Monday, February 26, 2007

On Location the Oscars, and Random Thoughts

Sorry for the late reply peepz, Im in King City Ca. for my J-O-B...If I got you for a moment, I wanna give a shout out to Jennier Hudson and Forrest Whittaker. Jennifer did her thang in Dreamgirls, and if you haven't seen it by now, then you're missing out on a truly classic movie. As for Forrest Whitaker, Ive always believed that man is a powerful actor. Every role he's ever played has made you believe that the character was a real person, and often times, you felt like you could connect with him.

Over the past 2 weeks CNN has ran special documentaries asking the question is Hip Hop Art or Poison. I believe it to be both, but I lean more towards art. You see as an art form hip hop allows many to freely express there thoughts on a variety of topics ranging from where you are from to, to how you got where you are, and more recently what you do with your money once you get paid..The highs and lows of life are brought into lyrical form that can take you into a world that some may never live, but can illustrate with the best of them.
Thats where the poison is, fantasy land. A lot of what you see in the videos does not happen in the everyday lives of these rappers. It would be nice to hop out of a CL-5 with Lamborghini doors hit the club and pop bottles of Crystal, but realistically, maybe 8% of the professionals in hip-hop can actually have a day like the one i just typed up. I call this poison because it tells our young people that material things are the ultimate sign someone is successful..Not what they do in the community, or what they give back to there family. Until hip hop can police hip hop , people like NAS call Hip Hop dead and I dare anyone to prove him wrong..Quick, tell me the 5 hottest songs on the radio, I dare you tell me one them that doesn't use one of the following terms, ICE, WHIPS, CHAINS , BITCHES, and MONEY.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Old SKool Friday/BHM Jackson 5- Can You Feel It

In keeping with my music theme for Black History Month, I decided I'd salute possibly the BEST BOY BAND EVER. The Jackson 5 were the New Edition, Boyz to Men, and Jodeci of there time all wrapped in one. Producing MEGA HITS such as ABC, I want you back, Never can Say Goodbye and many many more, they in my eyez were the end all be all when it came to overall group success. Michael, Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Marlon are true Black Pioneers and I for one am very grateful as a kid there music was still very much popular in my era.

I chose the song Can You Feel It, because to this very day its on any IPOD or mixtape that when i just wanna jump around the room in my goofy world (we all do it ) it still works for me..

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol's Lakisha Jones

I couldnt find the AI clip of this , but it doesnt matter. Anyone watching Lakisha and the rest of the girls last night know full well that almost each and everyone of them absolutly blazed yesterday. I didnt do a review of the guys, b/c well, frankly they were awful in comparison.

I was torn between who impressed me the most yesterday and Lakisha with Im Telling You edged out Stephanie Edwards (who performed Why dont you just call me), out by the slimmest of margins.. No matter the case, this much is certain, I can guarentee you that if last night was any indication of the next 13 weeks, there will be a woman winning AI...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Couple Had Sex in front of Kid to Teach Her ....Right

Just when you thought MJ had topped the list of people you don't want watching you kids, up jumps Rebecca and David to snatch the crown.
Rebecca Arnold and her boyfriend David Prata are currently being charged with felony Child Neglect from HAVING sex in front of there 9-yr old to "teach her so she knows how."

Being a young parent, I can say that I have a lot to learn about raising kids. But something tells me , SEX in front of my nine yr old, is probably not the best way to teach him/her the Birds and the Bees. I would give anything to listen to what there defense lawyers defense is.

Link To Story

Another Ray-J and Whitney Sighting

I told y'all this is my new Will and Jada. This past weekend Whitney Houston was spotted with the new King of the Sex tape Ray-J outside of a LasVegas Night Club during the All-Star Weekend. So , what does this mean? If you ask me, its further confirmation that A. Whitney is back on Drugs, B. Ray-J has re-defined 5 minutes of fame, or C. This is further proof that menopause can make you do some crazy sh--....

