Friday, December 21, 2007

My Yearly Awards Continued..

Without Further Adieu, here's all of my Yearly Awards for 2008

Female Artist of the Year
Hard to argue against her. Mary J and A Keyes were a verrry close second. As to was Kiesha Cole.

Male Artist of the Year
Justin Timberlake.
Yeah say what you want to about the guy, but this year he not only brought sexy back, but you saw him with 50, TI and everybody else. Akon, and T-pain are a respectul second and third.

Rapper Of The Year
It was tough for me to go against Kanye and 50, but in the end I chose the guy who showed you that no matter what, a hot CD can come through anytime he wants to. Kanye wouldve got this award, but J was much more stronger in my opinion. 50 didnt wow me.

Song Of the Year
T-Pain feat Young Joc
Buy you a Drank
Its a pretty hot effin track. Number 2 Bartender T-pain feat Akon

Athlete of the Year
Roger Federer
Dude is the Michael Jordan of Tennis. 3 Grand Slam titles warrants that. Its like winning 3 Super Bowls. Oh and Good luck catching this guy on Clay. He can go into it blindfolded with one hand, and as long as its on a hard surface, he's crushing you.

Runner Up
LeBron James. He only took a no nothing Team to the NBA Finals. Take him off that team, and there a lottery picker.

Team of the Year
Florida Gators Basketball Team.
This team simply dominated every one they played in the March Madness classic. They had the ability to beat you from every asset. Speed, 3 pointers, defense and Downlow pressence.

Runner Up
2007 Boston Redsox. Down 3-1 to Cleveland they came back AGAIN, and won.

Salty Dog of the Year
Michael Vick.

Yes all he did was fight dogs. But in doing so he hurt his team by being suspended the entire year. His suspension lead to the coaches resignation, and the and the owner scrambling around to replace him with whoever. Vick though he probably got unjustly prosecuted, killed his team with this selfish act.

Runner Up
Any and everyone included on the Mitchell Report.

TV actor of the Year Drama
Michael C.Hall Dexter
Im'a just say this, if you havent seen Dexter by now, then go TIVO, ON DEMAND, or whatever you have to do go watch this. He makes serial Killing seem ok.

Runner Up
Bill Paxton Big Love.
THIS SHOW gets no love b/c it comes on in the Summer against Sorprano's. Regardless of that he makes polygamy tolerable.

Female Actor of the Year
Emily Procter CSI Miami
She's very underrated in this Dept. The Mariska Hartigay award should go to her b/c on that show, outside of the lead detective, she's the most recognizable charater.

Runner Up
N/A...This is a very week list.

Comedy Male
Steve Carell The Office.
This guy steps his game up every year.

Runner UP
Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan 30 Rock

Comedy Female
Tina Fey 30 Rock
Its kinda unfair to give this award to her, b/c the entire cast should win it. Despite all that, she is the glue that makes the show work. Her witt and ability to make any situation in the show side splitting, has made this a must watch. If you ever get a chance catch the Halloween Party episode. Her best work.

Runner Up
Mary Louise Parker WEEDS.
If you count the U-Turn Drama and her kid thinking his very dead dad is alive, all in shes handling things quite nicely.

Comedy of the Year
30 Rock
Best cast out there. They make Team work fun.

The Wire

Best Place I visited this Year
Uh...Vegas....People if youve never been there, what the hell is your excuse?? Gully has a name, and thy name is Las Vegas.

Well thats my condensed list for the year. Im sure some of you might disagree, and some of you might think im slice bread. All and all, I think the selections were more then fair.

People One Word A million Meanings VOTE!!!!

I planned on taking a survey as far as what the issue of the year is. Then I thought, you know what, its your blog, you dictate this issue and go with it. Without further adieu I give you all my serious issue of the year. VOTING.


Next year signifies the end of an era. An era that saw A US Battleship get attacked, NY DC, and to a lesser extent PA get terrorized, An entire City get submerged underwater and fail to recieve the crititcal support it needed in a timely fashion, a war START in Afghanistan, and Continue into Iraq, The US Dollar Plummit, The Housing Market Crumble, The price of gas shoot up 60 cents, At my very unofficial count at least 10 top aides resign to include the Top Lawyer, and CIA agent, and finally, a war that seems to never end.

