Friday, June 29, 2007

Brandy and Monica OSF The Boy is mine

I chose this in honor of the NBA Draft. ..Oh by the way, Theres no question he shouldve went with Monica..

NBA Draft Wrap Up..Lets Party!

Well whoever tells you that last night wasnt fun doesnt know anything about the NBA draft. Unlike football, its shorter, more trades are made, and THE ENTIRE DRAFT from start to finish is done in one night.

First Let me go into Last Nights Winners from 1-4.

1. Golden St. Warriors. You get Brendan Wright for Jason Richardson. Brendan Gives you an Athletic Big who can run and Shoot. By gollie thats was all they were missing. Dont get me wrong they'll miss J. Rich, but Stephen Jackson and Al Harrington arguably play the same position just as well.

2. Seattle Sonics. Two of the top 5 players in the draft = future. This is was probably the best draft of the night. You essentially Drafted a Jordan and a Scottie. You lost Ray Allen, but his point production will be matched , or topped by Durant. In 5 yrs, this team will be making noise.

3. NY Knicks. If for nothing else, they got to dump Steve Francis's Contract. That in and of itself is enough. But they got Zach Randolph to help Eddie Curry. Now all they gotta do is keep Zach out of the Scrip Clubs.. Last I checked NY had a couple of 'em ..

4. Portland Trailblazers.. Say it with me, Jarrett Jack Brandon Roy, and now Greg Oden. This people is what we called young and hot. Not to mention you bring in Channing Frye. This starting 5, if they keep it together, will do damage in 5 yrs tops as well. Not to mention they have Martell Webster coming off the bench.

My Losers.

1. Boston Celtics.. Will Ray Allen Help You ..YES.. Will he and Paul Pierce together make a difference?? No..Here's why, both are volume shooters who CANT get others involved. Hence the reason both have by and large been on teams that have focused on there individual talent. Denver suffers from this as well. I do know this, they just made Big Baby and Al Jefferson the Leading rebounders in the NBA.

2. Houston Rockets. Josh Mc Roberts, Glen Big Baby Davis, Chris Richard. Tiago Splitti, and Nick Fazekas were all on the board, and at least 2 of these catz could start at Power Forward, yet the Rockets went with Aaron Brooks, a Point Guard out of Oregon (another guy I had the privy of watching alot of.) He's ok, but you already had 5 point guards on roster, with 2 other guys Mike James and Luther Head. If they cant trade its gonna be a long year for this bunch.

3. Atlanta Hawks. I love Al Horford, However, Mike Conley should got picked 3rd. I know you had Acie Law rated just as good, but he's not. Now with Horford, you have him Shelden Williams, and Josh Smith jockin for Playing Time.. At 11, had they chose Conley at 3, I would have taken Sean Willams.

4. Dallas Mavericks.. You dont pick in the entire 1st round, and thats ok, b/c youre pretty set, but could use a rebounding banger to help Dirk. So what do you do, you go and draft a Dirk clone. This guy will never get in. He's Austin Croshere at his best.
Shots in the Dark..
Chi, Noah is a winner, its essentially all Scott Skiles Drafts... He'll prove pivotal when your playing Detroit in the Eastern Conference Finals Next Year. ..Detroit, big Homey Stuckey should stay in Chauncey's Back pocket. If he does that, you guys are gonna have a stud 6th man. Mia, dont mees around Start Dequan Cook asap. Oh yeah, if you got this far, San Antonio is still the favorite for next year.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

NBA Trade Update

Brandon Wright to Golden St
for Jason Richardson to Charlotte..

This just made GS a lil scary..An athletic big who can run and score..Man if he learns how to rebound..ooooh..From The Bobcats perspective, provided J-Rich stays the course, He's gonna make them competitve in the East...He's probably the best unknown player out there..
The Rockets have 5 point guards on the Roster..Skip, Brooks, JL3, Luther, and V Span. Pathetic...

