Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Anything Texas can do, South Carolina can do BETTER

Just when you thought my fellow Texans had reached an all time low with throwing there racially charged MLK celebration Party, up comes the rowdy bunch of Clemson Tigers to one up them...To be fair, the parties were thrown around the same time, its just these photos are just now surfacing.(tks smoking gun) If you feel a little sick inside, just remember, Clemson (located in South Carolina) is in the same state that has the biggest issue with the Confederate Flag being taken down in there state. I know I don't have many, but for those who read my blog and are not of color, I have a couple of questions.

1st. Exactly what is going on in your mind when you throw these parties?

2nd To quote my boy E' "Do you invite any people of color to your parties", and if so what is there reaction?

3rd. Do you think that this is a positive portrayal of African Americans, esp. On MLK Day , or do you see this as one big joke?

4th. What drives you to do this? Is it rap music, the media, what?

5th. How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? If your people's negative stereotypes were exploited by a black man in a Klan suit, or a picture of Black folk at a party eating Mayo and water crest sandwiches listening to God smack and going outside to go cow tipping?

Heres what I think, I know at home many of you use the N- word its ok youre not around any body who it would offend and what the heck it is your home right. Youre probably tired of the bastardization of Holiday's and you decided you'd take aim at the one holiday that many of your ilk both past and present would overwhelmingly agree is overrated. (I work with many of you who have made this claim.) You got to thinking about a cool way to spend your MLK day and get your point out, and one of you came up with this scheme....To bad it got exposed. I'm pretty sure that this wont stop you from next years party which Im sure will top this one by far. Next time though, you'll decide to ban camera's and Cell Phones..God forbid you should actually have to take responsibility for the actions you do.

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Ray J's Sister Being Sued $50 Million

Ahh Hell to the Nawl!!!!! Looks like Brandy isn't quite over that hit and run car accident that resulted in a death. The family of Awatef Aboudihaj is now suing the R & B star for $50 million dollars. The same price of a small island in the Caribbeans.

Here's where the details get murky, The family says there daughter was special(being a parent I can see why they said that as we all think our kids are) but, the reason there suing her for so much money is not because of who she is (Ray-J's sister..) but because the loss was "
so great that it warranted such an action..This would have been the price no
matter who the person was Be it Brandy Norwood or anybody else"

I could be wrong, and from time to time, I am. but , I'm willing to bet a steak dinner that someone told the Aboudihaj Family who Brandy was and this prompted them to take action.

Family prove me wrong..

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Help Genarlow Wilson Out Real Talk

Genarlow Wilson is your average 17 yr old Kid. Smart, (3.2 GPA) Somewhat handsome and had plans to go to college..All of that was stripped away when one night at a Douglasville, Georgia party he received ORAL SEX from a 15 yr old girl who consented and was sentenced to 10 years in prison and charged with a felony...Of which he is currently serving.
I'll say that again 10 years for consensual ORAL SEX and charged with a felony. My people this is wrong. Period. At 17 kids are going to have sex. Its part of human nature and growing up. The fact that Genarlow is being charged with a felony is flat out wrong and I urge any and everybody who may view my blog to sign his petition at Its linked on my web page to if you'd rather go there.

Please , Get the word out and lets help this young man have a life, before the State of Georgia Takes the very essence of it. Rp
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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Forrest, Eddie and Jennifer Do it Again at the SAG

The Screen Actors Guild awarded Forrest Whittaker Best Actor in his role as dictator Idi Amin in The King Of Scotland. Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson also took home SAG Awards for there Supporting Roles in Dreamgirls aka Oscar Snub of the Century. While theres no doubt in my mind that Jennifer and Eddie will win, while sitting on the couch a strange thought entered my mind, and I was wandering if anyone else thought about this. Have any of you heard Jennifer Hudon thank Randy, Paula and Simon? Don't get me wrong, I think her role in the movie was phenomenal, and clearly her talent has always been there(had it not been for a "technical glitch in the Chicago phone systemshe might be the AI") But ya gotta think, that had it not been for the trio we would have never known who she was, and we might have been giving props to someone else.

For that small minority of Idol watchers, if I'm not mistaken, When you go to Hollywood, isn't it Randy Paula and Simon who decide who gets eliminated from the field of 200 or so down to 30? For what its worth, I know Jennifer is doing her thang and I cant really complain b/c as Ive stated before, 2007 is really shaping up for the year of the Blackfolk...

Lets Recap

Forrest Whittaker Golden Globe Sag
Eddie Murphy Golden Globe Sag
Jennifer Hudson Golden Globe Sag

Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy 2 Black Coaches in the Superbowl
Tiger Woods (My 2006 Athlete of the Year) 2007 Buick Open Champ
Serena Williams 2007 Australian Open Champ

Man if I could just get my hands on some spare change..Something is telling me its a really good time to purchase a lottery ticket...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Old Skool Friday Whatta Man Salt & Pepa feat. En Vogue

Big Homie was a Ginormous Dawn Robinson fan...I always thought as a kid, she was looking and singing directly to me....

On a lesser note, anybody know what happened to Treach?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Martin Luther King Party Gone Terribly Wrong

What if I told you there was A MLK Jr. Party on a college campus. No Big Deal right, I mean celebrating A Civil Rights ICON who stood for everything right is something that should be practiced more.

But what if I told you this party was hosted by a white guy who decided he would make it a theme party that celebrated negative black stereotypes?? And served Fried Chicken and Malt Liquor at his party to further the theme.

The Following as well as the Pics are Courtesy of The Smoking Gun (other pics can be found on link)

JANUARY 25--Students at a Texas college threw a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that featured attendees wearing gang apparel and Afro wigs, carrying malt liquor, handguns, and fried chicken, and even one woman dressed as Aunt Jemima. Photos of the January 15 event were discovered on a page by a Tarleton State University sophomore who heads the school's NAACP chapter. A selection of party photos can be found on the following pages. When he discovered the images, Donald Ray Elder told TSG, he sent an e-mail to Tarleton student Jeremy Pelz, on whose Facebook page the photos were placed in a folder titled "MLK." In a reply e-mail, Pelz (seen in the picture at right) told Elder that he would rename the folder in which the photos were placed "so it does not bring any disrespect to Mr. King." Pelz noted that the party was started a few years earlier "because one of best friends is black or African American, whichever you deem politically correct, to be his day not to dishonor him." He added, "So I do apologize if you felt any disrespect because none was intended." School officials have launched an investigation into the party and the university's president, Dennis P. McCabe, has denounced the photos as despicable. In a subsequent post, Pelz--who has yanked the party photos from his Facebook page--stated that the party was not meant to be "racist or discriminating

You know whats sad about this, is we are in 2007 and this still goes on. I call on anybody with college aged kids, are those with kids soon to be college aged, to take a really close look at the school you chose to send your kid to. This mockery of one of the Greatest Civil Rights Leaders Ever, took place and the people involved seem to have no remorse.