People this is what 8 yrs of Bush got you. And before you say, ah man that stuff woulda happened regardless, well think about this. In 2000 when W. won the first time, he did so while losing the Popular vote. (US the people wanted Gore) .It wasnt until a rigged (my words ) Florida election proved that W. indeed pull it off. In 2004 when he was up for President again, it appeared he was losing again and depending on who you ask, if a recount were instituted, he very well might have.

All, that aside people, geton the grid. (Some of you very well know what that means) Voting will not kill you. Not voting will. If you want your voice heard, and you want change, people you gotta get your opinion on who you want to lead expressed.

If youre someone who opposes the war, then vote that way. If youre someone who wants your money to stay in your pocket, and not go somewhere else b/c pf a tax hike, vote that way. Dont let this election go by next year without registering.

The canidate pool is strong on both sides. You have people on one side who want little to know change while staying the course. You have people one one side who have made plans to start implementing immeadiate changes. The Baskin Robbin style secection should cover almost anything you can imagine.

In 2008 I want all my peolpe out there voting. If we can do this, all the Jena-6's dog fighting, Va Tech Shootings, Knooses, Nappy Headed Ho's , Gay Bashing, Steroid taking, Confessed Cheating, and grotesque sexual misconduct in airports can somehow be affected and pushed to change. If not , then expect more of the same.


Jamie Lynn's Not That Innocent...

Oops a Spears is pregnant again. This time though, its NOT Britney. Jaime Lynn (16) the younger sister of Britney Spears and Star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101 apparently was walking down the street tripped and stood up pregnant.

It happens I guess. Teen pregnancy is a big problem in this country..HUGE. As a parent, one of my biggest fears is to have my son come home one day and tell me that he infact got someone knocked up. So getting the obligatory public service announcement out of the way, here's my question what happens next to the future teen mom?? Can we safely assume that her career at Nickelodeon is over? Nothing beats having the star of your favorite kid show expecting.

Now to be fair to Jamie Lynn, its life, and at 16 I WAS very much "active." Kids are kids. It would be way to naive to assume that teenagers arent involved someway in sex. I guess the real issue know is how does she plan to embrace motherhood. Big sis has already LOST custody of her crumb snatchers, we can only hope that JL is a little more responsible.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Back From Baltimore Laptop Issues and Merry Xmas

Peepz. I dont know how to begin to tell you all the fun I had while in Baltimore this past week. Now normally to some of my new readers, youll catch me recapping how my days went each time I go to a city ive never been to before. Unfortunatly, my laptops backlight inverter went out, so I had nothing and I do mean NOTHING, on my most recent Road trip. However, I'll recap some of my Baltimore highlights.

1. If you like crab, this is the place for you. Phillips Seafood located on the Harbor is a knockout! I strongly reccomend the Trio Crab Cake Combo.

2. Black folk are everywhere there. I have never seen a city in which there are SOOOOO MANY Black Proffesionals. It was like a twilight zone episode that went the way of absolute perfection.

3. Its cold as all get out there this time of year. I was at John Hopkins all week, and oh yeah that place averaged 32 degrees. Freezing...

4 This is the worst time to fly..I left the Marriort at 430 for a 7am flight, and BWI was rediculous.

Fam, I wanna take this time out , to say that I have welcomed over 200+ unique new visitors to the site, and for a guy who started doing tis as a way to express all the randomness in his head, that means alot to me. Its been a very busy year, and you guys have came back, even when there were times like this past week when Ive been to busy to type. I cant began to tell you all how much that means to me. Im gonig to bring more and more heat to the blog. and the moment my laptop is back up and running , expect me to continue my road show clowning as well.

Its ther Holidays, Tommorow, I plan on doing an OSF and maybe a surprise post . With that said Happy Holidays to all, I wish you peace and God Bless.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Picks, and The Steroid Aftermath,

I guess its about that time again fam to drop you all my NFL picks of the week...We got a minute before I get back into my college picks, bu dont worry, I'll break down all those sure fire a$$ Kickings soon...


Cin over SF

Im picking against SF the rest of the year

Ten over KC

Ten needs every single win they can find

Bal over Mia

This is Mia's only shot to win. Ray, Ed and Chris know that...Oh, and them catz from Mia on Bal always shine when the come home..

NE over NYJ

Snow is currently preventing this from becoming the blowout it should be..Nevertheless take the pats + the points...

Cle over Buf.

Cle is the new new team that no one expected to do anything.

