Friday, November 30, 2007

Old Skool Friday and My picks

Part of Me wanders if this Mariah and the Current Marih would be good friends?
This Mariah, was my teenage obsession. I still cant tell you her race, nor can I tell you if the outfit is a one piece stretchy thing or a shirt pants combo, but I can tell you this much, it worked for a tweeny named E back in the day.

College Picks

Karl Dorell needs the win, but USC going to the Rosebowl.

Navy over Army
Navy always has and always will OWN Army

Tenn Over LSU
Dont be surpprised if this happens. LSU is snakebit

Va Tech over BC
Matt Ryan may get exposed this game. These boys want payback!

Mizzou OVER Oklahoma

Mizzou shouldve won the first meeting. On a neutral field they should win. I'll be at this game. No fam, you wont be able to see me. (Im in the section where if you sneeze, you might faint)


Tenn over Hou
The Titans are in desperation mode. The Texans are now that team no one wants to play.

Car over SF
To bad teams, but SF has Alex Smith. He sucks

SD over KC
SD is stalling. This game they stop playing around and beat up KC

PHI over SEA
its in Philly SEA is a horrible road team

Miami OVER the Jets
I sure hope this doesnt happen, but Mia needs a win, and if they dont get it here, they wont get it anywhere.

CHI over NYG
Rule 1 dont kick to Hester. Rule 2 Dont let Eli slump. One of these is guarenteed to happen, and b/c of that, they will lose.

JAC over IND
Indy way to banged up to eak this one out. If Jac stays on there plan of run run run, they should control the clock and beat the colts

Cle over Ari
Cle is pushing for the playoffs . You gotta beat teams like this one along the way.

Min over Det.
He's Back. And he's gonna run all over that defense

Den over Oak
This rivalry use to highlight monday night. Now it just plain ole' sucks. Go with the Broncos.

STL over ATl
STL should destroy them

Buff Over Was
Skins will have heavy hearts and take there frustrations out on a depleted Bills team.

Pitt over Cin
Cin sucks on D . Pitt seems to own Cin. Esp at Hines field

NE over Bal.
Probably the LAST chance there is to stop the Undefeated record is this one. Expect it to be a blowout by halftime.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GIP On Sean Taylor

Today one of my Guest Bloggers who like me was a serious Sean Taylor Fan decided he's weigh in on the Sean Taylor situation with his take on how this not only affects Sean's Family, but our community as a whole. ede

Yesterday this world lost a great athlete but most importantly a wonderful husband, friend and provider.
Sean Taylor’s death is not only tragic it also reinforces the echoes' of the mantra of killed or be killed that is plaguing the African American community and this nation as a whole. The situation surrounding Sean’s death was not the all too common theme of random gun violence associated with a late night at the gentlemen’s club or a feud with some longtime nemesis. No, Sean was at home with his wife and child! Let me reiterate Sean was at with his wife and child. Home; the one place every American has some reasonable expectation of peace and comfort.
I was truly taken aback by the circumstance around Sean’s death. A home invasion robbery turned homicide resemblances a untimely fate reserved for drug dealers and other unsavory person(s) who have chosen the underworld as haven, not of a professional athlete who used his God given ability to provide a better lifestyle for his family. Sean ‘s untimely death forces each American and especially African Americans males to ask ourselves where does this chaotic behavior end. Why is it so much easier to pick up a gun and take a life to get what we want rather than pick up a pen and fill out a job application? When did it become cool to take what another man has worked so hard to gain rather than want to achieve the same things for yourself?
In closing I ask everyone who is reading this article please take the time to talk your children, younger cousins, nieces and nephews about morals, values and the tranquility of life. To paraphrase a Bible verse “What good is it to gain the world and have nothing in haven.”
Just ask the Taylor family no amount of earthly wealth will bring such a promising young man back.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

RIP Sean Taylor

Its a pretty sad day here. We lost one of our Favorite's on the blog. Sean Taylor, Safety extraordinaire for the Washington Redskins was pronounced dead this morning after succumbing to injuries sustained by gunshot wounds from an apparent home burglary.

