Room
Dress Code : After 5 Attire

New Venue: Jillians Eat Drink and Play. (Dave and Buster Equivallant check the link)
Dress Code : Flip Flops A Wife Beater and Shorts are fine.

See the difference?? Its rare that there requires a time that my wife and I get to play dress up. Infact the last time was the Navy Day Ball circa 2005. This for us wouldve been one of those moments. Unfortunately on Friday, we got the email stating that due to lack of ticket sales the Sheraton couldnt be secured and we had to take your money and secure Jillians instead. I say no. Hell no. I dont have to leave San Antonio to get that kind of crowd. Now if it sounds like im coming off as snudish, think of it this way, if I were planning your wedding and had you tell friends and family to prepare of the Cinderella Themed event of the summer. Initially those able to make it, will throw the money down and prepare for it. Now, what if about 3/4 of the way through after tickets, costumes, baby sitters ,and flights had been made, I call you up and say, well the Cinderella Venue wont work. In its stead were going with Aladdin. Completely Different right?

Well thats where i'm at. Wifey and I are not down with Aladdin. Now, its been 2 emails into it, and I have yet to get a reply or any of my money back. I dont like doing so, but I have no problem going to the dark side of stupid if I know it will garnish me my xxx.xx dollars I deposited on this failed event.

My boy Demetrio brought up some really good points over the weekend I dont think can get enough credit. You know whats funny is, these things (High School Reunions) are all about the memories and who's doing what now. Well, it'll be funny to here who's doing what and how great they are off when they failed to pay for a ticket for the other venue. (The list was posted on the website) Its all fun and games until you realize youre eating Chilli Fries and drinking from the
18 oz novelty cup at your 10yr High School reunion.

At least I'll still have my memories. Those I can say proudly will never change.

The Football Preview Part 3 of 4

Well, we've done 2 of the Conference's and despite a little email battle royal, for the most past many of you either A agree with me, or B consider me a lunatic. Hopefully my synopsis of the AFC and NFC East will change your minds.

AFC EAST Predictions

Patriots 14-2 (Super Bowl Champs)
Jets 9-7
Bills 9-7
Dolphins 8-8

Quick Shots

Patriots= I dont know if Ive ever seen a team so complete in my life. The Patriots have the best QB in the game, a stud at running back, one of the greatest Wide Receiver's ever, and tout atleast 6 pro bowlers on defense. This team was only one bad play away from going to the Super Bowl last year. Expect plenty blowouts. I almost forgot, way to bring Asante back.

Jets= There defense is solid, however, I wouldve liked to seen them adress the front line. Im not at all in love with running back, though Thomas Jones does have it in him to be really good. The key here is Quarterback. Can Chad keep his eyes looking forward and not at the bench at Clemens.

Bills= The only reason this team isnt above the Jets is b/c of its lack of a secondary. They let Nate Clements just ease right on outta there. I do like how they replaced Mc Gahee, but I dont like how they didnt compliment Evans. Ultimately they'll be a force. I wouldnt sleep on them.

Dolphins= To quote Jason Taylor. Scrambled Eggs. This is exactly what the QB situation will look like the moment Trent Green goes down. And he will go down. This defense on paper is one of the best out there, but they cant play both sides of the ball. Ronnie Brown is going to have to do more , and so are Chambers and McMichael.

AFC East Summary

I dont expect the Patriots to have much competition this year. If there is some , expect it to come from the Dolphins, there good for one upset a year. The real battle here will come in the form of who's the better wildcard, the Bills or the Jets. I'll say this again though, the Super Bowl will run through Boston.

NFC EAST Predictions

Cowboys 11-5 (NFC Championship Game)
Eagles 10-6
Redskins 8-8
Giants 8-8


Cowboys= The Defense for Dallas failed to make any secondary improvements, so I couldnt have them beating the Panthers b/c of that. There offense still touts 2 significant beast at wideout, a young and budding stud at Quarterback , and a legitimate thunder and lighting combo at running back. (not to mention the Leonard Davis signing) Expect Wade to get the very best outta this bunch

Eagels= So much is dependent on the health of D. Mc Nabb, that I assume he will play his heart out this year. That said, even with him playing his best they'll only finish at 10-6. Loosing Stallworth was HUGE and loosing Trotter, youre gonna feel in the locker room. I sure hope B. Dawk got enough pop to make up for those losses.

Redskins= Best Young Secondary hands down. Sean "the Punt Killer" Taylor and La Ron Landry are gonna make pass play's fuuuuuuuuuun! If Portis is healthy, and his backup is to, I expect them to pund the ball all day. However, they dont need to. Santana Moss is *1MG deadly, and Randle El was under utilized.