As a Texan I'm embarrassed, as a person I'm disgusted, but as an African American, I'm pretty much heated right now. You know what hurts the most about this, is we as Black Folk get told over and over again to "get over it. " Well for my melanin challenged who may be reading , think about the picture above. Think about how to this very day there are some in Hollywood who say that 50 yrs ago we would be strung from trees as they slur more and more racial filth at there shows , and remind me again what it is exactly we should be getting over.

I Wander What Akon's Others Wive's Thought when They Saw This?

Not that I know anything about being a polygamist, but I'd imagine that Akons other 3 wives couldnt have been all to happy seeing him give Tara Reid A personal Crotch ride while singing Smack That..Im Just saying..

*for best results let it load first then play*

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Federales Stripped Of Guns..Issued Sling Shots

As an ex Sailor when i read this story I had to do a double take..Any one who's been to Tijauna (TJ) knows that they have some of the most corrupt cops(federales) in the world. I actually had to pay one of those SOB'S 40 bucks to bail a shipmate of mine out of a cab once. Sad part is, he was cheap.

President Calderon amidst allegations that the TJ cops are assisting Drug Smugglers sent s3000 soldiers to TJ to strip the cops of there guns on Jan.5th. In there place , they have been issued Sling Shots with metal ball bearings. You thought flash light cops were bad, imagine being himmed up by Dennis the Menace.
For my sailors reading this, Id hit the border and head for Mr'A's head held high..Its not like those dirty federale's can harass you with a slingshot.

Link to Story

Timika Sims..Idol Reject..I love my Black People

You just know all the Ashanti haters who said she cant sing were rolling when this girl was through.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Listening to W. You'd Think Katrina Never Happened

Somebody, any body who actually watched the State Of the Union who's reading this let me know if I lost my mind. You see, I actually thought W. Bum would actually mention Relief Aid, and mention a strategy to fix the Gulf Coast Region. Alas, I was wrong. The president didn't touch on Katrina at all. No mention of FEMA, Federal Aid, or Regionalized support.

Instead he decided to focus on the WAR...(Yes my people that war) The Same war of which there is no current exit strategy for. The same war he's asking congress to provide 21,000 troops and over 100 billion dollars for. 100 billlion dollars. (It feels good just typing that amount of money out..)

Well to me that wasn't good enough. In fact, it was pathetic. Especially from a President who relies heavily on the vote of the Southern States.

Here's my top4 Issues the President straight out neglected, missed ,or not even addressed.

1 Katrina= Last I checked Louisiana, Mississippi, Florida, and Alabama are part of this Country.

2. North Korea. Hello (knock knock knock ) W. are you there, can you here me? I just want to inform you that they to carry Nuclear Weapons. Also Kim Jon Ill, yeah he pretty much hates you. Yet you do nothing.

3. In case you missed this one, its to juicy to pass..He wants to establish a core of Civilians who would function like a ready reserve . There mission is to act like the military and go help support the troops..Essentially he wants an A-Team..I almost fell on the floor when he tried to sneak that nugget by without elaborating. He can barely get people to join the military, yet he wants to recruit about 100K or so people with "special skills and abilities" to go over thereand fight. W, you trippin.

4th What the hell is going on in Afghanistan..Uh , I know we have people there, but they are actually in a war that makes since. No need to dwell on that though..Good luck hunting down OBL boys.

I sure hope those states who were affected by Katrina saw this for what it was. Recently Fema tried to take your trailers back, and tonight the president pretended like you werent even in the room. When its time to vote next year, remember who put you there, and ask yourself can your situation improve with a vote for this mans party.

Without Pootie..I Dont Know Anymore

New York had to go and get rid of this brother. Damn....He made I Love New York fun. Who doesn't like crazy? I mean , a man who's love for you is so strong that he has the ballz to tell you and your mom's he is broke as hell. Many went in there and lied, he kept it real;
"Heres my finacial situation, Im broke..I have 3000.00 dollars in my pocket. And
I spent 210.00 dollars to come on this show. I park my car at my homeboyz house
so the man doesn't come and take it..and I was an extra on War of the Worlds."
That's real. Honesty like that ladies, is what you want from a man. But when we bring it to you to that level, its to much to handle. I guess I could mention how he would get so emotional that he would literally go into convulsions, or how his 50 yard stare was probably the strangest thing anyone on the show could do, but that would be taking away from the man..

Pootie, you cool with us..Rp..

Monday, January 22, 2007

18yrs in the Woods, Stranded..Could you do it?

I'm sure by now that many of you are aware of Rocham Phoeung’s story. If not, allow me to recap, 18 years ago, a Cambodian Girl then 9 went missing after a family trip and was found trying to steal food from a nearby village some 18 years later. Evidently, the way she was recognized, was by a birth mark her brother and Father could identify.

It begs the question, what in the world did she do to survive? You gotta know at some point she was killing live animals and eating them raw.

Could you do it?

Well she did, and she gets all my respect. I have issues when the power goes out. Fellas, you do know if you marry this woman, there is no excuse you could ever have about not being able to provide an any capacity.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why Im through Gambling...

If you noticed my blog earlier this week you probably saw that i picked against the Colts and the Bears. Well just like the Buckeyes did me earlier this year I was duped again.

The Bears won with the same recipe I thought the Saints would use, but didn't. Smash mouth running and solid defense. And the Colts won by will and determination. I take my hat off to both teams. Though I lost twice this weekend, as an African American being able to see 2 black head coaches in the Superbowl is alright by me.


Thursday, January 18, 2007

Old Skool Friday Candyman Knockin Boots

I know somebody on the west coast know what happened to this cat....right?

Old Skool Friday Jodeci Cry For you

2 Questions

1st. It look pretty hot out there...Sup with the all black in the Desert?

2nd. Ladies, was there ever a time A man couldnt play this song and have all his sins be forgiven?

Old Skool Friday Brandy I Wanna be down

Dedicated to Ray-J and Whitney

Serena Wins and NFL Preview

Me and wifey just finished watching Serena Williams defeat Nadia Petrova and I gotta be honest, it was actually worth watching. Serena lost the first set 1-6 and after that, she won the next set 7-5 and (in a comeback) and finished Nadia off 6-3. Serena looked in command of her backhand, but she clearly is out of shape and when pushed into a long game can get winded. Looking at the much smaller and faster girls in the next round, I expect Serena to bring her power game .....

Bet yall didnt think ya boy knew about tennis huh?