We didn't know Sean the person, we only knew Sean the player. That guy was a freakish monster. He was considered by many as the best in the game at that position. From a personal standpoint, I can say that I'll miss him flying across the field and laying a cat out. I pray for his family at this troubling time.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday Roundup

Welcome back Peepz! What a weekend. First, I wanna say welcome to all my new readers and those who are benefitting from the black friday sales. Man, 42 inch hd flat screens going for 600 are worth 4am wakeups. (Im just sayin)

Anyway, for the football fan in you, Here's my 10 College and Pro things I learned in regards to that sport.

10. Darren Mc Fadden Is a Football Beast. That guy is pro ready, and man I wish the Texans would tank the season to get him. He anialated the LSU Defense all by himself.

9. Vince may wanna figure out a pass attack. People are talkin, and more then Hodge. Young will be many things, but if he cant figure out how to pass downfield, he will NOT be a NFL QB to much longer.

8. My barber has me convinced the Mizzou Tigers are for real. I didnt Dawanna believe him a first, but now, im starting to believe it. Oh, I 'll be a the big-12 Championship game, you can count on it

7. Dallas is playing the best football not named NE out there. To bad so many of us wont get to see them cdarve up Greenbay b/c the NFL want let Time Warner air the Cowboys Packers game.

6. 3-8 way to go Charlie Weis. The fighting Irish are definetly the hottest team in CFB now. 2 Straight wins vs. Duke and Stanford, watchout, this team is on the war path. Whats that, theyre not going to a bowl game, its a sham..

5. Memo to Bronco Special Team Coach, if a guy is known as a threat every time he touches the ball, you might not wanna kick to that guy. Check your John Madden, this guy is a 100 rated player. Duh...

4. Ding Dong Franchione's gone! And in his place it appears to be Texans OC and former GB Packers Head Coach Mike Sherman. Now, in Shermans defense, before Brett's demise errrr I mean talent drop off, he was money with him. Now he gets his chance to do it again.

3. Raven fan, its over. No more bus left for Ray Ray to throw people under. No more games where the d picks up the slack. Hang it up. Go out get a New Head Coach, Qb, and Left Tackle.

2. I hate Ohio St. Lemme get this straight. They dont have to play ANYBODY, and they can just creep into the big game assuming a Mizzou loss. How unfair is that? Its like your company promoting the guy who doesnt deserve it b/c they had to promote someone, and even though there was a guy qualified, he had a blip in his summary report, thus it nixed him from contention.

1. Giant fan, say it with me, Eli is David Carr. Dont kid yourself, it only makes you look dumb. I actually call him David-Eli Grossman. or Rex-Eli Carr.

On to Television

Anybody Catch Dexter? Im not even gonna spoil it for you, but know this, I say this alot, and often I know I tend to exaggerate, but DEXTER is whats hot right now. I dont even know where to begin, just know that Dexter, and SGT. Doakes are at the pennacle of there friendship now.

On to Food

Tksgiving gave to me fam. Dressing, Peach Cobbler, Ham, Turkey, and Pound Cake. I ate more, but those are some of the more prominent hilights. I gotta admit, I didnt eat as much as I normally would, but I tore down.

5 NBA Quick Shots.

5. The Celtics have are 11-1. You tell me the NBA isnt talent driven, I tell you, you need your glasses checked, and your head examined. The more talent you have, the better your chances are of winning. Doc aint changed nothing in his scheme. I can assure you that.

4. The Bulls are killin my boym E over at the boom. Talk about an overrated bunch of also rants. Its not looking good for coach Skyles. Memo to John Paxon, make the Koby deal. Do what ya gotta do, and make the deal. No ones untouchable.