Giants= Oh the loss of Tiki is gonna sting something fierce here! B Jacobs is a solid thunder back, but missing lighting is gonna be crucial. Everyone is still waiting on Eli, and I fear that his time may be up if he fails to produce this year. Strahan needs to get into camp (if he's gonna) and they just lost Will Demps for at least the start of the season . I sure hope Plaxico can bring it, they're gonna need him and J-Shock playing way above there talent level.

NFC East Summary

The Cowboy's will make this division alot closer then it should be. I expect a healthy Mc Nabb lead Eagles to be right on there heels, with the Redskins close behind them. In a perfect world I'd love to tell Giants fan, they'll be close, but frankly I suspect alot of BOOING and name calling to erupt in that stadium with no relief in sight.

Well that'll do it for the East Coast. I expect my choices will rub some a little sour. With that said, yall know exactly where I'll be for debate. Tommorow, I do the toughest Division to Handicap, the AFC North. Followed by the Bears + there slacker rivals in the NFC North.

Friday, August 24, 2007

The Football Preview Part 2 of 4

Ok, so I gave yall a pretty solid rundown of the Souf on both sides yesterday. Today we're gonna take a trip to the west coast.

AFC WEST Predictions

Chargers 13-3 (AFC Championship Game)
Broncos 11-5
Chiefs 8-8
Raiders 5-11

Quick Shots

Chargers= Top player in the game, check. Top tight end in the game, check . Oh yeah, one more thing, on defense they have a certified head banger. The only thing stopping this team from getting to the Superbowl is its shaky secondary. If they can figure that out..Put it on the board..

Broncos= Im going to throw this out now, If you plan on passing on the Broncos, good luck. There Secondary is the best out there. They just signed Travis Henry, and I absolutely love Cutler, with that said, Im not in love with there defensive front line. They'll scare ya, but nothing to fret. However I would NOT sleep on this Broncos team.

Chiefs= I'll say what I said last year about this team. Anybody know there receivers? In fact, anyone know who's gonna start at QB for that matter. Expect LJ to be ran to the ground.

Raiders= Cant spell rebuilding without Raider. It should be noted that without J-Russ in camp, it really doesn't matter. They weren't planning on starting him. No running or receiving game doesn't warrant me coming to camp early either. Ultimately they'll be a whipping boy again.

AFC West Summary

The Chargers will win this division, but Denver going to make them earn it. The Chiefs might want to get a receiver sometime in this decade, and the Raiders are going to make alot of people in the Black Hole seem more and more irrelevant.

NFC West Predictions

Seahawks 10-6 (Second Round)
Rams 9-7
49er's 9-7
Cardinals 6-10

Quick Shots

Seahawks= Oh what a difference a Day makes. They are gonna eak this division away from the 49'ers and Rams. Not so big brother looks older now with Shuan Alxander (30's) and missing a solid o-line like he's had for yrs. Expect Hassleback to do more then his talent will alow compensating for there lack of Defense.

Rams= I think this is the team people will sleep on. One of the best offenses in the business is gonna have to work really hard to make up for the lack of defense. If Tory, Stephen, and Marc are clicking though, all bets are off.

49'ers= Young and deadly. Was Frank Gore's performance last year a hiccup? I say no, and trust me every D coordinator out there will agree. Expect him to see a stacked box. This team is still capable of scaring you. Vernon Davis will be back, and they signed Darrell Jackson in the off season. Not to mention the defense really got a boost in the secondary.

Cardinals= Drink this Kool-aid all you want. I choked on it last year, and I'm through with this team. "They are who you think they are!" Underachievers! With that said, expect this team to target a running back to replace E James this off season. There complete everywhere else but there.

NFC West Summary

This Division will be the tightest, and most evenly matched out there. I predicted the Seahawk's will win it, but I reserve the right to change this pick if need be. The top 3 teams are about as equal talent wise as you could want. With that said, expect the Cardinals to rain on some parades and break some playoff hearts.

Well, thats my story and Im sticking to all of it. If you agree or disagree, you know where to find me. Monday i'll dig into the AFC And NFC EAST.

Old Skool Friday Janet Jackson-Twenty Foreplay

If you know about it...Show me love! This is another one of those hidden gems that you had to know to appreciate.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Foot Ball Preview Part 1 of 4

My long awaited NFL football preview is finally here. (Hold Applause)
Rather then go through a team by team breakdown, Ive decided im going to do 2 divisions a day starting with the NFC AND AFC SOUTH...

AFC SOUTH Predictions

Colts 12-4 (AFC 2nd Round Loss)
Jaugars 9-7
Texans 7-9
Titans 5-11

Quick shots.

Colts = The superbowl champs return about 80% of the team that won, but lost some big heart players on defense. They probably should've considered drafting Linebacker in the draft, but hey they got Peyton..

Jaguars =Well once they figure out who's quarterback, they gotta figure out who that guy's throwing the ball to. Everyone's figured out that defense is how they butter bread, so they have to get there offense in gear in order for anyone to believe them. Fantasy Lovers Jones-Drew is a god..