On to the NFL..

OK so its been awhile since you guys got my 10 things post , and who i like to win, I gotta be honest, you haven't seen those post b/c in the playoffs, if you don't have it, it gets exposed. Theres no game plan for what a team lacks. With that said allow me to breakdown the AFC Match up between the Colts and the Patriots

Colts are favored by -3 Which essentially means they have home field advantage.
For my degenerates Take the Patriots. Tom Brady is undefeated in Dome play, and
has never lost an AFC Championship Game. Payton Manning has never won a Big game. While the media will try to convince you he's do, I wouldn't Sip that Kool-aid until I knew the facts. Belichick is going to eliminate Marvin Harrison and to a larger extent the running game. This will force Payton to throw it to Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. If Belichick can mix up the Blitz (which I totally expect him to do) Tom Brady will march hit team to victory.
Final Score Patriots 24 Colts 17

Over in the NFC we have the Saints vs. the Bears which matches Deuce and Reggie vs. Urlacher and Briggs. The Bears are 2 1/2 point favorites in this game which pretty much means anything can happen in this game. For my degenerates Take the Saints. Rex Grossman is going to be asked to put this team on his shoulders and frankly I don't see it happening. The Saints plan to stop Cedric Benson and Thomas Jones and force Rex to pass his way out of situations. I say again, if it was a problem in the regular season expect it to be a problem in the playoffs. Over on offense, expect a heavy does of Deuce Mc and Reggie. I'd pound Urlacher and crew into submission. If Drew can take advantage of the bears who plan to cheat the safety up, Its going to be lights out for the Bears secondary.
Final score Saints 27 Bears 21

Whitney and Ray-J R&B's new Bonnie and Clyde

Jay-Z and Beyonce......Whatever..So what Beyonce's got a hot movie. Whitney has the Bodyguard. And Jigga, last time I checked his most recent CD didnt quite get the hood pass ,but Ray-J , Man One Wish was a fire track.

Yes my peeplz , im officially changing my HIp- Hop R &B cute couple alliance. I am now backing Whitney Houston and Brandy's lil Brutha, i mean Ray -J. When you think about it, whats not to like about them. Heres some reasons why I'm rooting for them.

1st. Whitney is on the rebound and Ray-J is to..

2ND. It can easily be assumed that Whitney is into Kinky Sex, (Hello Bobby) and who better then the guy with the current hardest to find sex tape where he allegedly is caught pissing on his female counterpart. It dont get much better then that.

3rd. Both of them share a common link. Brandy. Brandy looks up to the Diva and has called her a true inspiration on several occasions. Ray- J is Brandy's little sister.

4th. Bobbi Christina needs the firm hand in the house now that Bobby's gone.

I can go on and on. 44 is the new 33 so Whitney being with a man 25 yrs old technically only means there is a 8 yr age difference. If the age difference were the other way arond Ie (Jigga and Beyonce) there'd be high fives all around for Jay.

What this Means for Ray-J
Man put out a CD right now..I dont care if its you reading the local sports section Release the track. Everybody in the free world is going to want to interview you. Get a movie deal and whenever possible get as many photos of you and Whitney together. This is your one shot. With Big Sis the best you got was a guest role on "her" show, with Whitney, you could have your own show on the CW.
What this means for Whitney
You got a bad boy congrats..Sure, he doesnt come with all the Baby Momma Drama, nor has he ever been arrested for possesion of Crack Cocaine. But work with us Whitney, we'll show you. You see Ray was linked to Superhead, aka Karrine Stephans(hell a whole half chapter is dedicated to him) Karrrine is linked to many in the R&B, sports, and entertainment world. Some with noticably checkered past. (We dont have to tell you this hell she was Bobby's mistress.) Ray also has a steamy sex tape out there, sure to bring controversy your way. What sells better then controversy?
I cant lie Whitney and Bobby just might be the hottest celebrity couple out there. Will and Jada, take a step back. This couple is the new you...

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Why Jesse and Al can Kiss my @$$

I dont have much love for Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Never have really. So when I was informed that neither of them endorsed Barrack Obama, and Jackson was quoted as saying that
"Our focus right now is not on who’s running, because there are a number of
allies running".
Allies yep you read it correctly, Allies. If Jackson calling Barrack an ally bothered you, then dont even read what Sharpton said.
"Right now we’re hearing a lot of media razzle-dazzle. I’m
not hearing a lot of meat, or a lot of content. I think when the meat hits the
fire, we’ll find out if it’s just fat, or if there’s some real meat there."

Real Talk...

1ST. Al Sharpton.

Dear Al,

Let me be the first to tell you that Pimps Up Hoes Down is never going to call you. So can you do all of Black America a favor and cut the perm. Its not cute, it makes you look like a broke down pimp, and no one will ever take you seriously as long as you have it (Not that it matters b/c no takes you seriously now anyway.) 2nd. You do not speak for me. When Michael Richards asked you for an apology (a move I wish he never did) I think you got it into your head that you spoke for all Black-folk by saying its unacceptable. What makes this sad, is you being a man of God, should be teaching forgiveness. No matter how outrageous the act. Leave the unforgiving to sinners like me. 3rd and most important , I don't think you know who you are. You are a soapbox king. A self aggrandizing loudmouth who finds causes to hop on just so he can hear himself speak. Everybody knows it, but your friend base is just to ashamed to tell you to your face. Sit down and shut up. Doing that , you may garner support for your lunacy of a presidential campaign you dare to go forward with. Oh and when you do go forward with this idiotic idea, do me a favor, give me your stance on Stem Cell Research, The War in Iraq, and the economy, without mixing in God, racism, or Sean Bell. In the mean time, if its ok, please give Barrack a chance. He actually has a shot.

Dear Jesse,

If no ones ever told you, let me say this now and once the shock factor settles, continue to read b/c I actually want to help you... J, you ever been around someone who was so proud of a past accomplishment that they have to put it in your face every 15 minutes. Like you didn't know they, I dunno, Graduated College or, Worked at a Very Successful job, or "Marched with Dr. King..."

That guy is you Jesse. You cant play that card anymore. Its old and frankly I bet if Dr. King saw you now, and knew of your adultery, and how you extorted money from your Rainbow Push Coalition to pay for your bad habits, I'm pretty sure he would dis-own you. It hurt me when you said you wouldn't back Obama, because you've been there. You're not near as bad as your buffoonish counterpart Al is, and you know how daunting a Serious run for the white house can be. Take a step back and truly evaluate your comments. I know you want whats best for your rooting interest, and brotha, so do I. I'm rooting for Hillary just as hard, as I am for Barrack. But, at the end of the day, I know which side my bread is buttered on.

rp// PS..Could you forward this to Belafonte as well..I get the since he's still alive and has something to say.

