Friday, March 30, 2007

Old Skool Friday Vanity Nasty Girl

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Memba When Starter Jackets....

Peepz, ive created a new category on the page called" Memba When"..Essentially, i try to take you back to a time you have forgotten when it came to fashion, cars, dances or etc...I figured, I come out swinging with my first topic.

Memba when in 1991 Starter Jackets were THE jacket, and you just had to have one? I had an LSU Tigers Starter Jacket that I about wore into the ground...Hell, I got my first girlfriend rocking the black purple and yellow creation known as fighting tiger..My first fight came in respect to that jacket as well..I wasnt just about to give it away to these 2 cats who tried to strongarm me for it when i was walking home one day..I also memba when if you had a Raiders Jacket, everybody thought you were in a gang. Then around 93 orso the bubble jacket hit the scene and starters just kinda faded away...Well if you had one, tell me about your Starter Jacket exp.....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sanjaya went Left, but still Remains Safe

Yeah i know, the hair was a little on the wild side last night, but honestly at this point, he can come out rocking a Gumby, and Sanjaya would still be safe..My Idol insider is predicting either Haley Scranato, or Chris Sligh to be eliminated tonight..He's leaning on Chris Sligh, and I kinda am to. He sings 3 seconds ahead of the beat, and though he connects with the crowd, he still lacks the IT factor..

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Mimi Happy 37th

I can remember you taking my breath away with Vision of Love, and switching it up with Honey.. I own most of you cd's and have alway's been a big fan. Even though lately some have questioned your appearance, one thing thats never been scrutinized is your pipes...Mimi, happy birthday...rp

Joshua's Tree..On Location In Ontario Cali, and Random Thoughts

My peepz, I say sorry for the late post, but I got to Ontario Late last night, and the drive to Joshua's Tree California from just outside EAST LA seemed like forever..First impressions, is this place is hot. Were in the desert, and I have seen a grand total of 2 rattle snakes and a coyote. Peepz, im not a big fan of desert wildlife, so expect limited coverage on this topic.

It appears Pacman will be brought up
on Charges from making it rain in the scrip club..Good thing he didnt bring heat to the joint, he may already be arrested.

The Pursuit Of Happyness is now on
DVD fam, I cant tell you when ive seen Will Smith play a better role. Plus, part of me is a little upset his son didnt win an award. His son was great in that movie.

Vida Guerra, popular pinup and video vixen
has challenged the game to take a lie detector test amid allegations of him making it to third base with her, or in terms my peepz can better relate to giving her the finger....literally..My 2 centz honestly, is that Game is full of it. Her stars to high, but with these things you never know. Im looking forward to his response, which is sure to be colorful.

Finally, ive been getting some mixed reviews on my Tim Hardaway rant I delivered about 3 weeks ago. Anywhere from Gays are immoral, to way to be a voice out there supportive of human rights. I want to set the record strait , so in the future I dont find myself typing one of these again.. What Tim Hardaway said was stupid. Flat out. To say that you wish a certain group of people who from what I know of them are born that way shouldnt be allowed to be in this country or this earth for that matter is about as bigoted as it gets. Many of my bible quoting, Hollier then thou readers have been quick to point out that its not a practice that god approves of ..(HOMOSEXUALITY)..Well to them I say this, the God I was brought up to believe in is a very understanding and forgiving GOD. He puts people in positions to see how they can handle them, and challenges there faith to test there loyalty..Im pretty sure the cross homosexuals bare across the world will be justified by him in his time. The best I can do as a human being is support whatever decision a fellow human being does thats best for him or her and there family and not act as a moral judge and jury..A trait many unknowingly are very guilty of.

Holla at cha boy.......e

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bracket Love....How Do You Want It!