Texans= No Carr, no Problem. Insert the Schaub. As good as Matt is, (and that we don't know) he's gonna have to compensate for a running back who lets face it is in his 30's and the lack of a solid #2 receiver. Not to mention there's and APB on the D-line as a whole. Mario steps up, then there a surprise and a force to be reckoned with.

Titans. Vinsanity is good and all, but, without Pacman I dont think this team can tow the load. Vince was a HUGE part of the wins last yr and so was the Ghost chasing rain making strip club bandit. They'll miss him. The lack of playmakers on this team will become more and more evident by the week.

AFC South Summary.

Barring some miracle, the Colts should dominate this division. Depending on how you look at it, the real battle is between who'll finish second. Have the Texans shown progress under Coach Kubiak, or have the Jaguars lost faith in Del Rio?

NFC SOUTH Predictions

Panthers 12-4 (Superbowl)
Saints 10-6
Buccaneers 8-8
Falcons 5-11

Quick Shots

Panthers= If this team can STAY HEALTHY. I predict they will be a lock for the SuperBowl. Delhomme is vastly underrated, J-Pepp is the best defender in football, and Steve Smith is bananas. One can only assume a mental breakdown like last year will cost some heads to roll if they underachieve again.

Saints= They are not sneaking up on anyone this year. Go Ahead believe all the Bush hype all you want. They're a wild card team who gets exposed this year. Dont get me wrong there good, but people will see them coming. Linebacker and Secondary need alot of help.

Bucs= Bringing in Jeff Garcia to hand the ball to Cadillac is good and all, but Joey Galloway gotta be about 40 by now. If Clayton can get back to the way he was when he was a rookie watch out. If not, watch Gruden start packing. Oh by the way..You might wanna consider getting Rice in camp. Justa thought.

Falcons= No Vick No chance. Period. You bring an a coach to work with your Human Joystick of a QB only to find out that he (your QB ) wont get to play. When Vicks not around, the players look older, the Running game seems more difficult, (mainly b/c its predictable) and the beer taste different. The only Dirty Bird youre guaranteed to see in Atlanta is the one the fans give Roger Goodell when he makes his stop through town.

NFC South Summary

I look for the Panthers to do great things if there healthy this season. The Saints shouldn't be slept on, but there defense will be exposed this year. The Bucs need a youth injection on Defense baddddd, and the Falcons can thank one Ron Mexico for his love of all things stupid as to why they'll be watching the playoffs this year, and not in them.

Tomorrow AFC and NFC WEST.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laugh Wednesday

I cant take full credit for this gem...Jasmyne found it first, and i've sitting here rolling ever since..e

Laugh Wednesday..Ghetto Wedding

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vick is the Water Cooler

Well at the Gym, the Gas Station and the Job Spot, all the talk is of Michael Vick. Being in Texas if its football related, odds are its going to be the talk. You hear so many different opinions on the matter that at time's I think people are persuaded by the media and thus loose there ability to think clearly and freely. Well, if I ve never gave you my opinion on this whole Vick thing are if you need my finite commentary, i'm going to lay it all for you today.

My honest opinion is if you gave me 120Million Dollars , and told me to throw a football , and walk a straight line, well, lets just say, thats exactly what I'd do. In the confines of my home, i'd make a megaplex movie theater, and just for grins buid a starbucks w/staff no less. But thats me. My vice is movie's. I can watch them new and old, subtitled or native tongue all day.

Mike's vice was dog fighting. I grew up around it. I never understood it. Whenever I would see a dog clammering for its life, part of me thought I was sick just being there. But , Im not Mike. One can assume, that Mike grew up around this and many more uncouth practices while in Va. and without the guidance of a Father Figure to tell him of the rights and wrongs just accepted this and im pretty sure several other practices that may make you cringe inside. I wont get on to much of a Family Soapbox, b/c it stirs up more debate then it should, but I will say this, kids that grow up with both mom and dad down the road are much more successful in life. (Fact)
If I were commissioner of the NFL i'd suspend Mike Vick this year and next year. One year for gambling and one year for dogfighting. Then, like our society has done for yrs and yrs, I'd give him a second chance. He's deserving just like anyone else.

With all of the above said, part of me wanders if he's truly getting a bad wrap. Lets face it, the NFL has money launders (drug related) substance abusers (2 and 3 timers) and has had its fair share or Rapist, and people who think its cool to drive around Tipsy. All of this I rank way higher then Fido squaring up against Tinkerbell.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Random Thoughts

Its a mid lunch time Monday and im blogging today about some of the Random thoughts that we all think, just never really get around to putting out there.