Sea over Car

Whoever it is at QB for Car will not bold well against this D.

NO over ARI

When in doubt , chose the home team

TB over ATL

I could coach TB to a win over this sad bunch..Oh, and Bobby, good for you..I can promise you, if you were getting fired, all the people calling you out wouldnt be lining up to feed your family..

STL over GB

GB might get exposed in this one

PIT over JAC

PIT has to make someone pay for Pat embarrasment

IND over OAK

Peyton might not return to the game after the first in this one.

SD over DET

Phillip will look great vs. this secondary

Dal over Phi

Boy does TO love playin this bunch. Dont be surprised if he gets his eagle on a couple times in this game

NYG over WAS

Eli will win it in the forth is gettin old..expect a blowout

Min over Chi

AP needs redemption, who better then this sad group to rush for a grip against..

Day 2 of the Mitchell REPORT fallout and im still coming to grips with it all. Look, I wanna be clear to all of yall, if I was told, I could get a 100% Pay raise from my current salary, and all I had to do was take a pill, i'd jack you for your pills as I was chokin down mine. Just do me a favor be men about yours..Barry been gettin it from day one, and know that the bulb is on some of yall, its run and hide time..PULLLEAAZZZE.......
As im typin this, I just heard David Justice comeout, no lawer just him, and defend himself...Thats exactly what im talking about. Man up, dont hide . FP Santelo, big props to you for manning up ...

I dont wanna hear fomr attorney's, I want you out there defending your honor. Oh and if youre a member of the media..Give it up..We know yall dont wanna come down on Rocket, but he much like Barry is being acused and the smoking gun is about as absolute as one could have.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Roger Linked to Roids..Stand up For Barry Now..

My people..All my people..Today I ask that you call on your local sports radio, Sports Writers, Sports Reporters you name it to write there juciest, nastiest, straight from there gut article bashing Roger Clemens as the alleged Roided UP user he's been accused of being. It would only be fair to a certain 40 yr old smasher who set Baseball's homerun record this year and had all of that happen to him..

A simple Google of Barry Bonds will prove this..The time is now fam. The media has a way of buryin a story using the line "Im tired of hearing about this, or its old news" etc etc..However, the moment they can sink there teeth into one Barry Bonds, they all come of the top rope ready to crush him with there best shots. I want to see Rockets head on a pike right next to Barry's in the center of the Sports Time Square. He holds the alltime strikeout record, multiple winner of the cy-young award (the pitchers version of an MVP) and has world series rings he's earned while allegedly being under the inlfuence of the juice.

The judge and jury in the Court of Public Opinion have slammed the gavel on one Barry Bonds. I surely hope that when it comes to Mr. Clemens, the deliberation required to accuse this man of being a juicer last about as long as the flavor in a piece of Super Bubble..

Let the fire burn!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Annual Awards

Its that time of the Year Fam when ya boy Smooth starts handin out the Year end awards and recognizes the impact people phrases and causes that rocked the year 2007.

You know Ima come hard with Sports..I also plan to bring in the It Girl of the year, It Brutha, Guy who should retire, Girl who should just go away, and many many more...

As many of you know, I love watchin television. I have atleast 15 shows im watchin on a constant. Sadly ony 4 could be nomimated as my finalist, and only one could win out..

TV Show Nominees

1. The Wire

I dont know how to describe it, I'll just say this. Imagine a show that was so good, that you looked forward to the repeat of it. The Wire hit home hard if you grew in a rough city enviroment and saw it from a young age...

2. Dexter.

The guilty pleasure I get watchin this show should be illegal. A serial killer who works for the police force. Incredible.

3. Lost

Tie for Best season finale of last year. So we know Kate and the Doctor got off the island, but thats all we got. Shows shouldnt be allowed to tease you like that. There cliffhanger was nothing short of spectacular. Ripped up newspaper with an obit of a dead island member..And, the doc tryin to get back to the island..Tough TO BEAT..

4. Law and Order SVU

The other best finale, Luda came through and ripped them all to shreads..Not only that, he also got off b/c of it. Benson and Stabler were challenged all year, and some of the cases were jaw dropping..


The Wire...

I didnt chose Dexter, b/c I tivo and go back to it..I caught on to it late, and the Desperate Housewives gals were there first. I didnt chose SVU, b/c they came outta the gate slow this year. I didnt chose Lost, b/c there finale was evidently so good, that they decided to take the rest of 07 off..