My people, go and look at any poll you want, the numbers are overwhelming , 90% of black voters tend to vote Democrat. We need to swing our vote with one bat. And, splitting our vote only separates it. I know we don't know much about Obama, but here's what I do know. I didn't know much about Bill Clinton, look how he turned out. Im from Texas, I knew enough about W, and tried to warn those who didn't. Look how that turned out.

Link to Story

Political Swaying....

Not that we could sway anybody for next years 2008 Presendtial Campaign, but if we could....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Straight Up Drunk Paula Abdul Drunk while Interviewed.

With American Karaoke just a couple of hours away, Paula decided she'd get a little tipsy and do an interview for a local Seattle Fox affiliate. Hey, in Paula's defense I cant watch that show sober anyway..

NFL Upsets, 24,Jennifer Hudson, and how I spent MLK Day. Recap

Currently were experiencing a cold front down here in San Antonio, so for the past 3 days, I was pretty much held captive by my TV and , for what its worth, Im happy to report i was not the east disappointed..

Saturday (temp. 45)

It all started Saturday, when I got to watch the Colts protect there house and serve up Ray Ray and his B-more Ravens. I actually picked the Colts and won a six pack in the deal so i was happy with that. Later on that Night it was much of the same for my boys in the NO as they showed the Iggles they are in fact America's New Team. Despite the fact that Reggie Bush got JACKED UP !

Sunday (temp. 39/42)

Sunday Rolled up and ya boy took a step outside and notice the weather really didnt improve , but in fact got worse so that meant more football. My adopted Seattle team was facing the Bears lead by Wrecks the Gross-man. Wrecks was in effect, and kicker Robbie Gould brought his big game clutch foot to the table, and my poor brotha's from another motha got sent home with nothing more then a bum Hassleback, and a coach who decided to throw deep on 3rd and 2, rather then run his MVP running back.

And while im on MVP Running backs, the beautiful city of San Diego, which happens to covet the current MVP, Ladanian Tomlinson , showed me that shutting own your own all-pro wont win you a game. LT was held to only 9 carries all game. But, believe it or not, the Patriots didnt win easy. As many who follow football know, Marty wont go out like that. His losses have to literally gut the fan base, and make you really question if this man is either a coach, or some drunk guy the pulled from the bleachers. You see Marty decided to call a timeout when his player fumbled away potential game ending interception. We to this day have no idea what he was challenging(unless it was the nerves of Chargers fans everywhere.) This mistake cost his team a time out they could have used to move the ball down the field on the last drive. I just know that some where Payton ruined a perfectly good bottle chucking it at the wall of beer when he saw Marty literally giving the game away to the Pats.

Pumped up after to a weekend of nail biters, I get ready for the season premiere of 24. People, it would be a crime for me to ruin this , so rather then blow it for those who may have TIVO it, let me just say this, expect the unexpected, and don't leave ,b/c IF YOU DO, you will miss something..

It was kinda hard for me to get jazzed up for my Desperate Housewives after that. Its kinda like going to a concert and hearing the main act first. Somehow i pushed forward though. And wouldn't you know it, the girls came through and delivered some of the juiciest story Ive seen in that show...

Bullet Quick Summary...Edie's Nephew got caught, Lynette saw the restaurant and flashed an old man to obtain a liquor licence, and Bree's hubbies ex wife decided she'd move her crazy ass directly across the street from them. Oh yeah and Gabby's stalker turned out to be the crazy kid who use to date Susan's Daughter. If that was to fast click here

Monday (temp.40/35)

Monday brought me back to reality. I woke up and paid homage to the late great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Post Directly below) and though the weather only got worse, I shuffled on out of the house and made it to work on time. Work was cut short due to there being absolutely no one there so I went home and caught up on some much needed sleep. Later in the day the fam, would all get together and watch part 2 of 24. Once again, I'm not spoiling any of you, I just wont go there..But know this, Its the greatest show on the air right now, and missing it you only hurting you. While channel surfing , I got to the golden globes and saw that Eddie and J.Hudson won. One can only assume that this is a pre-cursor for bigger and better awards.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy MLK Day-I Have A Dream Speech

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Confederate Flag Hate Symbol and those to Ignorant to Notice....Real Talk

H.K. Edgerton(pictured above) a former member and chapter president of the NAACP actually marched 1300 miles carrying this flag to each and every southern state to as he put it
expand the awareness of the need to defend Southern heritage, history and the
rightfulness of the Confederate cause here in the South, across the entire
United States and around the world.

I guess what hurts the most about his march is that its the same march a famous civil right leader made to ensure hate crimes would cease and voting rights were instilled in this country. Somewhere this Uncle Tom lost his way.. If you get bored Google Image Search his name and I guarantee you, the results will shock you, this image was one of the rare ones I could stomach.
While channel flipping this morning I came across a segment on ESPN that caught my eye , an if you'll allow me, I want to express some of my personnel comments to the show they had ..ESPN's version of 20/20 Outside the Lines are OTL tackles issues not expressed on the Football field or Basketball Court. Today the issue was the Confederate Flag in South Carolina, and how it affects that sate receiving additional Sports Tournaments and other benefits from the NCAA's.

This is an issue I actually agree with the NCAA with. That flag (the confederate flag) like it or not, represents the most menial of acts, the most unforgivable, despicable, and dirtiest thing this country has ever done and to simply shrug it off , or attempt to convince the public that its nothing more then your show of affection to the south is unacceptable. Were this flag flown when the British came here , I can guarantee you, this flag would be banned, and anyone flying it would be the butt of many treason jokes.

I can find no good reason in 2007 to fly this symbol of hate. None. Slavery in this country happened. And those who fought to preserve that liberty fought under this flag. When slavery was abolished , and it became apparent the south would succeed that flag should have been on notice then. Now in the modern day era , we still have 2 states Mississippi, and South Click, who seem to think that keeping it up is crucial to the perseverance of there heritage.

Well I'll tell you what it is prevalent to but you wont like it. To me, its prevalent to preserving the notion that the south still has barefoot, inbred slack jawed rednecks to ignorant to realize that the Civil War is over. Period. To me it cast a flag of stupidity rather then that of intellect. Rp....

Friday, January 12, 2007

Old Skool Friday Kid N' Play Rollin With Kid N' Play

Old Skool Friday H-Town Knockin The Boots

Old Skool Friday Good Girls Your Sweetness

My Visit to Seattle Grace

Last night we saw the much anticipated return of Grey's Anatomy. (Its on the fav's list)..I can tell you now, its building up for some incredible drama, so for those who missed it, and don't want to get spoiled, click here to watch the show in its entirety. For those ready and on the go here's my spoiler...