23-30 NBA Draft

23rd Knicks are up Zeke should take a 2 but ya never know....Spike Lee nailed it..Wilson Chandler De paul 6'8 rebounder and low post scorer.....Strong, but needs to work on the J.

24th. PHX..This should be Steve's replacement..But, with Amare's name being tossed out there, its a crapshoot..Breaking News Portland just purchased this pick..Portland aint playin around yall..Rudy Fernandez G. Spain..I know nothing of him..sounds like he might
not get to play there anytime soon.

25th Utah OTC..Almond trust me..Almond..they better get a shooter here..its all theyre missing..Steven A doesnt like Okhur..I dont either...Finally I got one right! This is a steal..
This brutha can fill it up..If he can have some patience while shooting, watch out..

26th H-town..This SHOULD BE Josh Mc Roberts..Adleman coaches a motion offense, and so does Coach K...He plays 4 , the rockets need a 4.. If they take Fazekas, i'll be sick.
I hate Duke, but this kid fits in this system perfectly..Aaron Brooks PG ORE...WTF????
Man what is going on with my city?? Didnt we get Mike James..We better be trading Skip..Im heated, but BGO is at the plate now...What a dumb move htown..

BGO GOT IT!!!!!!!! 3000 HITS....How the rocketstank there season in the process.
Now I can finall stop watching baseball...

27th Detroit OTC Aaron Afflalo UCLA..Cant shoot like a 2, but can defend..

Back to the Rockets..What the Hell?? Aaron Brooks PG ORE is solid, and can shoot, but c'mon this should have been a PF..Chuck Hayes..Chuck F*ckin Hayes..He musta had a great offseason thus far..Im gettin a beer...Where is this kid going to find minutes??

28th Bexar County Boys..aka the Champs aka San Antonio..Some tall lanky hustle guy to replace Quierto..If its Big Baby, its over...Put it on the board Championship..It wasnt, it was a 7'0 Quierto replacement as i predicted...Tiago Splaetti (SP)

Biggio's Night just got pissed on..The bully just gave up a 2 run homer....Classic
Houston is no longer a credible sports city! And now the boo birds are out in Houston..

29th PHX just took Alondo Tucker from Wisconsin..Perfect pick..Another kid i love..Tough 1/2 who will scrap and run. Steve just got someone else to throw the alley oop to.

30 Motown Phi..I suspect Big Baby, but you never know..And I didnt..Petteri Koponen Finland..And his people got crunk!

Im not doing the second round But dont worry i'll be doing a summary wrap up tonight..Draft grades winners losers you name it...

18-22 NBA Draft

18TH GS OTC..As long as he's tall and can rebound its a win..Think Col. Big man..Once again im wrong..This is Marco Belinelli SG Italy..I know nothing about him..I just hope he can shoot..I see alot of Manu in him...Nellie loves euro's.

19th Kobe's Team ..I know one thing, It wont be another big man..Bynum is the future.
I suspect this will be a 4..Wrong Again,,This Sucks..Javaris Crittenton G tech..This is and interesting pick. Why JC..You took Farmar last year, and Smush gets decent minutes.. I cant wait for the next Kobe video

20th Shaq and D-wade are next..This needs to be some guard who can compliment D-Wade..Prob is, most of the good ones are gone..EXCEPT Almond from Rice..Once again Im wrong..Jason Smith Colorado..Can you say were building for life without Shaq..
I like this kid. Hes tough, and can grab boards..Not the best scorer, but can finish in the paint..Shaq will serve as a great mentor..

Biggio Just got 2999..I think its suspect... Grey is grilling Mitch and, he just said no one is safe..Could Kobe be on the move? Jesus what would you get in return..Stevens killin the Buss Fam.

21st. Motown Philly Back Again. Dequan Cook Ohio St..Breaking News this is a traded pick..Dequan's going to Mia..Is he going to be Dwades Compliment..I dont think so, but he can learn alot from Posey.. Smith going to Philly is solid..They got there rebounder.
He gonna bring some heart to that post..