3. Rocket fan, If ive said it before, I'll say it again and again, Trade Yao or go no where. A running offense, can do nothing with a non agile Big Man

2. D-Wade's back. Uh Oh...People, the one man wreckin crew is gonna figure it out, and when he does the East is gonna get served.

1. Dont look now, but the Spurs are playing Spurs ball. Tim Tony and Manu combine for 60+ a night. The only other team with 3 guys acting so freakish resides in Boston.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Takin Off, and Givin Thanks..

Well peepz, its that time of the year when I get to go to Houston and fellowship with family and take a couple of days off the blog. Its been a fun time here on Realpeepz this year. I spent alot of it on Location. Im still traveling to. I have trips scheduled for Baltimore, and a return to Boston. So for my peepz in that area, keep ya boy on the radar.

Thanks to my readers. I know have a solid 20 of you who check on me on a regular, and I get about 200 hits a day. Not to shabby for a cat who does this to make time fly at work. When we return in Dec. I'll start givin out my annual awards.. out..ede

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hannah Montanna Tickets...Good Effin Luck

Ok, so my coworker has a 7 yr old little girl. Were online lookin for tickets to go see Hannah Montanna and people I sh!+ you not, these tickets are STARTING at 250 AND thats in the CHEAP SEATS...Im'a say that again, 250+ and thats in the cheap seats.

Now, I've watched the show with my nieces, and people I dont get the hype. Im not sayin ol' gal isnt worthy of it, (I Just left Vegas and happen to know for a fact some of them catz are over charging) but , she getting ticket prices up there wit the big boyz. Now, I'd pay 250+ for MJ, R-Kellz, Usher, Beyonce, Maroon-5(dont laugh) Justin, Janet, Jigga, and thats the list. But Hannah? Wow..

And peepz if you dont believe ol' gal aint pullin, Google search her name and ticket. After you pick your jaw up from off the ground, I'll still be here.. Incredible right? Somebody tell me what im missin.
You know whats funny about this, Billy Ray probably somewhere laughin his way all the way to the bank..Achy breaky was a one hit wander huh?? Yall all will see...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Summary Friday, and My Old School Tribute

Here's all you need to know about my summary of Las Vegas Fam...IM BROKE!!!!

Hell, I may even owe a little money to my job from this trip..(who am I kidding, I know I owe, a nicka just scared to know how much he owe..)


As I speak to you live from my soon to be empty hotel room, let me give yall some final pointers about this piece that I learned while I allowed last night to suck my bank account like a vaccuum at in a dust bowl...

Robert was wrong for this track fam..Say what you want to about him, but he killed this joint...

1. Scared money aint makin SH!T...

Peep game, anyone thinking there gonna gamble with couch change aint breakin thre bank out here..Every machine, dealer, and game you play has some built in trigger that knows yo ass is tryin to flip a 20 spot into a 100 dollar lick...The adjustments are set so it gives you the indication that youre doing a good jobIE, they'll let you get up btwn 5 to 10 dollars on them before th e hammer drops. In the case of a human, they'll the change dealers out. In the case of the machine, they'll go on a massive 6 game win or push streak forcin you to put your nutz on the table, or go home..I called this system , the Cheapfolk Indicator... Fam, no matter your race or taste, it never fails, you try to cheap out Vegas, it will find out, and you will lose..TRUST ME...

2. Keep Tip Money!

They comp you on so much ish out here, you gotta show love fam. How come I ate at 5 buffets on the strip that would go anywhere from 15-20 bucks a buffet depending on time for FREE...

All the materdees, bartenders, dancers, waitresses, etc ask for is a little appreciation. My coworker and I figured this out, and even though I may have spent 50 in tips since Sunday to now, that 50 saved me about an extra 2-300 dollars on food, parking, and discounts on the George Wallace show..BTW, that cat is funny! As for Toni, fam she a little out the Kids budget..(try 150 a ticket at the minimum...)