My peepz. If you didnt know , ya boy is doing pretty ga' dang good heading into the Final Four Next Sunday. To recap, I had A final four of Georgetown vs. The Ohio State University & Florida Vs. Kansas. (Damn Jayhawks) 3 out of 4 aint bad at all. Im in 4 Office Pools total, and Im ranked in the top 3 of each and every one of them. For those wandering who might be leading the internet bet well, as of right now, I am slightly ahead of my boy E over at bgdboom right now with a score of 163 to his 160. Despite losing his championship team, (Kansas) he's still in it. If The Ohio State and UCLA both win, that would knock me out , thus leaving my web page to such sounds like THIS , and if you know me, im trying to make his page sound alot like THIS . So lets root hard for those Hoyas and Gatorz...THUG LIFE.......................rp

Pappadeaux Seafood Review

Ima' be honest fam, for those who dont know me, I absolutely love to eat. Specifically seafood. So, as a kid, one of the places, I enjoyed going to was Pappadeaux restaurant. Given the prices, we never constantly frequented the place, but the times we did go I always remembered.

Fast forward to the present, On a lazy Saturday, We decide that we'll take a family trip to Pappadeaux since we havent ate out in a while, and peepz, im here to tell you, it didnt disappoint. First my wife was treated to an exotic multicolored drink called the

Swamp Thing.

Replete with Midori and Chambourd, its guaranteed to leave the avg. drinker feeling quite toasty upon completion.If you go there for nothing else fellas, be sure to treat your lady to one of these...

Shortly after the drinks our food came out, I ordered Australian Lobster tail, and at 32.95, i was eating that thing live if i had to. No need to though, it was spiced excellently, and the mashed potatoes that complimented the 11.3 ounce Lobster meshed perfectly on my pallet.

Then came the piece de resistance, my wifes dinner of Jumbo Shrimp Brochette Bacon-wrapped, stuffed with cheese & spicy peppers, over dirty rice. Price 19.95.. Fam im just going to say this once, You will NEVER taste a better shrimp. This stuffed combo platter was so tasty, that i found myself neglecting my lobster tail. I was very fortunate my wife was feeling her stomach on her second Swamp Thing, because that meant she wasnt going to finish her plate.

Fam, this shrimp explodes in your mouth, and each bite is better then the last one
Im proud to say that the family has found a place to dine out. I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars..
Small recommendations: Call ahead, they get packed fast. If you can, leave room for dessert, there cheesecake, is top notch, and finally be prepared to get full, the servings are pretty big.

Link To Pappadeaux Locations

Friday, March 23, 2007

Ray J Friday Smoking Trees feat Big Homie Snoop and Slim Thugga'

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ray J Ya did Ya Thang Boy

Its a very good day over here at Realpeelpz, people...I just got through watching the Ray J sextape and I for one came out of it with a different appreciation for the man known as Ray-J..Before I get any comments about how wrong i am or whatnot, lets not act like weve never seen porn before people, and Big-E is the ONLY pervert in the world. Weve all scene it , and If you dont want to watch it dont click on the link, plain and simple..

I wanna give kudos to
Drunkenstepfather for downloading and sharing the entire video and saving a brutha the time and effort of going over to limewire. It wouldve taken hours there. Secondly for my peepz trying to watch it bare in mind that its NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I had to watch it at the crizzib, and highly reccomend the same. It took a lil bit to download, but it was definatly worth it.


Ray J, man in honor of your outstanding performance, you just earned yourself top honors on my blog, and OLD SKOOL FRIDAY will have a Ray J song in that piece, I just gotta dig ona dem biyatches out.. Ima keep it real bruh, i had you as one of those slow hand love making soft corn porn catz, I proudly stand corrected..Bruh, I had to turn the volume down on the laptop, i thought my neighbors could her Kim...


Props to you Kim for making it about the sex and not about you or the camera like your Ditsy friend Paris did. I like your energy, your level of excitement, and your willingness, to take on Ray J..Way to keep it amateur. Didnt think the lil guy had it in him, well we didnt either...Im willing to bet that if you had
One Wish it would have been for Ray J to take it easy on that azz...

All in all people I give this a 4 outta 5 stars fam... Ray proved me wrong and im honored to be sitting here singing his praise...Whitney if you reading this, you betta lock his azz up, I fear there might be some challengers to your throne..rp

As a reminder, this is NSFW so to my peepz at the factory, wait till you get to the crizzib....And to watch the movie click on the link of Drunkenstepfather above scroll down and have fun......e

What if Pokey were named Big Pokey??