Random thought #1. Does it make me a self hater to want to live in a melting pot neighborhood , and not one with an overwhelming Majority of ONE race? Inside, so me and one of my neighbors were chatting it up after a jog and we came to realize that in our neighborhood, there's only 6 black families. We immediately gave each other dap, and said "good". Now, truth be told on this blog, you'll find im all about us doing for us BETTER then we do now, but growing up amongst our people, ive learned that some of us get in nice neighborhoods, and instantly "hood" it out.

(For the record, there are atleast 30 orso latin/mexican fam's 20 orso white, and 10 orso Asian)

Random Thought #2. Many people are worried that Vick wont make it through this current media fire storm. What puzzles me is, where were these people when one Koby Bean Bryant was in Littleton Colorado defending himself from a rape charge? Also, do these people see how well he bounced back?

Random Thought #3 So it appears that Hurricane Dean is gonna more then likely miss Houston. If it were on a direct path I wander what the Presidents approach would be? I mean his parents do call H-town home, and its probably in the Reddest (is this a word) state in the Union.

Random Thought # 4 With football approaching will I continue to keep my faith and go to church like i've been faithfully going to for the past 3 months now. Im sure I will, but the Devil's a crafty spirit. I've seen many a good man give his attention to the Church of Football. (Yall Prey for me)

Random thought 5. As far as my TV addiction goes, I wander If I can only watch 1 TV show a night, given the current Lineups what would they be..(Sports not Included) In this I m going by all yr and not seasonal.

Monday: Big Love

Tuesday: Law and Order SVU

Wednesday: Lost

Thursday: Grey's Anatomy

Friday: NBA Game of The Week

Saturday: College Football

Sunday: Desperate Housewives.

This is my A-team lineup.

Well, that'll do it..Your Thoughts.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Old Skool Firday- what these bitches want

***Warning UNCUT***

Im not gone lie, back in my get buff day's this song was #1 on the mixtape.. X ripped the life outta this track..

When a nicka told a joke and these 'itches didnt laugh

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Its a Family Affair

Hey, peepz...Sorry for the late post, but my current project has me running around like the decapatated Chicken I tend to be. Im helping in the plans of A family reunion (one for my people that is EXTREMLY overdue) . Anyhow, I spent a couple of good hours last night finishing up this : and I still have way to much to go before im satisfied. Anybody out there who's been there and can offer some advice let me know! Setting up a family reunion is tough, and i got the feeling it only gets worse..But, its famliy and I feel honored.
Fear not, I wont be slowing down my regular blog production. Just making them a little more lighter.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Rep My City/My View on Hip Hop

I dont know if its been mentioned on this blog before, but I was born and raised in Houston's 5th ward and Acres Homes Districts. When times got good, we moved to Inwood, but all of thats besides the point, i'm a Houstonian and thats all that really matters. Recently my city was attacked by a writer for XXL, you know that magazine you find at grocery stores wedged between the Hollywood Insider with TOMKAT baby pics on the front, and that Horoscope mini fold out. In it, BOL (Byron Crawford) wrote an online article stating that Houston must not care about Hip Hop B/C we didnt sellout the Rock The Bells Tour. A tour Headlined with Wu-Tang and many more.

Rather then run down all the inaccuracies of his article ie Houston's Population, (btw were 4th BOL) our view on haters or what have you, I decided I'd give you all my view on Music and m city and let you all be the judge.

Back away from the H

FIRST & FOREMOST is this, Houston has been and forever will be its own independent MECCA of music revolution. PERIOD...Local artist have the option to go mainstream, but dont have to. They know there music will sell in OUR CITY, and they know it will sell in the STATE as well. How many reading this knew that Slim Paul and Cham were on the scene way back in 1997. If youre not from Houston I guarantee you, not to many. Those 3 have been selling and putting out mixtapes for the better part of 10 yrs now. Grinding. And we, have done nothing but back them. UGK same thing. I defy anyone reading this to listen to Pocket Full of Stones and tell me that its not gully. And that song, is over 13 yrs old by now. You see, in H-Town we back OUR artist.
I havent even mentioned the pioneers to the game like Scarface, Geto Boys, Devin The Dude, Big Mike, DJ Screw, Lil Keke, ESG, etc., who if not for them, many would not have gotten there starts today.

My Hip Hop Take.

From my own personal email, phone calls and water cooler pool, it was determined that out of about 70 of you , 53 orso think that Hip Hop's dead. Well, I have to disagree. I dont think its dead, I just think that theres a significant drop off of A+ talent which by my count theres only 3 to 4 catz out there. (Nas, J, 50 and Luda) In the late 80's you could throw a rock and hit about 11 cats who would put out a 5MIKE classic. (Kool Moe Dee, LL, Big Daddy Kane, KRS ONE, NWA, PUBLIC ENEMY , RUN DMC, Grandmaster Flash, Biz Marquee, Slick Rick ,2-SHORT) In the early 90's , the period I call the Hip Hop Revolution that number of 11 shrank down to about 6, BUT you had so many GOOD artist on the rise that it more then made up for the shrinkage of A+ talent. (2PAC, SNOOP, BIGGIE, DRE, CUBE, SCARFACE) As far as groups went in this era , after the breakup of NWA, WU-Tang cornered the market, and there takeover was almost immediate of all things East Coast. The mid 90's hit, and in MY OPINION 2 cats stood out , 2PAC and BIGGIE.