3. Grown and Sext wins every time.

Try getting inside Studio 54, Pure, Club 702,(pop casino clubs) Anywhere in Ceasers, Bellagio, Flamingo or Certain Parts of the Tropicanna with Jeans and Sneakers on..Go ahead i'll wait..I assure you I wont be waiting long. For my ladies, try showin up here lookin like a HOOD-8 and convining yo self that here men will notice..Look around the room ladies and tell me yall dont see the difference between what you can and cant get away with. Every woman here is either a tourist or a prostitute, and 95% of them is makin yo hood-8 look like a Vegas -1. And so you know a Vegas -1 equals about a grownfolk 2..Imagine going to the hot spot in yo city with rollers in yo hair, faded jeans, and scuffed up sneaks..

People, I cant stress it enough, you aint comin to vegas, with yo local rules and tryin to make them apply here. It just aint gonna happen when it comes to fashion. Fellas pack slacks, tell B at the barber shop to make it count, and bring dress shoes you can walk in.

Ladies, Bring bag for your hair products, an empty bag (so you can have no excuse as to why you didnt have any room in your luggage for all the new ish you just bought) and bring all the stuff thats hangin in the closets with the tags on. Yall know what im talkin about to .That stuff you alway's tell yo self you have no good reason to wear it where you at stuff. You'll need it all here.

Rule-4 Learn who's the go to people in yo Casino/Hotel..

Made my life easier here by 100 percent when i figured out who was takin care of me , at the bar, cafe and etc. Hidden gems are everywhere here. They wont tell you, you just have to find out who they are. Peepz did you know that as long as you gamblin drinks are comped here. They wont tell you unless you ask, BUT, my bartender hook up noticed I ran up a 60 dollar tap on night 3, told me to slip him a 5 and put 10 in the machine and walla , he comped me. I cashed out my 10 and essentially turned a 60 dollar drink fee into a 5 dollar loss.. Thats gangsta..And so you know, most casinos do this..You just have to ask ahead of time. No matter if youre staying here or not. Vegas wants your money..Vegas feels if they keep you drinkin, it will all balance out..Trust me on this it does..

Finally Bring Money fam.

I know i said that before to, but trust you aint making it out here if you dont have ATLEAST 150- 200 bucks a day. You just wont.

That about covers it for me fam. Its time for me to load the vehicle and get back to San Antonio.

For my first timers, take note that this is my account as a fellow first timer to this place. For my regulars, I dont know how I plan to do it, but please welcome me into the fold. This place has made my go once a yr if nothing else list for life..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Have You Hugged Your Pimp Today?

I guess it was just a matter of time really..So, Im in my hotel getting ready for our early am checkout. Its about 3am Local time, and there I stood in the middle of registration with nothing better to do but gamble, and watch people traffic..(people traffic is fun stuff)y

So I make my way to the slots(blackjack addict) and low and behold, Im approached by a lady of the night..Now this is a common occurence out there...I fit the perfect profile, at the slots, playing the cheap games..(they assume im saving money) I inform our lady of the moment that im indeed waiting for my co-worker and not interested in her date..She then walks off. All of a sudden out of know where I can here her in a heated arguement just 10 ft away from me with some lil dude who has to be about 22 at the oldest..Evidently she hasnt made her quota, and lil man is upset with her..Her friend then approaches lil man and says "Its slow, Its monday, give us a break damn!" He cuts his eyes at the nozy friend and say BITCH, Am I talkin to you??" Say something out of turn one more time and watch what I do to you...

Evidently ol'gal wasnt tryin to here that..She kept yappin, and lil man kept gettin more and more annoyed..All of a sudden he grabs the friend by the neck and choked her to the ground..

I was just shocked..Her friend is screaming help us, Help us, but what the hell was I supposed to do, she chose a pimp, and the pimp had certain expectations.. He glared at me and said. "What the hell you lookin at Nigga" I was like "the show bruh"..Security was paged and then little man beet feet quick. The two gals got up and took off outta the Casino.. I go to the bar and relay this story to the onlookers, and I kid you not, one of the guys at the bar had this to say"man, thats twice in one night!" Now before Im hit with why didnt you help the girl out, bare in mind, this girl chose this life, and interferring in an affair you knoe nothing about, is some very iffy biz out here...