Whatever the case, I like it. More Ray-J and Whitney.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Old Skool Friday/ BHM 2-Pac I Aint Mad At Cha'

2-Pac Shakur was many things to the rap community. For some he was the thugg visionary that inspired many to rap about there life experiences on the street. For some he was an activist that rapped about how blacks should own property and stand up for themselves and there community when faced with adversity. But, for most he may be forever known as the man who was lost in a rap game of hustling, rivalry, and revenge, that lead to his untimely death right at the prime of his career.

Depending on who you ask , the opinions vary as to who the Greatest MC of all time is. Ive heard Notorious B.I.G., 2-PAC, Jay-Z and my true old skool cats have no problem reminding me of Mellie Mel, Eric-B, and Big Daddy Kane. One things certain though, to a man, all of the people who Ive ever asked, love him , or hate him have mentioned 2-Pac in there top 3. (the same can be said for BIG) . Its my opinion that he IS the greatest MC ever and I base it on how he had the ability to change his style better then anyone. His originality has been duplicated to the point that he's often mentioned like Jordan when its apparent that other rappers who were inspired by him, try to do everything he did to make themselves successful.

I decided on the song I Aint Mad at Cha, b/c I thought it encompassed a lot of what made Pac, Pac. Theres a lil thug in it, a lil flow in it, and most important, a lot of himself in the song that to me , made it one of his greatest songs.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Killa' Bigotry from the guy with a Killa' Crossover

Tim Hardaway, former Golden State Warrior and Miami Heat when asked about how he'd feel if he had a gay teammate said the following:
"he would not have tolerated a gay player on his team and would have asked to have been traded in such a situation or would have asked to have the gay
teammate be traded."
To elude his point ,he then took it to a place where I as a person was offended:
"I let it be known, I don't like gay people. I don't
like to be around gay people."Yeah, I'm homophobic. I don't like it. It
shouldn't be in the world for that or in the United States for that. So, yeah, I
don't like it."

Real Talk,
I have gay friends. I have served with Gay members in the military, and Tim Hardaway does not speak for me. With that said, my question is, if you substitute Gay's in Hardaway's quote, with Blacks, Jews , Hispanics, and Whites would there be more of an outcry? When you bash Gay's, to me, it's no different then when you bash race, or sex when It comes to people.
Now, with that said, I know many of you know how I felt when Isiah Washington was Accused. For those who don't, allow me to recap. I felt Isiah was innocent, b/c A. I wasn't there, and for him to vehemently deny those allegations, B. I would like to think further proves my point.

To my point, Gays are people. Just like you and me. When this filthy, vulgar, despicable, rant talk is allowed and we as people don't call our on people out on stuff like this, what's that say about us?

Link To Story

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

5 Signs You Might Work with a Redneck

1. When you open the COMPANY refrigerator, it has a Deer Head inside of it.

2. All sports Conversations this time of the year are Dominated with NASCAR talk.

3. You have a designated SKOAL garbage can.

4. Your co-worker can tell you exactly what time it is to hunt a specific animal. IE Deer hunting season, Bobcat Season, White Tail Season ETC...And can tell you what Shot Gun to use.

5. When its time to replace Soda and snacks in the fridge and its his turn to buy, he purchases Mountain Dew, Mr. Pibb, Mellow Yellow, Slim Jims, Cheese Crackers and Pork Grinds.

Now you may be wandering where I got this list from, and its cool. But, wander no more, this is a list of things that have actually happened at my work place over the past 2 weeks. Sometimes being the only person at your workplace who actually wears shoes to work CAN be a bad thing...Any suggestions on fitting in?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Valentine's Day at its Very Worst

One of luxuries of being married is Valentine's Day is a holiday I no longer have to sweat out. Fella's I can remember far to many day's going down to the last minute hating this day with the passion of all men before me. You know the drill, Flowers, Candy, Vermont Teddy Bear, or plain old bear in some cases...Well, ya boy, he'd go all out..Or at least try to..No more. This year my wife has told me I can be a little more simple this year. I plan on doing just that. Dont get me wrong, I may mix a surprise in, but other then that, I'm coloring in the lines this year...