Biggie Pac Era

Big and Pac weren't A+, they were A+++++. I cant even put these catz on the same level with those before and after them. They were just that good. Big is the best lyricist ever. He can slice you apart with the quick 2 liner, and mack a broad down 16 straight bars to the point where when he's done, she's done, and smashed. Then there's Pac. You can thank him for every last wannabe thug out there today. ( No need to run down the list.) Pac was a jack of all trades and a master of none. You want a hot one-liner, no problem. Beefin with somebody, he had your back. Ode to Mamma's, ladies, Teen aged pregnancy, Thugs, Jail, and of course his Girlfriend, he smahed. This guy was epic.

Ultimately I believe Pac and Big set the Bar way to high for those to follow. The deaths of these two pioneers is what slowly started the decline of Hip Hop. The Late 90's brought us a hot young Upstart Named Jay-z. He along with Nas, Snoop Master P (dont believe he belongs here, check Forbes Magazine circa 2000) and DMX were asked to revitalize a game that had lost 2 certified Music Legends. It was a tough task. You had many ill- willed feelings about what coast you claimed. You had cats putting out certified garbage trying to imitate the greats, and most prevalent was the emergence of a new chain of Music Dirty Souf Style.

The early 2000's saw Jay-Z take control of the game. He would reign unmatched as the undisputed Heavyweight Champ from 2000-2002. If he touched it, it was Hot. However, the Dirty Souf was picking up a lot of momentum. You had The Hot Boyz down in Louisiana blowin up fierce . To help tow the load were Scarface, UGK, 8-Ball &MJG, Outkast, GOODIE-MOB, 3-6 Maffia, Mystical etc. Then something happened in 2002.

2002 Possible Rebirth.

Certified NWA member and Super Porducer Dr. Dre put his all time stamp on the game. He already made stars out of Snoop, and Eminem, as well as made Pacs greatness flourish, but he wasnt done there. Out of the shadows teamed up with Eminem, he dug up 50-cent. 50 bought a raw, unique, gutter, Pacish swagger to the game. Many thought he was the second coming of greatness as well. To this day I swear to it, Get Rich or Die Tryin is the greatest CD song to song I have ever heard. All 14 tracks. 50's wasnt the only one to stake a name for himself in the early 00's. Ludacris of Atlanta made sure of that. He was the official sign that the dirty was at the top of its game. These to were good, A+ good, but Jay-z was still better. This was until he made one of the biggest mistakes in Hip Hop history, he awoke a sleeping giant. Nasty Nas.
Nas made what I think to be the best diss track ever written in Ether, and from that point on Jay-Z was seen as something different to me. He was human. The path to greatness was still there, but after getting ate alive by NAS, it opened the doors for other cats to try there best to unseat the Champ. (again a list to long to go into) Nas who in my opinion was good B+ talent immediately emerged as an equal to the Jay, and from that point on you had these four (NAS, J, 50 AND LUDA) fighting off haters.

Hip Hop Death

It would take awhile for hip hop to grasp the concept that 4 cats who aren't even close to Pac and Big are left with the enormous task of carrying out there legacies. This task was daunting. So much so that they would often slip in there craft and put out less then hot cd's as well as try to promote there mid level talent thus tarnishing there names. These actions would swing the door wide open for the mid 2000's (current era) to let the Dirty Souf officially take over as a region, and allow for debate as to who's hot now with the rise of lesser known also rants. Lets face it, if Luda, Nas, Jay or 50 were on top of there's, would Lil Wayne, TI, Jim Jones , The Game & etc have the audacity to ever take shots at these guys? The answer is NO..Hell No!

Seeing that the Current A's are now vulnerable, other garbage acts decide they to would take part in the utter jacking of hip-hop. Thats when you get your Laffy Taffys, Do the Housman's, Chicken Noodle Soups and Mike Jones's of the world tryin there best to bastardize what we listen to and love. Hip Hop.


In order to fix it, Hip Hop needs to back to its roots. Originality. To many people are now rapping about the same thing. Rims, Cars, Drugs, Ho's and the club. The story has been taken out of hip hop and in its place obsession with material. I often wander just how much Crystale, Hilfigger,(past) Jacob, whoever makes rims, Mercedes, Gray Goose and etc, profit from the use of there name and product with hip hop today. I bet the numbers are overwhelming. Back to my point though, we need a hot surge of Artist not afraid to go against the grain and try something different. If not, you better get use to the One Liner of the Summer, it'll be there for awhile
A-Bay Bay...