People, I say again, Vegas is on some different ish....

Tonight, im in Death Valley..No need to look it up fam, think of the middle of knowhere, having a middle of knowhere, and thats Death Valley. Its only for a day, and then its back to Sin City..People, my company has me on the strip for a week...For all the Vegas pro's reading,can you imagine staying here that long?? Exactly......


Monday, November 12, 2007

Rules for Vegas

Its probably to early to put this out considering Im still here, but for those WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN, while walking and conversing with the people Ive came up with some rules that I hope will help you enjoy your First ever Vegas Experience...

Bring Money!!!!
You are not doing anything in Vegas with 75 dollars in ya pocket..(black folk)
Save up , prepare to bring atleast 500. That may get you through 2 days if you budget right...

Pack for everything.
Bring Grown and sexy b/c some places wont let you in there event wearing jeans and jerseys/
Bring Jeans and Jersey's for the party..Alot of the Casino's have Bars with live music. Relax wear seems a must..

Bring an Appetite.
Ive had a buffet for Dinner Breakfast and Lunch. All were good, and as fellow blogger P mentioned the Harrah's is top notch. Your stomach will thankyou

Know your limit.
If youre a light Drinker or Gambler, roll with that. Its waaaayy to easy to get in over your head here. And on the cheap at that.

If you can follow these BASIC rules Vegas will be a sinch. Now with that said, im sitting in my hotel room sobering up from the mad dash of drinking and hosting, but I can tell you this place is as advertised.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

On Location From Las Vegas!!

People this place is Sick!!!!!! Its grown and sexy, times grown and sexy. Im sitting in my hotel room right now choking down a Big Ass 22oz HIGH OCTANE "Shame o' the Strip" at the Exacilbur. Part of me wants to catch the George Wallace Show, and part of me wants to cruise the strip..So many choices to choose from, I dont know where to begin. But, let me just say this..I plan on doing alot of drunk bloggin..Dont hold it against me..Its Vegas..If I blog at all, consider that a plus for ya boy...

Oh, I got the American Gangster CD.....4.5 out of 5...Track 9 a Mutha!

Friday, November 09, 2007

Old Skool Friday! Ja-z Can I GET A

I was late to him, but after this track, I figured, Jigga was going to do damage, and all those with him would be great as well...

Pick Friday!

Let the Picks roll!
Atl v. Car
Go with Car. Though I dont feel great about it

Min v. GB
Brett Favre is playin like he never wants to leave

Den v. KC
Chiefs win a game they need

Buf v. Mia
Mia finally wins one. A close one, but its a win

Stl v. NO
Saints are going to make this one hurt for the rams

Cle v. Pit
Pit takes this one for payback

Jac v. Ten
With no Stroud, Its gonna be a running showcase for white, and brown.

Phi v. Was
Another Sean Taylor moment will send nay sayers of Philly crazy

Cin v. Bal
Bal wins Barely..Ray ray called it.

Det v. Ari
Det is for real..I cant believe i just typed it

Dal v. Nyg
Nyg takes this and now the Romo haters surface.

Chi v. Oak
Someones gotta win this stinkfest..Take the home team.

Ind v. SD
SD wins this, and the Colts now wander there standing.

SF v. Sea
I wont be watching and frankly I dont care who wins. But, Id go with Seattle. This division needs to be erased.

On to college..

Illinois v. Ohio st.
Upset Special!!
Do not under estimate the Illini. Fam they are young hungry and have speed. This games in Ohio and the Buckeyes are due a loss.

Kansas Ok St.
Upset Special.
Im a man , and I say go with the most amped up coach out there. He's gonna have this team playing to kill!