Izzy tries to convince Bailey that shes ready to scrub back in so she can get on a case that involves a girl with
a crooked spine. Bailey who still is recovering from being made a fool of by Izzy has her doubts and tells Izzy she can return to the scrub stage provided she cashes her 8.7 million dollar check she got from her late boyfriend.

Meredith's dad stops by to check in on his grand daughter and this seems to bother Grey, one can assume the abandonment issues she thought she was over with him are still lingering. Grey's mom went black and never went back both figuratively and literally thus forcing Grey's dad to leave her at a young age..Speaking of families, George's dad is prepped for his second surgery when its discovered that the cancer that they thought was contained to his stomach, has actually spread through out his kidney's esophagus and lower intestinal region. Rather then close him up and send him home, he urges the doctors to remove all the chance forcing Webber and Bailey to gut and scar him. His road to recovery looks dim.

Finally we leave you with the Burke and Yang drama. There still not talking, and one can assume its because of the surgery and getting dimed out by yang that Burke is still mum. The love is still there in there relationship, but Burke is clearly more cautious . Almost forgot about Krev. Looks like he and a certain gynecologist might be ready to do what seems like the inevitable.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Reason to Put Halle on the Webpage

When you think about it, is there really a reason to leave her off of any item with a pictorial or relies on photos for circulation? Last night Halle Berry won a Peoples Choice Award for best Female Action Star in a movie for her role as Storm in X-Men.

Being an ex-sailor, I can tell you that if there's a photo of Halle odds are Ive seen it. But her grace, and elegance are rarely captured. (A stereo type I noticed amongst popular black female actresses is that they must always sell sexy, vice classy) So, for me its nice to see her rock the solid gold dress clinching the ice she won.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

For Joumana and Jason these Were Happy Times..

How fitting that on the day of my anniversary to my wife, Jason Kidd is filing for divorce. (One of my absolute favortive players. ) Kidd accuses Joumana Kidd of physically and mentally abusing him, threatening to make false domestic violence complaints against him to police, and of interfering with his relationship with his children.

To be fair spousal abuse in this relationship was first reported back in 1997 when Joumana called 911 to get protection from Jason when him and her got into an altercation over French Fries.

Currenty its being reported that Joumana (who by the way is barred from the Continental Arena ) used her son to get into the Nets Locker roo so that she can rifle through Jason's cell phone and look for numbers that may not have been there before. Once she got the information she needed she left her 8 yr old son in the lockerroom, and went to her seat in the Arena and then began to BOO and yell obsenities at her husband Jason.

I can still remember all the shots of J and Little J watching Dad play..They seemed so happy then. I anticipate this to get ugly. She's not your average hoody who got hitched up to a superstar. She's educated, and financially set in her own regards. So expect a nasty legal battle..

Link to Story

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tyrese Update# 2

Its being reported that Tyrese aka Black Ty 's pregnant girlfriend was NOT assaulted by him. In a statement released by her attorney, she says what happened was , she and him were argueing , things got out of hand, he left and she got ill.

I for one am relieved if this is the case..I have a lot of respect for Tyrese, despite what was posted earlier, and I look forward to watching Transformers.

Link to Story

15 Million Reasons why TO Fired Kim Etheredge

Its not like this was a surprise was it? Lets put it out there, her comments "TO HAS 25 MILLION REASONS TO BE ALIVE" pretty much wrote her death sentence. Of all the qoutes I heard in 2006 , this one had to be the sleaziest.

Let me get this straight, your star athlete for whom which you are his publicist overdoses, and you make light of the situation, and you claim that the only reason he is alive is because of the money. Theres so much wrong in this, that I prefer not to comment.

But on the real though, Kim was apparently fired b/c she told Terrrell it would not be in his best interest to do Intervies for ESPN and or The NFL Network following his spitting on Denagelo Hall, and the Snitch Scandal. (the 15 million Dollars represent the remainder of TO's contract)

Link To Story
Oh yeah as part of my bet .... (I have to include this in my next 3 post)
RIC-B, You were right, AGAIN and no one knows college football like you do. You had Florida ever since week 5, and I and many others laughed at you. AND, Just like last year when you were the only one to pick Texas, I must scream it to the roof tops that you are a college football GURU who's opinion should never be questioned.

New York, Why Not...

Since my football game was pretty much a blow out, it allowed me plenty of free time to flip over to VH1 and catch Flav's main number #2 gal NY in her quest to find love on her show I LOVE NY.
I can honestly say that I was very impressed with her show and I cant wait to next weekto see who gets eliminated.

Interesting Points.

1. Its clear that NY's mom will have a very powerful impact

2. New York has a very soft spot for thugs.

3. Big Guys get no love. ie Wood and T-bone( though, if she'd a gave T-bone a necklace , i wouldve been a little surprised)

If youre taking bets as to who is going to last on the show, my money is on either Onix, or Chance.

My Most Interesting : tie Pootie and Tweed
My long shot. Boston

What say you?

Monday, January 08, 2007

OK, Raise your Hand If You Predicted This.Florida romps Ohio st. 41-14

First, let me get the pleasantries out the way. RIC-B, You were right, AGAIN and no one knows college football like you do. You had Florida ever since week 5, and I and many others laughed at you. AND, Just like last year when you were the only one to pick Texas, I must scream it to the roof tops that you are a college football GURU who's opinion should never be questioned.
That was painful. Not because I was wrong, but because so many were so wrong. Now, every time you hare a non SEC college football game, be prepared to get hit with , "Oh these teams are ok, but they lack SEC speed. Ask ____________ . I honestly dont even know where to begin.
The Florida Gators front 7 dominated this game sacking Troy Smith 5 times. Being constantly pressured along with no deep threat mean that(Ted Ginn was injured) Florida could double up Anthony Gonzalez and freeze out the rush... Chris Leak played phenomenal marching his team down field time after time again, and when Tebow did come in , he powered his way trough a beat up d-line who seemed like they were beaten into submission.
Notre Dame thinks the Buckeyes got Mud Stomped. You know thats bad...Well its getting late, and I have to let my phone charge (wifey was paying bills and talking to her parents) Thank god for it to, evidently I missed 12 calls which are no doubt from people who READ THIS and now want to rub my face in it...
Real Talk
Attention Media. Hyping up a team only makes Las Vegas look good. This is the 2nd year in a row your can't miss, sure fire , lock of the year, bet the farm pick has lost. What does that tell you? It say's all you do is provide bulletin board material for the little guy. Somewhere, Mack Brown (UT) , Bill Bellicheck(1st Pats SB Win), and Tony La Russa (STL ) are all at a bar wating for Urban Meyer so they can buy him a drink and welcome him to the We get No Respect Club. rp

Maia Campbell Video and several other media outlets are reporting this video of Maia Campbell (In the House and South Central Star) was done while she was under the influence of Crack Cocaine. For what its worth, Ashante would be proud of her vocal efforts. Developing....