A hands on Coach who worked her Fingers to the bone
- Tymeka Jones
That quote was so easy that I decided to just let it be..Let it simmer if you will..
A nationally recognized college basketball coach has resigned because of an improper relationship conducted between her and one of her players. And to this very day, even though the story is now 2 weeks old, I have yet to hear the outrage. Pokey Chatman, should be getting crucified in the National Media, and message boards, but you know what i hear, comments like these
Man Pokey and a player, I wander who the player was
I wander how many more girls were involved and was there tape?

You have yet to hear some mother on CNN or Fox News go on and on about how they trust a coach to act responsible, or how this can now create a void in trust. Sadly, I dont think you ever will either. You know why, because Pokey is a woman. Much like her female counterpart teachers who have been getting much lighter sentences then the men who have had affairs with students across the country, she to will be handled with kid gloves, and within a 2 years mark my words, she will be coaching again. This is the kind of shish that pisses me off.

Double Standards.

Real Talk...Lets nod kid ourselves. If Pokey's name was Big Pokey, he'd be a Talking Points slam dunk of the year surpassing OJ, Flava Flav, and Pacman Jones all in one shot. There'd be picketers, lawsuits, and women calling into sports talk radio asking how could he be so vile, so rotten, and so oblivious to his actions. The BIG S question would have came out, and we all know once its Statutory, its rape. Period.. But alas none of that has surfaced, I promise you it never will. In its place in this case are cat calls, playboy shoots, and request for the video feed.
I guess the media has much more better things to do then POKE around a sensitive topic. I'm sure for Pokey that's fine by her..

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Carr For Sale

Let me first start out by saying, when I heard that the Texans had agreed in principle to swap there 1st round pick trade this and next years 2nd round pick to the Falcons for Matt Schaub, I was a little torn. I stand behind my position that they should have drafted Vince Young, so I was pissed in that regard, but Matt Schaub, was the Best QB prospect for the past 2 years not named Breez, so that quickly changed my position, from gloom to hope. The move means the Texans are NOT drafting Brady Quinn, and that they wont be selecting a QB on the first day.

So, with that said, my question for the Texans is, what can you get for David, and who's dumb enough to take him? A rattled, rush passing, dink and dunk QB, shouldn't get you much...But honestly, I could care less, the trade means he's not starting in Houston anymore, so thats all that matters to me...What say you?

Stephanie Edwards - Kinfolk Might be Going Home

My insider has informed me that it doesnt look good for the fam...(she's not really family, but we have the same surname) Her performance of You dont Have to Say you Love me was flat, lacked energy and didnt connect whatsoever with the crowd. This was her first performance, and by far her best. If she is indeed eliminated tonight, I chose it so at least we can remember this moment as the time when she owned the stage..Rp

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Could Ray-J be the next Mr. Marcus?

Evidently the porn industry was so impressed with Ray-J's sex tape that he's been offered a 4 movie deal and an option to direct. I personally couldnt be more happier for him. Lets face it, he's in a game he cant win when it comes to R&B. Usher, Omarion, Chris Brown, and Marques Houston have all cornered his market. He's had one hot track, and depending on who you ask, some say that One Wish was over sang. This could be his big break..

How much longer must he live in the shadow that is Brandy? Why not strike while the pot's hot , elevate you and Whitney's simmering career by taking the big splash into Pornography..Be honest, who amongst us wouldn't watch it? Lets review his resume, Lil Kim, SuperHead aka Kim Stephans , Kim Kardashian, and Whitney Houston. Bruh's doing his thang, and with some high profile freakz..Might as well get paid for it...