My Worst Valentine's Day Ever

This happened to me while I was in the military and stationed in Menwith Hill Station UK. (about 60 miles north of London) I had just got there, and at the time I was still in love with my High School Sweetheart. So its, Valentine's Eve, and I just ordered a Dozen Roses online as well as a box of Godiva Chocolates to give to my girlfriend(who was a freshmen at____College of Medicine) . The chocolates had a note attached and the proof that I knew she received them was the calling card I had packed within the note. Well the next day Valentines day hits, no phone call, im a little worried she didnt get the package, but I have my email confirmation. The day after hits, still no call. I wander if every things ok, so I give her a call and no answer at her dorm room. By now ya' boy's worried.

That night around 2am GMT or 7 pm cst U get a phone call from my boy who was going to school with my then girlfriend. He tells me about how good school is , and that he didn't know me and ___________ had just broken up. To my surprise, "I didnt know either" I responded. So I asked him what made him think that. He then goes into detail about a Valentines Day Party the ______ Fraternity was throwing and how my then gal, was all over a dude who I had knew in my High School Football Days. He approached her and asked her how she was doing (while with man X ) to which she replied, "good , this is my friend ____" i'm helping him with his studies"...Not her brightest moment, considering my homeboy was on the same football team this guy was on. (and it wasn't like he wasn't going to call me and give me all the details.) Now this party ended at 4 am. My homeboy had to take his girl home, so he thought he'd take my girl as well since they both live in the same dorm area. He notice my girlfriend was getting in the car with her "friend"; he told them he wouldn't mind giving her a ride b/c its on the way, to which his teammate said, its cool, I'll take c are of it.

Well, as you might expect , take care of it he did. You see the teammate that I mentioned just so happened to live 2 doors down from my homeboy. Guess who my homeboy say leaving his teammates dorm at 11 am the next morning? Yep you guessed it. My girlfriend. During her walk of shame my 'boy asks her if she needs a ride back to her dorm , she obliges and hops in (3 miles is one helluva walk) Of course he told her that he'd be calling me , to which she said, give me a chance to do it first. Well, about 3 hrs after my homeboy got off the phone with me, she finally called.

No need to tell you how much fun I had during that call. Any body have a worse experience then that?

Friday, February 09, 2007

BHM /Old Skool Friday Whitney Houston -I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Today I decided to go with Whitney Houston..A chart topping diva who was the original Beyonce back in the day...

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Versace Glasses, and DC..

So my coworker and I got to Boston's Logan Airport about 2 hours before takeoff. This allowed us plenty of time to walk the airport and figure out where to eat before our flight. We get to a Versace Outlet which,`just happens to be directly across from the Jet Blue check in counter. How come there was a brutha whos flight was being delayed b/c he was busy shopping for glasses. The steward who actually got this brutha to the front of the line(another brutha) so he can make his flight, was heated..My coworker just looked at me and said "your people"...I was speechless.

Im in DC, and the early report is...Its Cold...Damn Cold. But, the people are nice, and im not to far from W's spot.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Unsigned Hype..Yasmeen Bluejeans

This song is 4 yrs old , and for many, it may be there first time hearing it. Yasmeen's hit single Blue jeans got very little US airplay...Show the sistah some love..(Currently shes stuck in redtape btw mca and universal)

Beantown Same Old Boston

Day one in Boston kinda started the same as many start for those not use to the area. I got a lot of stare downs, a lot of mean mugs, and the one guy at the bar who DID want to talk to a coworker and myself, thought bar conversation should include the movie American History X..(If you've seen it you know where I'm going with that) All in all the locals for a majority seem nice enough, but one things for sure,the down south hospitality, I take for granted, is no where up here....

In other news, my wife hit me with something, I was wandering if other ladies go through..Football Hangover. All year long, I couldn't get her to watch one game, until the Superbowl. I asked her why this was the case..She said, "B/c football is now over"..I guess in her head, its like going to a funeral for somebody you hate..I thought that was funny, but something tells me many women hate football, and rightfully so. (it takes them away from there husbands).....

what say you?