Auburn v. Georgia
Go with the Bulldogs. Richt is the most underrated coach in College

USC v. Cal
Upset Alert
Dont let Calm fool you..There still playing for pride..

Airforce v. Notre Dame
Airforce should win the game on Veterans Day weekend. I sure hope they do!

Texas Tech v. Texas
Texas has payback on there minds.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Simple SVU Question

If you Saw Law and Order SVU, Did you jump???

Dating At Work

I have a good friend and daily reader of the blog who told me to bring the following topic to the table and ask for opinions on it. He really likes a girl at work, but in the past he's seen far more misses then hits in this practice. Ive told him that I personally wouldnt do it and here's the points I hit him with.

1. When it doesnt work out, yall get to see each other every day.
2. You no room for personal space. If it works out, and you decide to spend more and more time together, then you have nothing interesting or fresh to talk about b/c you see each other all the time.
3. Friends are equal. Some tend to like it, others dont. But, sharing friends can be problamatic when there's conflict.

There are Positives though and even though I aimed primarily to have him NOT do this, I hit him with these.

1 .Gas is alot cheaper when you share a car to work
2. No trust issues
3. Scheduling things together is alot easier when youre on the same schedule.

I can only speak from my personal expereince, but I cant reccomend dating a someone you have to see for 16 hrs a day M-F. Now my boy and this girl have been flirting for the better part of a month now, and last night they went on a group outing and though there was 6 people from the job present, him and the girl broke off and spent alot of time alone towards the end. I told him while its still fresh, let it go. BUT, thats just what I'd do.
I'll Leave it out there..

Monday, November 05, 2007

Football talk Monday

5 Things I learned from College Football

5. Charlie Weis Cant Coach!. Let it be known this guy sucks and should be fired now! You lost to Navy Chuck?? Navy?? Really?? Now you get to answer all the questions next year about why you should keep your job. Im so glad Ty get to watch you suffer from afar. The only thing that would make this sweeter would be you tanking the rest of the way. Lets go Air Force!

4. Oregon's for real people! Ive only been saying this since they handed Mich. there jocks at Michigan. If Dennis doesnt win the little guy with his hand in stiff arm mode, its a joke.

3. A&M, Notre Dame, and Nebraska should ALL be looking for hed coaches next year. Sadly, Im only confident Nebraska will actually do anything. There beatdowns are becoming more and more legendary by the second. Normally when you hear milestones associated with Nebraska you think wins and yardage. NOT thorough ass whippings.

2. LSU showed me heart against Alabama. Real grit. I can say that this team BELONGS in the Championship Game. No Question. The only problem is, who should they play? Im not convinced that THE OSU is worthy of the big game, but LSU is.

1. BC, it was fun while it lasted huh? The number 2 slot in CFB is a gimmick spot. Youre not #1 and every one thinks youre there b/c of a week schedule. You do your job , and try to compete, and one upset free falls you to 8th. Its a sham..But seriously, yall wern't that good.

5 NFL Things I learned

5. Adrian Peterson's a Man! ROY lives in Minnesota. Believe that. 296 yards passing is huge, but rushing my man thats MVP worthy. Say it with me now, Adrian Peterson's a top 2 Running Back as a rookie. I defy you to name anyone better then him when he's starting and getting the same amount of snaps.

4. The Panthers are not going anywhere this year. Damn. I had this team in the Superbowl. Of course this was Before they signed Carr, and I had assumed Delhomme would be healthy all year. Oh well.

3. If youre a Browns fan, do you want to see BQ next year? Im jus sayin. Derek Anderson's playing manly, yall are winning, and God forbid yall get a running back next year. Its over. Yall are young, hungry, and talented. Good Times in CLE. (which make up for the Bad Baseball and Basketball finishes)

2. Cowboys Packers, and Pakcers Lions are turning out to be 2 helluva good games soon. I think the Pakers win 1 of these, but rihgt now I honsetly dont know which one. Detroit's playin like 10 wins is a minimum, and Dallas is NFC elite.