22nd MJ's Bobcats are Back ..Who knows ..I'll throw Almonds name out there though..Best pure shooter left..Jared Dudley BC proved me wrong again..Thats ok though..I like this kid. He can shoot, score from anywhere and is more athletic then given credit for. He lacks hieght for the 4, but with Wright and Okafor, thats ok..He'll push Larry Bird Jr. For minutes..

15-17 NBA Draft

15th Detroit OTC..Later post due to me getting Dinner..This should have been Shawn Williams ..They need youth in the Front court..It wasnt..They took Rodney Stuckey G Eastern Washington..I seen this cat in High School. He can score..When he comes off that Detroit bench, he's gonna give alot of headaches..There comparing him to D-wade, but i say Chauncey..Yall gone love this kid..

16TH Wash otc..This should be the big man from Colorado..And it wasnt. They took Nick Young SG from USC..Where will he get minutes?? Caron Butler and Gilbert Arenas occupy his spot on the court..And, both rarely pass, or leave the floor..Steven A agrees with me...

BREAKING NEWS...Knicks trade STEVE FRANCIS AND CHANNING FRYE TRADED TO PORTLAND FOR Zach Randolph Dan Dickau and Fred Jones...Oh My! Steve will play with another young big man.. Solid Trade for the Knicks..Randolph and Curry will be great together..Steven A is in rare form now! Knicks fans are standin up, and Jigga is gonna write a rap about Zach

17TH THE nETS TAKE SHAWN WILLIAMS sleeper on Realpeeplz board..This kid got penalized for smokin weed.He is the only other guy on this board who allows me to use the term monster.. Jason finally got Kenyon Martin Back..But in his prime

8-14 NBA

8th Bobcats on the clock..MJ Must be nervous..Brendan Wright UNC..hmm, Michael Jordan selects a UNC Guy..Breakdown, this kid can be the best player in this draft if he figures it out..He long can score and defend..He is skinny for his 6 10 frame, so he's gonna have to bulk up...

9th Chicago Bulls OTC..Way to go Zeke..Spike looks kinda heated right now..This may be traded..If not, watch for Spencer Hawes.. Id take Noah.. Current pick is Joakim Noah..E over at bgdboom will love this! People forget, this kid woudlve went #1 or 2 overall last year..he can play the low post well, intense, and hates to lose..Once he works on the inside jumper, he'll be a serious threat..Flipped over to the news to see Noah get his Ass kissed by Dicky V..apology is needed

10th Sactown OTC Spencer Hawes Wash..I had the privy. of watching him in college and in High School..Teammate of Martell Webster, decent in the paint, but not a rebounder..Not a shot blocker..But very skilled..Hopefully this will make up for his lack of rebounding..As a 7fter, it better..

11th ATL this had better be ACIE LAW! ...No Questions Asked...You already passed on Conley for Horford..Now, get someone who can get him the ball..My boy Gip ,and Cousin Ric (the one I annually give money to) are both heated Conley got skipped..Acie Law Texas A&M It is.
Depending on who you ask, he's a better prospect. When I see him Im think Cuttino Mobley...I dont think Atl is trading tonight..Sorry ATL fans no Amari

12th Philly OTC..This should be fun...No more Iverson..No C-Webb.. This team needs a savior in the worst way. Kermie is reporting they wanted Yi. This should be Shawn Williams out of BC, but weed is a helluva drug..The Pick Thaddeus Young Georgia Tech.
BOOO..Why get a 2/3 guy..You needed a big. he's a scorer, but needs to improve rebounding.

Biggio just got 2998...

13th NO Hornets are OTC ..Im going to assume this is Nick Young Guard USC..It has to be..A confirmed 2 who can score..This team needs that ..I was wrong..Its Julian Wright F Kansas..Im iffy about him..My brother says this guy is the sleeper of the Draft..He can slash and run, but needs to work on his shot..