Sunday, February 04, 2007

On Location New Link And Superbowl Pick

Peeplz, so last night I didnt get any sleep..(A rare but common phenomenon in our household) so I decided to blog search and came across a web page that I personally, think is prettty cool., a site where you can actually go and watch full movies and TV SHOWS. Last night I watched SAW 3. It took .5 seconds to download and though it may not be all world quality, but as far as bootleg goes, I can say that i've seen much worse. Its linked just in case you guys get bored.

So as we all know the superbowl is today. While many people who have the money and free time have made there way to Miami, my job has decided that im better needed in Boston and Washington. (Any body got the inside on a hotspot are 2, get at me)

On to the Superbowl Pick..You know I couldnt go without giving my prediction. As I said in my preview and i'm sticking with it, the team with the most rushing yards will come out victorious. That team will be the Indianapolis Colts. Coach Smith, and the entire league know that Peyton Manning when given a chance can light you up and leave you bedazzled by halftime. So with that, I expect the Bears to bully and intimidate the receivers of the Colts to no end. Up comes Joseph Addai. A ferocious north and south running rookie , who can find holes and rip them open for 20 and 30 yards runs with a reckless abandon. On the flip, While many believe the bears are the team who are geared up with there no repsect card ready to dish it to whoever the moment this game ends, i'm reluctant to pick them due to the play of Rex Grossman. Lets face it, theres a reason why this kid is even in this game and its not b/c of the great bears offense you hear so much about. Oh thats right, you DONT hear anything about there offense b/c the QB play is so bad. As many of you know, I am not a fan of subpar QB play. Rex Grossman is many things, but stellar QB isnt one of them. I expect a heavy dose of stacked line play forcing the Bears to beat you wit the play of there Quarterback, and lets face it, if you had to would you throw all your eggs in the Rex Grossman basket?? I didnt think so. Neither would I...

Final Score

Colts 35 Bears 20

Anoint Peyton G.O.A.T and let the ESPN, National Radio, and everybody else manlove begin for the boy many said(me included) cant get it done in a big game.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Vince TO the Pro Bowl..Who Cares ???????

I do............. By the way, My cousin Ric, Screamed from the rooftops that we shoud Draft Vince and like alway's , He was right..(this was before the hype )

Damn Damn Damn!!! ( Florida Evans shouldve patten'd this) Why I did I have to wake up this morning and read this?????? I was stationed in HI 4 yrs ago, and I just know Vince Young is going to be a big hit there..
But its cool though, You know why, b/c I have David Freaking Carr...

You heard me David I dink and dunk down field, fumble snaps, and cant lead a team Carr. Awesome....
Vince Young love on this board will never run dry.
Seriously, As I have been saying to my people all week, I would really by a lottery ticket, this is yet another sign.

What Say You?

Friday, February 02, 2007

Old Skool/BHM Al Gritz Green- LET'S STAY TOGETHER

SuperBowl Preview

*Old Skool Friday Located Below*

As we all know Sunday is pretty much the biggest day of the year in regards to the fellas and there love of football. World Wide this event will garnish viewer ship in the numbers of 2 to 300 million. While I don’t share the same enthusiasm many do when it comes to who’s playing, I do enjoy watching 2 well coached teams play there BIGGEST GAME on the BIGGEST STAGE.

The Colts are by far and away the best offensive showcase the NFL has to offer. Lead by Field General Quarterback Peyton Manning, (considered by many to be an on field coach) he can read defenses like a Donald Goines novel on a rainy day. He calls all the plays, determines all the audible’s and when given time, will fire a 40yard pass to either Marvin Harrison or Reggie Wayne without hesitation. Despite his many on field records, and on field leadership, the one thing that has always been a problem for the unquestioned leader of the Colts is his ability to step it up in Big Games. For a guy who many consider to be an all time great he’s only won ONE BIG GAME going back to college in his career. That came recently , as he lead his team to victory against the Patriots in the AFC Championship, (something he had previously neer been able to accomplish). Will this game finally solidify Peyton as an all time great, or will he do what it is he’s accustomed to doing?