Monday, August 13, 2007

Monday Roundup

Rather then link up to several different Sources (like I'd normally do) today I decided to switch things up a little.


So If youre favorite team played over the weekend what are your thoughts going into the preseason? If youre a Texans fan, how frustrated are you that Mario Williams still looks raw and inexperienced? Falcons Fans, are you ready for the possbility of life without Vick? Dont worry football fans, I plan on devoting a whole week to nothing but football really soon.


My boy Dave and several others have offically written off Hip Hop for good. (Well everything out now anyway) What are your thoughts on Hip Hop's current state of affairs? Are you satisfied, disgusted, or in the middle?


Army Wives keeps getting better and better, and I can say that it and Big Love are officially clocking the summertime shows. Close Seconds go to Weeds and Burn Notice. The 4400 is picking up the rear. Your thoughts and opinions. Are my shows way off, spot on , or did I leave off one?


If you reside in the Souf (ie Texas, the Carolina's, Fla, Ga, La, Miss, Ark, etc) how hot does it have to get? Can mother nature mix in a random windgust every now and then?


It looks like Karl Rove is out , and W's seconds awaty from flying Auto Pilot , are you happy sad are relieved? Also, its early, but do any of you have an idea as to who you plan to vote for? I wont say im flip flopping, but, I will say Governor Bill Richardson really impresses me.

Hit me back with your thoughts....e

Friday, August 10, 2007

Who You wanna Ether??

You ever sometime just wanna ether a cat???????????? Seriuosly fam, I sometimes sit a my desk at work and come up with some of the nastiest ish imaginable to think about just in the event that somebody has the nerve to bring it to me one day.

Were all guilty of it. Everybody at work knows a little dirty secret about somebody else at work, and your'e just waiting for that one special moment in time when you can unleash a verbal assault on them so lethal that NAS himself will call you up and give props. Well in honor of that innner urge, I dug up this classic song..Ether.. Now as far as Beefs go, I can say that I have been an audio witness to some classics, however nothing (and I ready for the debate) compared to the lyrical onslaught Jay-Z was handed by NAS. I'd say the closest thing I could possibly come up with was LL taking on that cat with the same tattoo on his arm. (tells you how much I remember him huh)

Lemme just drop one of Nasty's quote-tacicular pieces on yall and let it simmer for a while....

You taebo ho tryin' you tryin to work it out you tryin to get brolic, ask me if im tryin to kick knowledge? No, I kick the shit I think you need to learn though, The Ether the shit that make ya soul burn slow... -Nasty Nas

OLD SKOOL FRIDAY 2Pac, - Hail Mary (Uncensored)

I defy you to find another artist that got you this amped up with his intros.. Pac smashed on this one as well..

F- the world if they cant adjust...Hail Mary


Im still efforting the LL COOL-J Remix..Nevertheless this was still a hot track..

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Barry Bonds 756 (full at bat) In Case You Missed It.

Say what you want to about him, but what Barry did last night was nothing short of phenominal.

Barry's the All Time Home Run King. Your Majesty, its been an honor watching you do what you do GREAT! They'll be many haters posing as journalist out there wating to rip you at seems, but know this, as a FAN, I know I witnessed pure greatness.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

F**k me pumps - Amy Winehouse

I actually like this song..I know its a little old (1 yr) but its catchy...

Forget the Rims, Invest...

Ok so my cousin has this co-worker, to protect the innocent will call her Wanda. Anyhow, she is what you would call a "blinger." She'll drop 500.00 dollars on a purse one day, and the next she'll require a ride to work b/c she has no money for gas. Ya gotta give her credit though, she looks great standing at that bus stop, but im sure she'd rather look ok driving herself to work.

Why is it my peepz are we more fascinated with looking good rather then investing that money and doing good in the long run? Remember the movie Baby Boy? There was a clip in there where Ving Rhames was telling Tyrese's character about Guns and Butter. In it he talked about how young people today are more interested in buying rims then investing there money in things that gain value over time. Why is it this message is so true? I drove over to San Antonio's East Side the other day (Notoriously Black and Crime riddled) and I saw something that I was use to growing up as a kid. A really nice car, parked out in front of what appears to be a run down 2 bedroom shack. Rather then assume this is a one time thing I continued to drive around until I reached an apartment complex that wasnt very clean either. In it however I spotted at my count 2 Cadillac Escalades, and about 5 Expeditions.

Answer me this, If you can afford payments on an Escalade, then why cant you afford an apartment payments in a better part of town? Or better yet, why not save the money, and put money down on a house? Its a very sad state of affairs in our community, and I honestly have no idea who's at fault.