Wysteria Lane was Poppin Last Night...

For my new peepz I put this out there a while ago , so allow me to give you somewhat of a recap. My favorite shows are Desperate Housewives Gray's Anatomy, Lost, 24, The Office, Earl, Americas Next Top Model, The Wire and Nip Tuck.. Some of these shows may infact take my mancard and run it through a shredder, but thats ok..I love em anyway.....(I'm not counting Sorpanos or Big Love b/c of current hiatus status)

To avoid being Spoiled Click here to watch the show.

On to the Housewives Recap///

Last night we learned that Bree's husband ex-wife is still very much alive and well. Its safe to say that she's up to something considering she was in the back of a room injecting herself prior to a Bree scheduled dinner. In Susan news her creeping and crawling unveiled that Mike may not have killed mystery girl x, but in a classless move she decides she's gonna drop dime on Bree's new Beau thus putting an end to Her and Bree's friendship.

Since I'm on Susan I might as well take this opportunity to point out this, her daughter got gamed. Props to Edie's nephew for hitting her with Man Law cant miss the panties line.

*Warning Fellas, only break this line out when its apparent you are so close yet so far to getting it *

"Its cool, I know you re a virgin I can respect that. I don't want you to do anything you don't want to do" Translation for the ladies:
I'm really trying to hit it, and if this line doesn't work, I'm pretty much leaving you in a week. Translation number2: Its cool, I'll just call my breezie on the ____side and go handle that then.

To make matters worse, Edie's nephew is also hittin Bree's daughter on the side.

For my fans of Lynette, her ego was put on hold while trying to welcome in and raise her husband's daughter from his affair. (recap: that baby-mom got shot in the grocery store) If you know Lynette, you know she doesn't put up with anything. Well this little girl has obviously found a button her 3 sons, indecisive husband and controlling boss couldn't. Lynette is sympathetic to those who have suffered. Lynette allows this girl to eat in front of the TV, and act a fool out in town while eating. It goes without saying that Lynette will figure this one out, but it will not be easy. Direct quote from the new daughter, "I'll give her a chance dad, but I will never lover her." this from a 7 yr old.

Finally we come to Gabrielle. Her dating life is starting off on a bad foot. She's is convinced that Carlos is spying on her, and wrecks her date to prove it. She's sent flowers from an anonymous person and to prove they came from Carlos, she locks a florist in a freezer to prove it. Unfortunately, she's wrong, and runs off her date.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why I Think Ohio St. Will Win.....

Ok, its been 50 days and by now you've probably seen the Boise St. miracle, and told yourself, this is only a precursor to the Championship game. Well, let RP be the first to take you back to reality as I give you my Top 10 reasons why Ohio St. Will 100% no doubt in my mind absolutely murder Florida this time tomorrow night.

10. Jim Tressel. Anybody catch that this dude is a whopping 3-0 in BCS Games to include a National Championship and an embarrassment over Notre Dame. Dude can flat out coach and if you dont believe me,
check the record.

9. Im just not sold on Chris Leak. Can he get it done, no doubt, but his arm strength is questionable, and he runs scared. Tim Tebow comes in win they need short yardage and that, does not wow me.

8. Can I get a playmaker? Somebody name for me on Florida's Offense one playmaker. Name for me 1 guy they can depend on on 3 and 7?

7. Troy Smith is good Really Good. I mean evade a tackle, twirl around in a loop, and toss a 50 yard touchdown pass good. All in one play. Somewhere many NFL GM's are scratching there head about just how good he's gonna be.

6. De-fense clap clap De-fense clap clap. Given OSU's ability to beat you with Pittman on the ground, and Tedd Ginn big Play ability, I just dont see Florida's defense getting a break. Despite the "SEC" speed I here so much about.

5. Reggie Nelson is just 1 man. All American Safety and bona fide first rounder Reggie Nelson is good, but asking him to provide over the top help to Tedd Ginn and Anthony Gonzalez might be asking way to much of the man. His teammates are going to have to play big in order for them to win and I just don't see it. Tedd Ginn was once clocked to run a 4.19 40. Ask Aaron Ross how fst that is. 1 move is all it takes for him to be by you and into the wind.

4. There not USC. And because there not USC many of you are skeptical. Last year, I knew 1 person out of 50 who told me with a straight face that Texas would beat USC. Now I survey those same 50 , and I have at least 20 orso telling me there picking Florida. Relax people. This team isn't full of themselves. Ohio St. always delivers. They have a brass balls coach and a defense lead by Jim Laurinaitis . He's a monster.

3. Check The Schedule Florida has played some absolute monsters. How much can you have in the tank after, Auburn, Arkansas, LSU and Ten. just to name a few. Thats a schedule thats wears ateam thin. Ohio st. got pass Texas and Michigan and essentially had a cake walk

2. Them Damn Florida Boys. If youve never been there I cant explain it, but let me try to break it down in its simplest of forms. Distractions are a plenty. They play hard, because they party like the worlds coming to an end. Im willing to bet you that 80% of that team has already got post celebration plans set up if they win. Keep a sharp eye on CNN, they get flat out stupid. BS aside, if they can get focused I'd like there chances, but thats asking alot .

1. Ohio St. wants it more. This is a team that felt it should have been playing in this game last year. This Florida team is a UCLA upset away from being in the Sugar Bowl. Ohio St. is more physical, more talented and bring a more determined work ethic to the field. Given the almost 2 month layoff, I expect sluggish play at first, but rest assured in the end It will be another Ohio St. Championship ..

Final Score Ohio St. 35 Florida 17

Dead or Wounded Uncle Sam Wants You!

Reading the News paper online this morning I notice something that was to good to pass up. Evidently the Army, doesn't have enough officers in its ranks so like any branch of the Military, they went on the recruiting road to get people to join. Who better then those who have already served seemed to be the M.O.

Well our friends at the Pentagon must have been really desperate, because evidently they've sent letters to Seriously Wounded and EVEN DECEASED SOLDIERS encouraging them to re-enlist. (I truly wish i were making this up)

Link To Story

Real Talk

This may or may not be an accident as its being called by the Pentagon, but one thing for certain, if this were a member of my family getting this letter , we might have to come to words. This "clerical error" represents leadership and its failures from the top. An apology is the very least you should give a family member who lost somebody. What you need to do is give there families peace and come up with a way to end this foolishness so nobody else loses a loved one. RP

Friday, January 05, 2007

Black Girl Killed in LA did you notice?