Ray-J's Story

Idol Starvation /In Case youre Wandering about the Avatar

Well this is why...Evidently Jay has no better cause to starve herself for then American Idol, specifically b/c of Sanjaya Malakar the now idol finalist who's surprised many by his ability to last this long. Now if you read my blog, or ask me for that matter, you know that i go into Idol expecting just about anything to happen. So with that said, I wouldnt be shocked if Sanjaya made it into the top 5 when its all said and done..Im not saying he's good enough to be there, but i am saying that bullying him out will only create more fans for him, as I have now joined the frey..If this girl has nothing better to do with her free time, then neither do I and many other people who surf the web.. So if youre watching Idol tonight, lets root for our idol to knock one out the box, and watch this girl shed some weight...

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kevin It was Fun While it Lasted/Tourney Update

Well, for that small amount of Longhorns Fans reading the board and using there brackets for toilet paper, you gotta admit, Kevin Durant was special. The state of Texas hasnt seen a College Basketball player this good since Hakeem Olajuwon was a Houston Cougar. TJ Ford, LaMarcus Aldridge, Clyde Drexler, and a host of others were good but none of them had that star power strike them early, like this kid did. He could score from anywhere on the court, defend, and rebound. Unfortunately Sunday, USC proved that one man cannot beat you. When Carmelo lead the Orangemen of Syracuse , he had a young sharpshooter at point guard, a nasty powerforward who could jump through the stratosphere, and a solid 2 guard who came of the bench and ran for days. Durant came into Sundays game with a arguably one of the best point guards in the nation, but against USC he was held to 6 points, and fouled out midway in the second half. That left Kevin to fend for the team all by himself, a feet that he's done before, but tonight, his 30 points and 8 boards just wasnt enough.
Its pretty much a lock to this blogger, that KD has played his last basketball game a the collegiate level and if this is the case, its my opinion that he should be the #1 pick overall. Kevin I for one enjoyed the run. You made CBB tolerable for me and that game vs. OSU you should keep with you..It was by far and away your best.

To bring you guys up to speed with the tourney , right now ya boy is trailing in the blogger-bet 59 to 68 to E over on
bgdboom . But, i'm not out of the game yet..We both suffered some huge setbacks with Wisconsin, and GW losing, but we both still have our final 4 teams and its early but thats what its looking like its gonna come down to...Stay tuned...rp

Friday, March 16, 2007

Old School Friday- TLC Baby Baby Baby/Tourney Update

TLC was another 90's group that laid it down and transitioned from New Jack to Hip Hop with there baggy jean, Condom wearing, wall out goofiness in videos.T-BOZ, Chilli and Left-Eye achieved Mega success with 2 multi platinum CD'S and one Diamond CD.I chose Baby Baby Baby, b/c it was one of the first videos they put out that wasn't all loud colors and jumping. Its smooth, easy to listen to, and profiles Chilli, who right after Dawn Robinson, was another woman on E's teen crush list.

Well as many of you know I puffed my chest out and proclaimed no one can out last your boy come tourney time and just like in football, one of my true Dark Horses got sucker punched in the mouth yesterday. You see, I hate Duke, I really do, and its not because of Laetner, or Hurley, or even J-Reddick. I hate duke because they walk on a court thinking the games already won because there Duke. So my heart always tell me to pick against them. My brain however, likes to remind me that coach K is a G.O.A.T... And being a GOAT, means youve been there done that , and wrote a book on how not lose in close games. Well, last night Duke and George Washington 2 teams I had in the elite 8 Lost. So by my math, they may have cost me 64 points or so.

Im still in all of the pools ive entered, and my blog bet with E over at
bgdboom is still in tact even though it took a minor hit with Duke and G-W loosing.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Remember this Dance Gator Haterz..

Its called the Jayhawk Stomp, and youll be seeing it again soon. Somehow, I just know it

Sanjaya Lives Another Day

Times Like this I hate to say i told you so, but anyone honestly naive enough
to think that Sanjaya Malaker was going home last night , needs to stop watching
Idol and go over to Dateline NBC. or hitch a ride over to CBS... You see last night Sanjaya
proved something to me, and probably most of you last night, and that is, as long as there's hate, theres someone who can sympathize.