Black people by and large (not all of us) are addicted to the bling. Now I know this is a broad generalization. But its a fact. Over my 29 yrs of life I can say that Ive seen my people do some of the most stupid things with there money and have the audacity to justify the means of there decisions. Remember the Katrina Document? Remember the guys who took there payment and went to the strip club and tried to cash it? Yep black folk. Remember the woman who went to Dillards and spent 50% of hers on clothes? Why not take your money and get food and shelter?

My people this to me is an epidemic in our community. Poor financial management. I think in order to fix this problem we as a people must police our own and educate them when possible on investing and Home Ownership. Lets not let them settle any longer. When you see a sister cousin or a cousin get that first paycheck, have them put at least 20% in savings. Its a start. When you see your brother or homeboy get that tax return back, teach them about how if properly invested a third of that can be doubled within the year. Its a simple solution. Don't take no for an answer. We are overdue for a generation of smart and well balanced people who have there own car and homes.

I pay a mortgage, but that's after years of poor money management. If someone would've sit me down about 8 yrs ago, I would be almost halfway done paying off my current home right now.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Congratulations Barry Bonds..

Over the weekend Barry Bonds hit home run 755 to tie him with Hank Aaron atop the all time Home Run list. There's no doubt in any one's mind that before years end he will eventually crush number 756, the one that will put him on top as the Home Run King , but to many this record feels dirty. To many it feels spoiled. Well, you know what my question for those people who feel slighted by the fact that Barry Bonds has accomplished this miracle , its this, where were you when he was allegedly taking Performance Enhancing Drugs? Where were you when

Mark Mc Gwire was crushing all those juiced up balls outta the ball park on way to surpassing Roger Maris's Single Season Home Run Record? Where were you when guys who where not known for there batting power would have a record 40 home run season following a yr when they only had 11. I'll tell you where they were, front and center ticket in hand watching and enjoying good baseball.

My Beef With ESPN and National Big Wig Sports Writers.

If you'll notice by my blog roll, there are certain web pages that do NOT appear on my web pages of choice. Most Notable, Fox and Or Yahoo Sports. If you've ever wandered why well wander no more. The reason why you don't see those web pages is b/c I don't believe in anything they stand for.

ESPN is nothing more then a Hypocritical Hype Machine. Period. Many of there employees go on there radio shows and there Baseball Tonight's and take shot after shot at Barry Bonds, but the moment the chase is in sight, they (ESPN) wants to air a reality show that chronicles Barry's every move until the chase is complete. They'd a pulled it off if not for Barry's oft injured knees to. So they continue to bash him left and right and say what they would and wouldn't do, but the chase get back in plain view and yep you guessed it, there now covering every singe Giants Baseball Game until he A ties the record (which he did over the weekend) and B Surpasses the record which many expect will happen soon. Its acts like these that make me really hate the fact that they are the only source for 24/7 sports information. So rarely do they actually report sports anymore. Its becomes more and more opinion from loudmouths who don't know when there 5 minutes are up... See what y'all made me do. Bring up Espn I get all lathered up..

But, its not just them, Google search Barry Bonds in the news and look at what you'll see. Pull out a dollar for every negative comment you see from your pocket, now for every positive one put one back in. I'm willing to bet you when its all said and done , you could gas your car for a week from all the dollars spread across your desk at work. Drive By Media. Plain and Simple. (cant believe I'm quoting Rush Limbaugh) The media will lead you to believe that the entire earth will forever change the moment Barry crushes 756. The Moon will fall outta the sky air planes will crash into desert mountain ranges, ships will com bust while out to sea..You name it. All this B/c Demigod Barry broke the hollowed home run record. Its all a ploy to sell papers. Original writing has been sold out and in its place outrage and famine. If there were any real journalism going on in the 90's then maybe you wouldn't have a tainted record a many of these sports writers lead you to believe.

My Opinion.

Frankly, I couldn't be more happier for Barry Bonds. He has been nothing less then a marvel to watch play baseball. When ive had a crappy day at work , I know I can come home flip the switch and watch him crush one into the Cove. When that games over, im done for the night. Simple as that. Football, Basketball, and Baseball, are entertainment. Nothing More. They help me as a laborer unwind when im home. To bad others dont see it that way.

Friday, August 03, 2007

OSF Toni Braxton - your making me high

In My head , I think I'd a got an 8..But realistically maybe a 4..then again look at the judges. Toni's the only one that matters..

Toni Braxton : Please

I dont know if this is old skool or not, Hell, I cant even remember when this video was made, But I defy any many to NOT watch the entire thing through...

OSF Toni Braxton - Let It Flow

This was one of those songs that always sounded better on Friday for some reason.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Taking Control OF YOUR LIFE

Recently 4 very close friends of mine have either A left a Job they've been at for at least 7 yrs or better, or B made the decision to go back to school and further educate themselves so they can actually get the job THEY WANT.. To all of this I say congrats. Life is a sonovabitch. I don't need to go into detail, those who walk it and live it daily know it just is.