14th Clip Joint OTC this should be Javaris Crintenton (sp) Georgia Tech PG..Sams getting older, and i dont even want to talk about the injury..I hope ESPN doesn show it..It still makes me squeamish..They clowin Mr. Cheeze doodle now...and he's loving it...Once again , Im wrong..Al Thorton Fl St. . Al will bring a certain type of athleticism this team needs..He can come in and slash, dunk, and shoot from the perimeter. Id like to see him work on his defense..
Thats the lottery

15-20 next

3 -7 Nba Draft.

If another trade happens, I'll be posting early to update it..

In the Durant pick I meant to say read below..

3rd Atlanta Should Take Conley...BUT, they took Al Horford Instead...My spidy sense is telling me some ATL CATS are gonna burn that Sum' bitch down tonight..Mike Conley is Tony Parker..Al Horford, was picked to erase the Shleden Williams taste out of there mouths...
Catz a solid player..check my blog, I love him, I just think he isnt a better prospect then Conley..
Al, welcome to the log jam...

4th Memphis selects Mike Conley..Finally Pau Gasol has some help..In my mind, he is going to be very special..

5th Seattle via Boston select Jeff Green Georgetown..The Poormans Scottie Pippen. He's Mr Intangible..Solid Safe pick Can pass, knock down perimeter shots and play 40+ minutes nightly. Durant has his Scottie for years to come..

6th Milwaulkee..Can you say cotroversy?? If this is YI I can..His people want nothing to do with Packerland..Confirmed..Yi-Jianlian China..Now heres my problem, dont you have Bogut there? Whats with this front office?? No faith in the Americans..Offensivly skilled, but Stamina will be an issue.
ESPN is killing the Eli Manning esk controversy

7th You heard it hear 1st. If this is a Big Man, KG will be gone..BTW, It should be Noah. Steven A. makes his voice heard..KG avg. 22 and 12..damn..beastly...Twolves select
Cory Brewer, Florida..KG isnt going anywhere..The best defensive player in the draft..Cory can check 1-4 on the court..He's very athletic, and can finish..Him, KG, and Foye are a playoff team.

More to come


Tonght If it happens, youll see it in my blog..I'll break down every trade and pick as best I know how..So for my peepz with that said Lets get down to it...

1st Portland Selects Greg Oden Center Ohio St.
Peepz this is a SAFE and Solid pick..Greg Oden is monsterous..The kinda guy you can build around for the next 13 yrs..

2nd Seattle Selects Kevin Durant Forward Texas...See the above post snd come back when done...Ok done, now with that said, if the trade rumors are true he now becomes your center piece. TRADE MADE...RAY ALLEN TO THE CELTICS FOR Delonte West Wally Zcir. and 5TH
Overall pick..WOW...Now if number 5 is Brendan Wright...In 5 yrs, this will be the deadliest young team in the biz

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Call Me crazy , but If I Ran Portland..Id take Durant!

I already know what yall thinking..Smooth remember when you typed this , and in it you said that Oden was "beastly and dominated catz who will probably be lottery picks." This is true, and I stand by all of it, HOWEVER, Kevin Durant is ready now..Hold me to this, he'll be if Rashard Lewis is traded like many expect, Durant will average 18 and 9 as a rookie..People, thats monsterous as a rookie...

My case For Durant

Offensively ready for the NBA..Has all the tools you could want..Long, athletic, can play with his back to the basket, can defend on the perimeter as well as in the paint, is unselfish and tries can play 40+ minutes nightly if need be..On defense, he can block shots, rebound, and guard athletes who he may give up 4 inches to on either side..

Needs to bulk up..Not very strong, and should work on his handles..There ok but I wouldnt trust him bringing it up court vs. NBA Guards...

NBA Comparison
At His Best: Tracy Mc Grady
If he were Average: Tayshawn Prince
At his worst: James Posey

All Star Potential 10 based on a 1-10 scale..