Many, and I do mean many people want him gone, and much like John Stevens (s4) Kellie Pickler (s6) and Jasmine Triaz (s3) before him Sanjaya has a likability that allows him to stick around elimination after elimination..Plus Simon didn't help saying
"If Sanjaya wins, Im quitting the show"
he's a hated enough entity that many may see that as a challenge and vote for Sanjaya just because they want to see if actions speak louder then words.

So what happens next? I predict Sanjaya will probably beat out Haley Scranato, and earn a spot in the top 10.(at least thats what I'm rooting for.) If this happens, he's automatically eligible to go on tour with the Idols in the summertime and, as contestants before him, watch his star shine all the way to at the very least, a commercial gig for a popular hair care product, or given his youthful appearance, Nickelodeon could give him a ring. Either way, one things certain , Sanjaya has lived to sing, another day .

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tourney Picks! Play along....

Ok so there's been one challenger to the throne, and im sure many more will follow, so without further aideu heres my picks Region By Region..
Heres the rules :
01 point for 1st round victories
04 points for the 2nd round victories
08 points for the regionals/elite8 victories
16 points for each final 4/Nationa Semi-round team
32 points for each Championship Team
64 points picking the Winner

East Region: Round 1
and Georgetown will all advance.



East Rep.

South Region : Round 1

OSU, X, Ten, Vir, Lou, A&M,
Creighton, and Memphis

Round 2
OSU, Ten,Lou, and Memphis


South Rep
The Ohio State University

Midwest Region Round 1 Fla, Az, But, Maryland, ND, Ore,
G-tech, and Wis all advance

Round 2
Fla ,Maryland, Ore, and Wis

Round 3
Fla Ore

Mid West Rep.

West Region Round 1 KU, Ken, Ill, So. Ill, Duke,
Pitt, Ind and UCLA

KU, ILL, Duke, Ucla

Round 3
KU Duke

West Rep.

Final 4 Matchups
Goergetown vs. The Ohio State University

Florida Vs. Kansas

Championship Game
Florida Wins it....85-67
MVP Al Horford

There you have it ........get at me if you want some.....e

American Idol Stole 2 Hours of my Life/ and Scandal

And I am severely pissed!!!! Last night, was Motown Night, and typically they'll bring a Motown Great in to pep the gang up.. Last night it was Diana Ross who decided to show up and give the gang some support with her music....Im here to tell you for those didn't see the show, it was probably the WORST AMERICAN IDOL SHOW EVER....Of the 12 performers last night, only 1 person proved to me that if I were driving along in a car, I would stop to listen to them sing, and that was Lakisha Jones....Malinda Doolittle was ok to me, she could have did alot better, and Stephanie Edwards, kinfolk sang one verse about 50 times in her 2:30....

As for who should be going home, well lets see, Sanjaya (the guy who would cause quite the ruckus if he ever got locked up) Haley, Chris S, and as much as this hurts me Brandon all should be shown the door. Since we cant send 4 people home in one night, one can only hope that Sanjaya is shown the door....

What makes last night worse, is at no time did they go into Mario Vazquez.

For those who may have watched last year Vazquez was the guy who all of a sudden dropped out of Idol for no good reason at all. Well, evidently he's in a little bit of trouble..A former Idol employee claims that Mario Sexually Harassed him by standing outside of his bathroom stall and masturbating outside the door..You gotta really want to be with someone to chase them into a male bathroom stall and peek through the door watching them and touching yourself.
I really wish I was making this up ..

Link To Vazquez Story

Monday, March 12, 2007

Brackets For Dummies..Your Guide to Office Pool

So, as many of you know its that time of year were many of us print out a NCAA Tourney bracket invest 5 of our best hard earned dollars to a local office pool and watch weekend after weekend as our sure fire cant miss picks get upset one after one...The bracket you have ends up resembling a pitcher chart sheet in a baseball dug gout after a game went 16 innings, and the only thing keeping you active is the fact that your Championship Team is still active.