Last week Charlene Lovett Lost her 14yr old daughter Cheryl Green to what appears to be an apparent act of Gang Violence in an area that blacks are currently being victimized by Hispanic's in Los Angeles's Harbor Gateway Community. Now nationally you might of missed it. I know I have, part of me is still trying to cope with the Sean Bell incident, but, well known blogger and columnist La Shawn Barber didnt. (HER LINK WAS RECENTLY ADDED).
The following is an excerpt from her blog and I ask that when you read it, ask yourself if youve ever thought about the point she's eluding to.

The following is an excerpt from her blog:

Where are the “African American” summits and protests and loud calls for an
end to the violence? As I wrote yesterday in “Selective
Outrage Over Black Crime Victims
,” such protesting and shouting is not
profitable or satisfying. Rage against perceived slights by whites commands a
lot more time and energy in the black community.

For instance, who could ever forget (or be allowed to forget) when comedian Michael
Richards called a couple of black men niggers during his routine
? Press
conferences, and demands for money
and self-flagellation were daily fare. But hispanics killing blacks, and for the
dumbest shi*, barely registers on the outrage scale.
It certainly didn’t help
matters that Richards groveled and prostrated himself before a sleazy and
unworthy caricature of a man like Jesse Jackson. The whole lot of them are
idiots, including anyone who thinks being called a nigger by a white man during
a comedy routine is worse than being killed by a freaking hispanic gang thug
because you wandered into his “turf.”

Ah, but the difference is that Richards has money; hispanic ignorant gang
thugs don’t. As a white liberal type, Richards carries the guilt of phantom
racism. Hispanic gang members couldn’t give a rat’s a** about your slave of a
great-great-great-great grandfather, and neither do you. It’s all about profit
and penance.

Full Story

Old Skool Joint Xscape - Just Kickin' It

Songs from my youth//
Can somebody, anybody tell me the name of that gun dance ??SWV did it as well..

Old Skool Joint Friday Shanice - I Love Your Smile

Old Skool Joint Friday The Boys- Dial My Heart

Im putting an APB out on these cats. Any information to the whereabouts of The Boys is greatly appreciated

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Pursuit of Happyness RP Review

Ok the reviews a little late (I saw this movie on Tuesday) but nevertheless heres my take on Will Smith and the Pursuit of Happyness
*Warning Spoilers*
Will Smith stars a Chris Gardner a Bone Density Scanner salesman in San Fransisco that is trying to povide a better life for his family in the recession known as the Regan Era in the early 80's. Chris finally catches a break when he hops a cab with a Dean Witter senior level executive and solves his rubic's cube while trying to explain to him why he would be a perfect candidate for a job. To bad solving that cube didnt fix Chirs other mounting problems. To start, his bone scanners are overpriced, and do the same job as a much cheaper gov't issued product. His wife Linda (played by Thandie Newton) has little patience when Chris gets his opportunity to become an unpaid intern at Dean Whitter and decides she's taking a job with her Brother-in-law in NY.
Behind in rent, Chris and son are forced to move from hotel, to bathroom, and to homeless shelter. The rigors of an internship (unpaid) along with raising a child with little to know money are hard on Chris, but he draws strength from his son, and a never say die mentality that wills him through what are some of the toughest life challenges imaginable.
On Will
Will's performance is Oscar worthy. He shows you a human side you never seen in him before. This character will humble you b/c of the hardships he and his son (played by Jaden Smith) face, and the life they had to lead while living on the streets. Will's made it easy to connect with this character. The mega star presence that he has created is so down to earth that you find yourself lost in the movie and rooting for his success. When you walk out of the theater , at some point it might even make you evaluate the little things you take for granted in everyday life. As for Jaden Smith (Will's son) the connection him and dad had was solid. Giving that hey are father and son in real life i'm sure this is the reson why, but whatever the case they make you believe they are father and son and not just actors.
RP rating 4 stars out of 5 . Wifey made a point: Thandie's character should have put up more of a fight for her son b/c of Chris's employment status. Will brought the character to life and I know if watched you will be thoroughly amused at his performance.

Tyrese, If this is True, Your Career is Over (Update)

***UPDATE*** New evidence is being reported that he allegedly hit his girlfriend in the arm and leg and not in the stomach as it was reported previously on TMZ. Im still holding out hope against hope that none of this happened...RP

Tyrese Update

TMZ.COM is reporting that singer songwriter Tyrese aka (Black-TY) allegedly was arrested for punching his pregnant girlfriend in the stomach. If this is true, you can pretty much guarantee that his career is over. I know ladies, he’s packin’ 6 , and he looks like that, but punching your pregnant wife in the stomach twice no less, is a new low. For now we can only hope that this is just an allegation. T, always remember Baby Boy was just a movie, in real life, Jody wouldve gotten his ass kicked for hitting his baby mom's....RP

Tyrese Allegation

Pee Wee Kid Power Hit

This video's a little old but wow..Can you imagine being the parent of the running back.

Lebron 2 words Kobe Bryant

Oh Bron Bron ..Don't you know that your every move is covered by the media? I bet when you were eye-balling those topless honeyz you had no idea some body had a bird eye view of your antics? Cant a balla' go out and live lavishly in peace?

Well Bron Bron, the answer is No. And need we remind you of the last prominent BALLER caught with his hand in the cookie jar? Walk away Bron Bron walk away...

Young Black and Fabulous

Does Jim Lampley Have to Choke a B*tch??

Not that a guy who covers boxing is an obvious target, but Jim Lampley is already up and running with his Husband of the Year campaign. Yesterday the HBO Boxing commentator and Jim Rome Guest Host was arrested for in an investigation int Domestic Violence and violating the terms of his restraining order.

Full Story

Whitney's Garage Sale and Other News of the Day

How bad has it gotten for Whitney Houston? So bad that now she has to sell her clothes to pay her and Bobby's accrued debts from a storage company(100k). Heres to hoping the Diva gets her groove back in 2007.

Evidently Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake broke up. One has to think that she must not have been to happy with her X-MAS present.

Notre Dame getting Mud-Stomped by LSU pretty much confirmed what we already knew. So with out further adieu let me be the first to chant it,
OVER-Rated Clap-Clap-clap-clap-clap

Finally, for my Dreamgirls peepz , evidently Oscar has an issue with Beyonce. Being a Native Houstonian and fan of the movie, we will keep an eye on this one.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


You can thank Byron Crawford and Crunk and Disorderly(my new link mates) for showing me this gem..

Who's On the Other Side??