When God put us all on this Earth, he did everything just right...Everything except let you know what it is he has planned for you. That's the tricky part. For, had some of us known at age 18 that at age 30 we'd be at some Dead End Job living fairly close to where we grew up, how many of us would want to continue on? Life's about experiencing different things and learning from all of those experiences. So with that said, when I get the email from the friend of mind who's leaving the navy after 11 yrs, or my homeboy tells me that he's going for his masters, better yet when a Sr. Ranking HR person decides to turn down a job within her company to pursue a passion in some other field, I stand up and applaud out loud for them. We only get one life, and if you have a chance to add variety to yours while there's a window open allowing you to do so, I say do it.

Speaking From Exp.

This topic is especially close to me b/c I not only made a crucial decision in my 10 yr Navy Career, but spiritually I'm transitioning as well. Don't worry I'm not leaving the Christian Faith, but I did find a place that makes me whole inside, and I feel as brought me closer to God then Ive ever been before. The ________________and____________ (email if you want the blanks filled)

Now back to the Navy, I was in a very good position while I was at my last command. Whidbey Island, Washington. I served as a Subject Matter Expert in the field of ____________ Intelligence. (ditto w/blank) I was basically the only guy on the base who was good at my job, well the only one wearing a uniform anyway. This allowed me some of the best flexibility imaginable. I could show up to work late, talk back to a certain extent, voice my opinion, and the worst I'd ever get was a slap on the wrist. Now you may be wandering about the 2nd and 3rd ADVANTAGES I listed, bare in mind that I was military, and 2 and 3 under normal circumstances were grounds for discipline depending on how grave an offense you committed. I digress, so with the Job that allowed me flexibility, and the students and co-workers that loved me, somehow I still felt empty inside. Was it my Prick of a supervisor who would raid my lunch bag looking for fatty foods?(i got a little big while serving) Nope. Was it the fact that in my 10 yrs of serving I only received 1 Early Promotable Ranking ? Nope. What made me decide to leave the Navy was maturity. I felt I went as far as I could go, and frankly I started getting bored almost to no end on a daily basis. I sit down with just about everyone to tell them how I felt and no one would listen. Except God. Everyone else would tell me oh, just give it another chance, its Whidbey, if you go somewhere else I'm sure you'll be happy. Or, maybe you need to go back to school. It'll keep your mind active. My personal favorite was don't worry, when you make Chief (E7) you ll love it that much more. Yet every Navy Chief that I either worked with or saw was for the most part miserable. My conversation God opened up to me that I was in the wrong place for me and my family.

It felt great. God made me realize that the reason I wasn't Happy was b/c the Navy wasn't my true calling. It was a stepping stone much like those who attend college looking to further there careers, but by no means was it my end all be all. I proudly marched into my bosses office the next morning after knowing I was getting out , and couldn't wait tell him the good news. It took about 4 months from beginning to end for them to release me, but when they did, I celebrated.

The celebration was b/c it was the very first time I could remember that I made a decision that I could personally hold myself accountable for. The last time I did such a thing , I was joining the Navy, ironically getting out of it would be the time thats the most fondest.

So today I ask my fellow readers at what point will you Take Control of your Life? What are those things that are holding you back from doing it? For those who have already made there decisions what advice would you give those readers of mine who want to know the best way of going about doing such a thing?

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Remembering Shows From My Youth: Top 5 of the 80's

On a very slow topic day I decided I revisit one of my more popular segments; Remembering my oldies but goodies in regards to 80's Television Shows. What better way to start this off by going right into the number 1 spot. At number 1 for Me was the A-team. They had it all, machine gun intro, blinged out mohawk wearing Mr. T, and Faceman. I often wander how the A-Team would fair now in LA, but there was a time when the guys who drove around in the Black Econoline Van Ran that city. At least the underground anyway.

In the 2 Hole, I had to go with Punky Brewster..No its not a Secret Gay Moment. Look at it from a young mans perspective. Cherrie was bangin to me , and Punky had a unique style that made it cool to be out of the ordinary..

At Number 3 I went with Saved By the Bell ..Who could forget Jessie's Battle with Drugs..Im so Excited...Im So Excited... Im So ..............Scared.......

#4 What's Happening Now. Fella's remember when Dee cam back lookin all grown and Sexy? Also, did you know, A very young Reina King was also on the show, sister of Regina

Finally What You Talkin Bout Willis...Qoute of the 80's. Different Strokes was the show that proved that you can take the Boys from the Hood, but its gonna be hard keeing the hood outta the boys..Who can forget Willis deciding he wa going to change his name...That and him dating a Miss Janet Freaking Jackson...