Well Ive made tips that will hopefully change that ...(Note Ive won 3 Office Pools in the last 5 years and finished 2nd in the one I didnt win in)..The one time i didnt fare so well was last year, and thanks to George Mason, LSU and Fla, im sure many people didnt do so hot. (5th place out of 30)

*******I also plan on giving you my picks on a later blog so stay tuned.. *********


1st If it looks to good to be true it probably is.. If you look at your Brackets, and you have 4 #1 seeds in the Final 4 , rip it up and do it again. Since as far back as I can remember (at least the past 12 yrs) this has never happened, and I'm going on record as saying it will not happen this year either..

2nd Expect an Upset. 5 VS. 12 Seeds are always good for one, (glancing at this years bracket, Arkansas looks prime to beat USC.) and 6 vs. 11 always brings intrigue. Don't expect the better number to win. Mid Majors are very tricky. There's a reason why there records are 28-4(Winthrop), 29-4 (Davidson) and 23-9 (Wright St)

3rd. Seniors = Experience..Teams that are stockpiled with 4 yr players have been around the block..There hungrier, more aggressive, and do whatever it takes. George Mason was chock-filled, with 4 Seniors starting, and 2 coming off the bench last year they got all the way to the Final 4.

4th Don't pick with your Heart, Pick with your Neck Hairs..If I was picking with my Heart, Texas would be winning this thing, but the back of my neck hairs stand up whenever I pick them against UNC...Its not going to happen. Pick the team that you know as much as you hate them, you have to respect Duke.

5th It doesn't hurt to ask the Admin Girl= Sometimes you need an outside perspective who is NOT an expert. If you listen to all the media, and all the experts, every last number 1 seed will make it to the final four..As I stated earlier this never happens. Go ask the admin girl to pick a winner..You'll be surprised in her pick. Ive seen pools where the person with the least knowledge of college basketball in the entire 30 person pool won..All b/c they went with there conference teams all the way...That and one of the teams to use her words

"had cuter guys then the other team"

Well I hope this helps you all out there in filling out your brackets. With that said, have fun and stay tuned for my pick.

Valerie Lopez...Worst Mom Candidate of the Year #1

Valerie Lopez(19) was arrested early Saturday Morning just outside of the southeast side of San Antonio with the beating death of her 1 1/2 year old girl and the "accidental death" of her 5 month year old son from rolling over on him. Now here's where the story gets worse, rather then turn herself in, she decides, along with the help of her boyfriend to bag the babies up, and bury them underneath her house. Now the sad part about this is, she'd have gotten away with it, had it not been for the horrible smell coming from there house over the past 3 months....

3 f--king months..So when the bodies were discovered last Tuesday (only 8 miles from my JOB and decomposed ) the manhunt for her and her boyfriend was on. They were spotted at a local Dollar General, a local Walgreen's Pharmacy and finally witnesses saw them trying to flee on foot from an abandon house and that's when they were apprehended.

I normally dont push for the death penalty..I feel personally that the purpose of jail is to repent, and if I can remember anything from my chruch going days, it would be that forgiving is devine, but in this case, I wish nothing but the worse for this woman. I cant imagine a time so tough in your life that you cant pick up the phone and call someone. I have many friends who are willing to adopt, and I know many people who are just dying to help when people are in need..Im sure Valerie knows people as well... This is one of those crimes where finding forgiveness, could really test the faith you have in the human spirit...

Link To Story

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Old Skool Friday J.J. Fad - Supersonic

The last line in this song is one of those rare moments in Rap when you can get away with writers block....

Old Skool Friday Outkast - Southernplayalistic

When Marlon Says Get Off the Phone, Get Off the Phone!

25 year old Marlon Brando Gill was charged with 2nd Degree Assault last month when he Shoved his girlfriends Cell Phone Down her throat. Now in his defense, he says that she put it in her mouth when asked who it was she was on the phone with, but health officials say that the way the phone was lodged in there took "force". I gotta be honest, Marlon just about did it for me...Theres abusive and then theres psychotic. I'm willing to bet that Marlon probably put his hands on his ex-girlfriend a time or two as well. But, as a very sad overwhelming majority of abused women do , she came back for more.

From a mans perspective, Ive always had a hard time trying to figure out why women come back to abusive men. I know its not for the beatings...Or in this case, the free person to person minutes when you go in on a phone plan together..I just hope that the victim is wise enough now to move on in her life, given the fact that for the next 6 yrs, Marlon will be forced to to move on with his, in jail...