I chose The Wire because that show is the TRUTH! Every character has the ability to take the show over and run with it. From the Crakhead who just wants a better life for his nephew, to the kid tryin to escape his momz shadow..Its all to the good fam..Its the best show on TV...January 6th can come fast enough.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Dont Ever bet against Floyd...Ever

A really good friend of mind who considers himself a pugilist analyst told me that the "SMART BET" was Ricky Hatton for the decision. He told me that when you look at the overall quality of work, you see 2 fighter's that on paper could be about as even as possible. Vegas will lean on Floyd, so if youre "SMART" you'll bet Hatton. No one will see it coming, Vegas is expecting the Floyd betters, and though there will be some from oversees rooting , and slamming down pounds for Hatton, buy and large the real money is with Floyd and a round.

You pick Hatton, youre golden. Period. Especially if you pick around. (Though Floyd has never hit the deck.) So my boxing buddy say's pick Hatton and the Decisison..I didnt do it fam. Largely because I didn plan on paying for the fight. The last 3 ppv's i've paid for did NOT hold up to expectaion. So I like many of you watched something else. My younger brother, who was at a fight party was to act as my offficial score keeper. ..He did a great job up until the KNOCKOUT.. Yep you guessed it, the KNOCKOUT..When I heard Hatton was kissing the canvas, it didnt come from my brother, it came from that budy who said "The smart Bet was to bet Hatton" ..Oh, and if youre wandering he BET 300 on Hatton. Cat was heated!!!! I was a little upest to, mostly b/c I didnt get to see it when it happened. Soon, my borther would call after the hype settled down from his fight party. It sounds like I missed a doozy!

I did learn a valuable lesson though, never ever bet against Floyd. I personally never have, and the 2 times I bet in his favor, he's cashed in to the tune of 3 free haricuts, and 100 bucks. My buddy who I ASKED to guess blog only had this to say " When everybody's betting for red, I always go the other way" . Dont get me wrong , when people bet that way, typically the payout is huge when it works. The problem is, there's a reason why the sure thing is well the sure thing. Theyt expect the suckers to bet more on the little guy. And that is where people like my bud in ____ get jobbed every time.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Sick as a Dog, But Here for you NFL and Random Thoughts

Peepz, I was so sick yesterday I couldnt even roll out of the bed. I dont know how to tell you the sickness that was in me, but I can tell you this much, it orignated in my kids daycare. I was told it was a Sinus (sic) Infection and these are common amongst kids and spread easily through them. Its when it gets to there parents is when you see the real problems. Fam, I love my son to death, but I wanted to makle him tap out for giving me this ish. I was useless yesterday.

Anyhow, Im a little better now. Well enough to go into a little random thought. I dont know if any of yall caugfht this story, but a 7 yr old little girld in Detroit Michigan, Alexia Parker, is my new hero. Get this, she took 7 shots in protection of her mom and is listed in stable condition. Apparently mommies exboyfriend decided he was tired of mommy, Alexia put her life on the line to ensure her mom would live. Incredible doesnt even begin to describe it. Im 29 and terrified of the concept of being shot. I will take a bullet for anyone in my family, but I cant tell you that at 7 I would still say the same. I may never meet Alexia, but if anyone of my Detroit people are reading this, let her know she has a big fan in San Antonio.

On to my NFL Picks..

Cin over Stl
On Turf Chad may have the Biggest numbers on Sunday

Tampa over Hou
Tampa Needs the Win. Hou cant play Spoiler. There to banged up

Dal over Detroit
Dal needs to shut up and play this game bad. Evidently Kitna said some "things" that were pointed at Brady james and Newman, now they want revenge.

Ten over SD
Its in Ten and they are pretty good at home. They crush the run and Phillip much like VY will be asked to beat you with his arm. Not good against this D.

Buff over Mia
I really want to go the other way on this one. But I did last week. I gotta beileve Buff doesnt want to be the 1 team that this team beats.

Jac over Car
Jac had the best running game out there. Garrard makes no mistakes and Car has under performed.

Sea over Ari
The Cardinals arent about to go into Seattle and win at one of the loudest places in the bizness.

Min over SF
No one wants to play Min. You'll see why come Sunday.

Cle over NYJ
This would be a trap game for CLE, but CLE needs to win to reamin eligible for the playoffs.