Case For Greg Oden

Pure 7ft Drop step prospect that comes around Once maybe twice every 10 yrs...Following along the lines of Amare Stoudamire, Josh Howard, and Tim Duncan, Greg will be expected wherever he goes to be a Paint Established Monster..He's unstoppable in the NBA CIRCLE area, has great hands and is a rebound machine. Against top level talent he always brings his A game and he is probably the best shot blocker to come around since Theo Ratliff.. If he works on his offense, wherever he plays there will be Championship Banners within 5 yrs..I guarantee it..Great NBA Body.

His wrist is very iffy..He hasnt played at 100% since his senior year in High School. He desperately needs to work on his 8ft. jumper. I consider him very fresh on offense. He'll find out quick in the NBA that he's not the BMOC..(Big Man On Campus)

NBA Comparison
At his Best: Tim Duncan
If he were Avg: Emeka Okafor
At his Worst: Eddy Curry

All Star Potential 8 based on a 10 point scale..

Greg is going into a position that by design doesnt require lots of touches offensively in order to be effective..But in this NBA where more and more offenses are going to a run and gun mentality, he's gonna have to be on a horse. Especially in the West.

Kevin can create his own shot, and run for days. He would be a perfect base to build around, or if in Seattle , he can serve as the Scottie Ray Allen could have to take the pressure off..

In the end I'd take Kevin Durant..While I believe BOTH will have great NBA careers, Kevin just has all the tools to be something very special

BET Awards Recap

For fist time readers I rate most everything on a 10 point scale...1 = trash 10 =high quality
I just wanna say this before I start, Im of the opinion that BET has been on probably one of the worst declines in TV history..Shows Like Teen Summit, Comic View and Cousin Jeff's Chronicles are what made that channel, and now its not like they dont even exist..You dont have to compete with MTV, there programming isnt whats hot..Originality is..

Enough Soap Boxing..

Performance Rating

Jennifer Hudson and Holliday6
BET's heart was in the right place but I think something was wrong with the acoustics b/c throughout the night the performances sounded like this one..Hollow, and very echoey ( e-word)

Monique Overall 5
She's playin the same card a little to much..Im sorry, but the Beyonce thing this year wasnt near as a shocker it was 2 yrs ago..To steal a quote from Nick Cannon You gotta keep it fresh and not get stagnant..I wouldve have like to see BET play on her comedic abilities, but nope, they played the inspirational card and I think that IT ultimately set the tone for a very bland night.Next year Bring Ced, or Bernie...No more Monique

Performance was very energetic, and one of the only people who performed tonight I could actually understand. He humbled himself when accepting his award, and he showed that he is currently whats hot right now..The only problem I had with his performance was not enough crowd interaction..Maybe its from concerts when I was a kid, but I always thought that the more the artist connected with the crowd the better the performance...

Beyonce/Monique 5
..Beyonce should have song I
rreplaceable..Its the Single womens, and tired wifey's anthem. Not to mention its pasrt of a signature of songs she specializes at. Period..Inviting Monique up on stage to sing/dance with you only made this worse...Outfit was ok, but I was looking for so much more from her.. Once again, I couldnt here much of Beyonce's performance, it sounded hollow as well...

Kelly Rowland/EVE 7
They actually didnt sound that bad, I wasnt blown away, but Kelly is a great dancer, and her and Eve connected really well on stage..

Levert/Gladys Knight/Yolanda Adams/Patti Labelle 9
Arguably one of the best performance of the night..What a tribute...I think Gerald was smiling in heaven at the end of there performances..

T-Pain 6
What the hell, 1 minute ..Maybe..Dont tease us like that.. Be glad you whats hot right now..

Robin Thicke 5
Another one who suffered from acoustic malfunction problems.He sounded bad..The only saving grace was him trying to dance..BTW, Has anyone ever seen him and Timberlake EVER in the same room at the same time..Serious Question..Those 2 look to much alike..