Link To Story

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Demetrius McCoy Worst Uncle Ever

So its a little old now, but a big story down here in Texas is Demetrius Mc Mcoy, age btw (16-18) is shown on video supplying marijuana to his 5 and 2 year old nephews. I asked many of my pot head friends what kind of pot out there is so potent that it makes you lose all sense of reality and do what may be considered child abuse, or at best child neglect, they had nothing. So its official, Demetrius had to be smoking crack...Only crackheads give there kids drugs..Only crackheads have the audacity to things like this.

For what its worth, Demetrius was pretty sober when he granted the interview to WFAA, and to quote him, yall just over exaggerating the situation......Bruh, if only you knew...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Another Reason To hate Reggie Bush...Ciara Like a Boy

Believe it or not, Im actually happy for Reggie, Its just funny to me how he just sits there with Ciara dancing all over him..Man you aint gotta front...

Beyonce F/Shakira Beautiful Liar

Every now and again you come across a video and listen to the song, and wander, what was the person thinking when they made the video...Well in this case, im pretty sure Beyonce was thinking, I dont have enough male viewership...Im sure after this, that will change...

Monday, March 05, 2007

Race Test

On CNN Today, I got bored and took a Racism Test issued by Harvard, and the results were that:

Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between European American
and African American. A result that only represents 17% of Survey Takers.

In lam ens terms It said that I treat white people and black people equally. I gotta admit, It was kinda fun, a little tricky, but overall represented me for the most part.. There are more test located on the web page, but if you get bored the link is here.

Read the instructions , and press I wish to proceed. From there click on test and let the profiling begin. Have fun and let me know how you scored.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Old Skool Friday Geto Boys My mind Playin Tricks on me

If youre listening to this at work its the uncut version so language is graphic. With that said, this song is one of the first songs that really made me love rap. Being from H-town, we didnt really have a hometown group or person who was doing anything big in the 80's and early 90's ..That was until the Geto Boys hit the Map. They established the Houston Rap Game, and Today I salute them.

Jigga Jr..The Life and Time of Shawn Carter JR

Jig-ga whats my Mutha F$%^*&*N name my Daddy..And who he rolling with huh? Be-yo-nce... Daddy betta get right , Daddy betta get it right...When I heard of the possibility that Jay-z could have a kid floating around out there I for one was in complete denial..That was, until I saw this picture..Now dont get me wrong, this could could be anybodies child, but damn if those lips and eyes dont look like the show stopping Best Of both Worlds and Black Album star Jay-z's.

What makes this story worse, is evidently Jigga paid his alleged baby momma off so he would not be on the birth certificate..I thought Jay loved the kids?? Im gonna stick by my guns on this one and assume that this is indeed his kid. If I'm wrong, (as most of my readers know i tend to be ) well it wouldnt be the first time
For what its worth if this is Jay-z's baby momma, I could think of alot worse he could have impregnated...More photos can be found on

Idol Whore..

America's Voted, and the results are in Antonella Barba....................Youre safe, go take your seat...These are the words that sent shockwaves through blogger mania yesterday as the tone def Jersey Girl crepped past another week on American Idol last night...To be frank about it, I'm pissed...Remember Frenchie Davis from season 2? (I know its hard considering how good Ruben was) She was, in my opinion the only serious person who could have gave Ruben a run. Well she got bounced from the show b/c of a topless photo shoot. And , there was only one pic.

This girl has many and i do mean many raunchy photos circulating across the Internet, and for some odd reason, she gets to stay..Now, my friends over at, (a website that's soul purpose is to have the worst idol contestants win ) might have a little something to do with this..But im asking them to ease off..She sounds bad, cant carry a legitimate tune, and outside of her good looks has no reason to remain on the show...That and the photos that are surfacing help my argument as well..

This is actually one of the photos i could post...There are so many more and as you may have guessed Not Safe For work is the theme...No need to post a link, just Google her name and trust me they'll come up...