GB over Oak
If Brett starts or not, the D. of GB should hold the Raiders down

Den over KC
Den needs the win, and Herm cant beat this team.

Bal over Indy
Yep I called it. Bal over Indy. They are still fuming from Monday. Indy gets to feel the pain of that.

NO over ATL
Who cares , no one is going to watch, but fwiw, Chris Redman gets his chance.

BIG GAME of the Week
NE over Pit
NE played the game of there lives on Monday. They'll repeat that performance again. Pit loves to mix up the Blitz but that gaurentee is gonna kill them. The Pats are the WRONG team to guarentee anything on..Unless its a loss. (Remember the popcorn with TO..Thats all im sayin)

This is probably not safe for work, but this is my favorite hook from PIMP-C Ever..Sippin on some Sizzurp with his patna in crime Bun, wrecked. 3-6 Maffia I know had to be on some different ish when the reheard this track with James Jones and Bun on it.
Pimp has the very first verse and sets the tone for the entire track. Thats pretty much how he rolled. "I eat so much shrimp I got idine posinin"

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

RIP Pimp C

It pains to me to type to this one fam. Today it was discovered that Pimp-C was found Dead in a Hotel in Hollywood. Pimp along with his partner Bun-B combined to form one of the most gangsta groups from the south UGK.

Born Chad Butler, the Port Arthur native was an inspiration to many and his unique rap style and swagger have yet to be imitated. He's the Self Proclaim PIMP of the game and yall just in it..

Its gonna be tough to replace him. Pimp RIP......

Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Football Round Up

College Summary

I wanna take this time to Express my Compete FRUSTRATION with the BCS Program. I know this is me piling on, but its my blog and I gotta say what I feel.

First Your Championship Game

You missed on it Completly.

You Picked

LSU vs. Ohio St.

It should have been

Oklahoma vs. Georgia

Here's why, Oklahoma, BEAT the number 1 team on a Neutral field. Thats Not like Ohio St losing there #`1 Ranking on there homefield, or LSU loosing at HOME to Arkansas to close out there season. Georgia, is playing better then anybody right now, and the only reason they got jobbed was b/c they didnt win there bracket. Its about who's the best, and they are.

Secondly, How do you put Kansas in a BCS game when they lost to Mizzou, and Missou was ranked #1. There only losses are to 1 team, and that team is playing in a BCS Bowl.

Hawaii to the Sugar Bowl? Why not put them in the Fiesta? There Fans are alot mroe closer to AZ then NO. Also, as far as timezones go, the PST is alot more convienent then CST for Hi residents to watch the game.

I know, and everyone else does that its all about the LOOT. But if this season doenst tell you that a playoff is needed, then nothing will. I can make a case for USC, OKL, GA, LSU, OHST, Va Tech, and if you push me, A healthy Oregon Squad.. This is a joke. Yet the fat catz waltzing to the bank could care less if you laugh or not.

On to the Pros.

5. Uh, Bengal Fan, I hate to say it, but somebody either needs to be fired or let go at seasons end. You guys should be embarassed at the product you trot out there. All that talent, and youre LAST in your div. Dead EFFIN Last.

4. The Vikings are gonna sneak into the Playoffs and be that team NO ONE wants to see. Yes there one dimensional, but when you have to guys capable of running for 350 plus yards, you can afford to be that way. Just as long as your QB plays mistake free.

3. Titans fan, those are the games that you have to win. Good Job. Oh and to the Vince haters out there, did you catch the stat sheet? 247 passing 2TD's. Thats winner stuff when it counts, Yes his overall line is low, but please bare in mind that this is his SECOND yr in (and in the AFC no less) and his team is in the wildcard chase.

2. Cleveland Brown fan, controversy or not, you dont lose to the Cards. That game shouldnt have been close to begin with. If youre outside looking in, remember this game. It will sting.

1. Dolphin fan if youre out there, that just might do it. Im not sayin yall might not win another, b/c Buff help yall out, but wow, you needed to beat the Jets. You just had to. That loss was killer. If you go 0-16, will the boys fom 72 pop the bubbly? I mean its kinda the same thing right?

Finally, Redskin Brass, that was a very Classy Move. I didnt see it coming. EVIDENTLY, neither did Coach Gibbs. All that aside, even though you loss, its nice to see that you guys gave him props. I'll miss him, as a player, and I know you guys will miss him that much more.