Diddy Kiesha Cole 6
Didnt blow me away, but they wern't near as bad as some others

Neyo and Fab 5
Another Acoustic disaster..Plus im not a big fan of this song

50 Cent 3
Probably the Worst Performance of The Night..I was not feeling him at all..You sing the hook , then for about a minute maybe 3 , the beat just roles as you walk the crowd looking as if youre trying to find G-Unit..Then after this you go back to your hook, rap A verse and thats it...Big props to Vitamin Water

You will NEVER hear about me badmouthing these two ever..Erykah was lookin great and sounding great, Stevie needs no mention..It was Stevie a usual..

Ciara 10..
Energy- Check, Crowd Hype -Check, Explosiveness and Dancing Double Check..This was the best of the night..It for those who watched will be the water cooler conversation..Part of me thinks she was looking at Beyonce at the end of the song when she walked away with the following thought in her head "I just wrecked it, and in time, i'll be taking your spot"

Public Enemy 6
They Tried, But Flav didnt do it for me..He's been overexposed, so to see him wrapping about fight the power doesn't seem right..


Best Actress
Jennifer Hudson No Complaints..

Best Actor
Forrest Whittaker eh.....I'll say this, Will has nothing to be ashamed about...But, he got jobbed at the Academies, and it seems as if he was a casualty here as well

Female Artist
Beyonce Again No Complaints

Male R&B Artist
NEYO...Akon got Jobbed here, but BET cant show solidarity to him..I think this is BS, because he's a fine singer, and you hear him all over the place..To bad to b/c he deserved to win

Breakthrough Artist
JenniferHudson..Corin Bailey Rae got jobbed here..I get the acting awards for J-Hud, but I haven't heard one radio song that could hold a note to Girl put your Record On..Update, I haventr heard one song b/c she doesnt have one..She even admits she doesnt have anything out and was surprised she won...Way to go BET....

Best Colab
Luda and Mary No Complaints

Best Hip Hop
TI No complaint, But I would have liked to seen Chamillionaire nomiated

Gnarls Barkley No complaints

Video Of the Year
Beyonce Irreplaceable..Yeah this might win at the white peoples shows also

BET Choice Award
Lil Weezy..Shocker only b/c this dance crazed catch phrase era didnt pick DJ UNK..

Peepz, I dont want to come off as negative, but this wasnt a very good show at all..I would have liked to have seen Rhianna perform Umbrella, Beyonce sing Irreplaceable, T-Pain go through about a 5 minute set, and at the very least have Chris Brown do something..Now, the show ended with Al Sharpton..I kept waiting and waiting, and no mention of Genarlow...Black people, if this man still speaks for you, then I dont what to tell you at this point..

Back to the Show..Overall..5..My advice to BET, go with what works. Get Chris Tucker or the Wayan Brothers....Monique had her run..Hell, pull a rabbit out of your hat hunt down Dave Chappelle..But, peepz this was not repeat worthy. Oh yeah I almost forgot, those fan things were god awful...The only one even worth mentinoning was the lil kid dancing and rapping with his dad.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


New segment for my readers...Each week, I find some clip, some article , are just the stupidest joke out there designed at making you have a little laugh...Today's is the F#ck* Yo Couch Remix Someone forwarded to me last night.. As a fan of the Remix, I gotta admit, I like this one.. Enjoy!

Buy Another one You Rich Mutha F #ck*------Rick James

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pet Peeve Of Mine..Corner Dweller/Loiterers...

So today I went to fill up my tire and im approached by a brotha right outside of my truck about if I have spare change..My simple response was "no, I just have enough for gas and air for my tires"..This wasnt good enough for him, apparently, b/c I was short on change, this made me a "SELLOUT". Now you'd think this was an isolated incident, and I should let it go, but no, this isnt the first time Ive heard this from the likes of Loiterers..Is there something i'm missing? Does me not having change make me a bad person?