1. The Patriots will not lose a game all year. Period. Yesterday was the last chance the NFL had to stop them. They can hang it up now. Anyone left on the 72 Dolphins who thought they were buying some cold sparkly champaign can hang it up. Its over....

Quick Shots

I GOT ATE ALIVE with picks this weekend. Its ok though, we all have those weekends. There was some great football played this weekend. Dont worry fam, next week I'll be back on track.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Old Skool Friday and My Redonkulous Football Picks

Some songs I quote often, and this is one of them. Bobby recked it on this one..


Go with the Home team in this garbage game

Cin v Buff
Why dont I feel good Picking Cin

Den v. Det
Lions are the sucky team that figured it out this year

GB v. KC
GB's coming off a MNF emotional win. Theres nothin left for sunday.

SD v. Min
Chargers are Back!

Jac v. NO
Statement game for both, but wiothut Stroud, it seems like NO should hold serve.

Was v. NyJ
Was is gonna make the Jets PAY for there beatdown

Car v. Ten
VY shows the haters he can pass for 200+

Ari v. TB
Go with the TB. To bad WR'S can win it all , all by themselves.

Sea v. Cle
Cle is the Second look at me now team

Hou v. Oak
Oak holds serve at home. Hou just plain sucks right now

Dal v. Phi
Go with Phi at home. They get amped for Dal every time they play them no matter where its at.

Bal 13 v. Pit 27
Pits playin really good despite all the losses. Bal is gonna have to make the change at QB.

Probably the best regular season game you'll want to see. Initially I lie everyone else was going Patriots. Its pretty simple, they blow cats out, and then go lookin for dinner. Then I switched to the Colts. There home, they get no respect yada yada yada.. Now I have no idea who to go with.
Until this morning. Ive decided to hitch my wagon with the Colts and here's why. No team lives for the big stage like this one. There tough, hungry, and pissed. Payton's gonna bring it, but it wont matter. Pats win a close one 35- 32


LSU v. Alabama
Upest Alert!!!
Fam, this one reeks of a potential upset. Nick Saban is gonna have this team amped up for this one. His old team is coming in to play his new team. Plus, if the suspensions hold up, there crucial enough to make a HUGE impact. Saban's return to College starts with this win.

Florida St. v. BC
Matt Ryan reminds us why he will GO in the First round Next Year. Expect the Blowout of Bowdens bunch.

Texas v. Ok St.
Take OK ST. They play Texas tough every year. Even when VY was there. Texas hasa no answers for the speed this team has at wideout. Im a Man, and I say go with the Cowboys!

Rutger s v. Uconn
The Girls basketball school gets a reminder that they are just that.

ASU v. Oregon
The best game on TV will not dissapoint. Dennis Dixon and Stewart are gonna have there work cut out for them against this D. I still say that at home though, they'll prove to be to much.
Oregon wins 28-17

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I guess some Dogs really Dont Change there Spots Afterall

Poor Duane. You thought no one would hear it huh? You thought a PRIVATE CONVERSATION with your son in which you dropped several N-Bombs wold stay between you and him. Damn homey , someone sold you out huh? You know what worse, that your words

" I dont want the fact that we use the N-word becoming some Enquire Magazine Thing" is actually much much worse then that.

Man when I heard that you lost the A and E gig, I danced a jig! No pun intended, but hey, im sure you dont mind even it was intended now do you?

For those not in the loop, Duane Chapman aka Dog the Bounty Hunter was taped using the N word several times to his son to describe the Black Girlfriend his daughter was dating. He also mentioned in the phone call that this is a word they use frequently in there private and he didnt want this to get out.

My bad..But you know what, Its all good. Frankly I never really liked this guy. He's dirty, annoying, and seems to be a media whore, and one in denial at that. Well I hope your wife still has that ace in the CNBC hole she used last time to spin you out of that Mexican prison. Youre gonna need it for the media hell youre about to face..

Send Al, our best wishes...