The Bears have touted one of the NFL’s best Defenses for the better part of 5yrs now. Lead by there all world Linebacker Brian Urlacher, this tenacious defense brings solid pass rushing schemes and a Cover 2 that when ran properly is almost impossible to score against. If you want something to pay close attention to on Sunday, focus on number 54. Watch as step for step he runs with Wide Receivers (fastest players on the team) and keep an eye on the following play after that, where he can be seen taking Peyton to the Ground following a perfectly orchestrated blind side blitz. Simply put, he’s a monster. Memnoch would be afraid of him. While it would easy to pick Da Bears, many wonder if there defense can handle the pressure of shouldering a team?

X- Factors

Colts = Safety Bob Sanders .. 5’8 Mighty Mouse who hits like Ronnie Lott, and is a certified Ball Hawk. Look for him to be everywhere the ball is.

Bears = Kick Returner/ Punt Returner Devin Hester. This dangerous rookie returner has shattered the NFL Record for returns in a season with 6 , and averages nearly 40 yards a return. If he’s kicked to, expect the shift.

Not touching it. My betting past is well documented. Many of you know the team I ‘m rooting for. Many of you know the team that’s favored. I will however say this, and you can put me on record, the team with the most rush yards will win this game.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Black History/Old Skool Al Green

I decided for Old Skool Friday I'd take a different approach this month. I'm going to celebrate Black History through it.. You see growing up I became very fond of many different types of music given the the fact that we took many road trips when I was a kid. Being that my brother and I could never agree on anything, often times my parents would dictate what we listened to, and more often the not it was Old Skool 98.5 or Majic 102 Jamz. (Depending on when Majic Switched from New Hits to Adult Contemporary) 97.9 the box, (at the time the only R&B radio Station in Houston) was never an option. So while on a drive to Louisiana if you drove by the car I was in, chances are you heard alot of Al Green, Marvin Gaye, the O'Jays and etc.

Al"Gritz" Green is one that I actually latched onto quickly. His southern twang and flare for the dramatic made him a cult icon to me.

Little Known Al Green Facts

-He was initially in a group with his brothers called the Greene Brothers.
- Gritz(as many of us know him by) was a nickname given to him b/c his then girlfriend Mary Woodson poured them on his back , shoulders and arms resulting in 2nd Degree burns on several parts of his body.
- He is an Ordained Minister
- He is a Member of the Rock and Roll,Songwriters and Gospel Hall Of Fame

Letters to The Editor.

Many who read the blog will email me, and not post, its there right and I respect that. Ive asked a couple, who's name's I'll keep annoymous to allow me to post there email's and my reply's via the board...

From J------
Subj: Photos


When you posted those photos, you made it sound like all of us are doing this.
This as you know is not the case. You've been to my house , and you know I would never
do anything like this. They do not represent me or anybody in my family...


You're right, I Know it doesn't represent you, but it does represent a certain group
of people who are ignorant and unfortunately there white. They make the whole of
you look bad.

From M------
Subj: Wigga


You're such a hypocrite. You post photos of white people in "wigga" mode yet
you acknowledge Paul Wall as an up and coming rapper and you listen to him
all the time. I've road with you while you listen to him, and seen his picture
before ..My question to you is whats the difference.

(I actually received 13 emails referencing Either Paul Wall, Eminem, both and one K-fed)


First off, Paul Wall doesn't use the N-word. He actually hates it if i'm not mistaken.
Secondly as Ive told you anybody who wants to listen , he puts out good music, and
he's been on the grind doing mixtapes for the better part of 10 yrs. IMO thats him,
no gimmick.

From G-----
Subj: Whats the Problem


You act as if this is a bad thing. We bring all of this behavior onto us. Whens the last time
you watched a Rap Video and didn't see the following stereotypes, Gold teeth, Big Booties and Tricked out whips. Honestly, I wonder why are you mad. We put that negative image of african american's out there so we deserve this. In order for us to check another race, we must first look at our race, and check it...


True words, but here's the problem I have, Blackface, Stuffed sweat pants and fried chicken.
That's intentional. That's trying to send a message. I know we as people bring some of this
unto our self, but blackface is wrong Fried Chicken, Malt Liquor, and Aunt Jemima, are worse , and I still here no remorse from the students . Plus you just know next year unless its stopped now , its only going to get worse, and violence could result.