So last night I suffered through a very bad bowl Game. (Lou v. Ga. Tech ) When it was over, I told myself ok, holiday's over you know you gotta get up and do the work thang in the am so you might as well pass out now ..(1040pm cst)

Since my wife has created one of the more classic quotes of the early year " if my husband's sleeping good, then im sleeping bad" I Imagine that right up until about 3am she must have been flat out tired, because I slept like Narcoleptic on Tylenol pm. until that point..

Time 3AM cst
Then this happened. Breathing 3 second pause Breathing 3 second pause. I nudge the wife who is tucked nicely in the sheets. (Her cocoonic like wrap would make mummies every where jealous. ) Its not her I notice. Wifey doesn't snore. At least not while im around . Now ya boy is thinking to himself aiight, its game time, somebody about to get rocked.

Me : "Baby you here that ?" Whispering lightly as to not tip off the offender in the house.

Wifey: "Yes its probably the boy"

Me : "its 3am why would he be standing outside the door breathing"

wifey: "probably b/c he needs to go potty"

Me: Its been to long I been hearing this for at least 2 minutes..Im'a bout to swing this door open and finsh somebody off...

So with 9-Iron in hand (im not a glolfer just got a bag from a friend) I approach the door. My intial thought is to open up and go Tiger on whoever's on the other side. Then that little light of common sense come's on. It askes of me what if Wifey's right? youre gonna open the door and knock your son into la la land..Damn Light...Now im all confused.

The breathings getting heavier and now i tell wifey to stand by and lay low. Of course this means unraveling the burrito , so she pretty much stayed in that position.

I Swing the door open , yell "HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYY", and standing there is my 3 yr old son in his now wet undies. Im pretty sure the yell followed with the image of his dad with the Golf Club high above his head contributed to my son's saturated big boy pants.

My night was ruined after that. I tell wifey, "im going to the couch to figure this one out."

Translation:" ima go channel surf and look for something that will knock me back out for 2 hours..Hopefully HBO will have one of there Classic Investigations on." No Luck.I ushered in the newday watching Sportscenter. But, wifey and the boy went right back to sleep , so I guess i cant be to mad.

Oh well, at least my son will never play with my 9-iron again.

Saban to Alabama

Miami Dolphin Head Coach Nick Saban is packin his bags and going to Sweet Home Alabama.
I guess you cant blame the guy. Joe Harrington was his starting QB, and he got benched for Cleo Lemon....

Full Story

In Cased You Missed It

Welcome back to all my Gov't peepz who've been gone and every body else . The holiday's are officially over and I decided to take a different approach on my wrap up piece.

In News, In cased you missed it Saddam was found guilty and sentenced to death. For those who didn't catch it
Here ya go Warning Graphic.

Also the Government has decided they want there
FEMA Trailers Back.
Just when you thought things were changing.

In Sports MJ and Juanita are calling it Quits after 17 years of marriage. Funny thing is, they had no pre-nup. So whenever a shoe's made,
just think this,
she sold you the right, and he sold you the left.

Also Broncos CB Darrent Williams was killed in a Drive By shooting celebrating Denver Nuggets Star Kenyon Martins Birthday on New Years.
He's survived by his 2 small children.

In Entertainment Some Ghetto Cats allege that they have Young Bucks Chain. If this indeed the case,
How stupid must you be to record yourself, and then have it put on Youtube?

Finally, Britney decided she was going to fall asleep during the middle of a New Years Eve party she was asked to host at Club Pure in Las Vegas. Rack up another victory for the
Skank Squad. For the money they payed her (reportedly 300k) passed out or not she'd be on that stage singing every song I can come up with... RP

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Boise St. Strikes a Blow for the Little Guy's

I guess my first post on Sports in 2007 should be one for possibly a game of the Year candidate. Last Night Oklahoma played Boise St. in the Fiesta Bowl and Boise St. won 43-42 in a game that will be remembered all year.

Wrap Up

Boise St. lead all game long and Oklahoma rallied to come back to ties the score at 28. On Boise's next possession, Zabranski (QB for Boise) throws an interception and its ran 35 yards for a touchdown giving OK. the lead. BST then drives all the way down field and on a 4th and 18 play convert a hook and ladder 36 yards for a touchdown to take the game into overtime.

In the Overtime on the very first play Oklahoma running back and sure first round pick Adrian Peterson marches into the end zone on the first possession. BST get the ball back an scores on a running back pass play.

Rather then go for the tie, BST decides to run a Statue of Liberty play and fake a Wide Receiver screen and convert the 2point conversion for the win. Bst finishes the season13-0 and takes a huge step for the little guy in establishing an argument for a playoff. GOY candidate..

Monday, January 01, 2007

2007 Year of No Excuses

Ive began labeling alot more lately, so I thought to myself what better way to inform my peepz of my new found hobby then to label the New Year. I call 2007 "the Year of No Excuses"

Heres Why:

As a Sports Fan I dont want to hear any excuses as to why my teams are doing that good. Specifically the Texans. Its been 5 yrs and this guy is still a bum. Cut Bait. are lose a fan.

As an African American, I don't want to here any more excuses as to why you fail to vote. How much Bush can you take before you realize its never going to change unless you make the change. How many more reminders are needed?

As A music fan. No more excuses as to why Hip Hop is Dead.. 11 1/2 months is far to long to wait for a CD worth buying. Shout out to Nas by the way for bringing it home in the clutch ..

2006 I gave alot of cats breaks mainly because 2 to 3 years prior to quote Jay-z "They had a spark when they first started , but now their just garbage." Heres my guys who may be cutoff next year if there current acts continue.

1. Flavor Flav= You can stack a TV show with all the big-bootied hoochiefied sithah's all you want, and many will watch, but if you cant send at least one positive message with your vehicle for entertainment, I for one, am turning your menstral show off..

2. Terrell Owens. To many times in the past i've allowed you to take my better judgement. YOU DROP ANOTHER PASS, and blame anybody else other then yourself, and youre cutoff. YOU GET THE BALL AND YOU GET IT OFTEN ...

3. Tracy McGrady....As a Rocket/McGrady Fan this hurts the most. You and that back are really starting to get ti me. I want to be civil, but Yao's hurt and we need you to step up.

4th. Fox News Channel. I watch you knowing that you are the most conservative channel on TV, but in the back of my mind I tell myself, theres always another side im missing. Well, FNC, either you get some real Liberals and not the ones you dig up to be assassinated by O'Reilly and Hannity, or you just lost anther viewer.

5th. BET Every time I look up 106 and Park has a new host. You still never told me Why AJ and Free had to go ??? If you push Comic View any later into the night, Ima have to TIVO it , and that show has proven it can stand the test of time.

Hopefully 2007 can get many of you the same answers I request. Its a new year , lets bring in some new hope..Rp