I say no. I wanted to ask the young brotha, what it was that put him in this position to be asking fellow Men for money..Dwell on that if you will, a GROWN ASS MAN, asking another GROWN ASS MAN not FAMILY, for money.. I cant think of anything worse then that...If its a homeboy in a pinch, I can somewhat understand, and even then it takes alot of pride to just straight up and ask for it..Nope im talking about puttin it all out there, 18-35 yr old, hitting you with the Quote heard from block to block 7-11 to Shamrock all across the country, "Hey man I need a lil' change for some food for my fam.." Part of me thinks being overseas, and in the Northwest spoiled me.. In those places, the corner dwellers will atleast hold up a sign saying the jobs they'll do to get your spare change.. The brotha I encountered today was just selling negativity for your dime.

Im through with these cats personally...Now to avoid conflict, I'll just drive away. Am I wrong for thinkning this way??

Friday, June 22, 2007

Old Skool Friday KP & ENVYI Shorty Swing My Way..

Fla Stand up! I get told I dont rep this state enough.......

Thursday, June 21, 2007

If I ran the NBA!

Well, peepz, I told yall, i f i go bored enough and Sat down I'd do a complete Overhaul of the NBA to include Playoffs Formats, Game Schedules, and most importantly Conference Rescheduling.


This years playoffs were probably the most unwatchable, Ive ever seen in my 20 + yrs of watching Basketball (including archived games Ive watched)..After Golden State and Dallas, the only "WATCHABLE" games left were San Antonio vs. Phoenix, and we only stomached those because they were riddled with controversy...The current format is to lengthy, has far to many teams (16 thats a little over half the league) and requires nearly 2 months to finish it. By the way, it serves as the longest running regular season of the big 3 ..

My first change would be to shorten the season. 82 games stretched across 6 months is torture. Id shrink 82 to 52 and 6 months to 4 . This allows for each team to play each other at leas once in the season, and allow for games against rivals and conference/divisional foes..My breakdown is as follows:

25 Games Against Everyone in the NBA not in your division (annual flip flop of home scheduling)
10 against divisional rivalries
10 additional games against the remaining teams of the conference
05 Games against an additional Opposing conference foe
02 Star Laced Rival Games..Ie Lebron vs. Carmelo or Kobe vs Shaq.

By limiting how much you can see the star from a another team it keeps the fan wanting more..Ie, if youre not scheduled to see Lebron in 08, you know he's gonna come to your city in 09 so that would increase ticket sales that night..

My Second Change to the Current Format would be to Re-organize the NBA's current Conferences..Did you know, the NBA is the only one of the Big-3 who divides the Conference by East and West. Its really limiting. Baseball and Football know this, thus they made conferences not based on location, but by expansion. My new conference plans for the NBA would look like this:

National Basketball Conference
New York

Houston 4

LA Lakers
Golden State

American Basketball Conference
New Jersey

New Orleans

La Clippers
San Antonio4

At First Glance, I realize the ABC Southern conference is bad, but in its defense, its no more worse then the Atlantic Division is now of the current format. This schedule would allow for better quality games and more exposure of the NBA's talent. Rather then have all your best talent on one side of the Basketball Globe, it would be spread out equally and it would pave the way for better playoff matchups.

Playoff format, now this is where it gets tricky..Instead of the old 16 teams duke it out format, we take from Baseball's structure. Each Divisional winner gets in, and one wildcard team.
The highest seeded Team would face the wildcard,((unless wildcard is in its division then it would face the lowest divisional winner) and the 2 divisional winners would pair off.

Example: Using my structure the teams highlighted in Yellow all won there Divisions and the Red teams are the wildcards it would look something like this:

Round 1 NBC
2Chicago Vs 4Houston
1Dallas Vs. 3Utah
Best OF 5 Series

Round 1 ABC
1Phoenix Vs. 3Orlando
4San Antonio Vs. 2Detroit
Best of 5 Series

Round 2 Conference Championships
1Phoenix Vs. 2Detroit
1Dallas Vs. 2Chicago
Best of Seven

NBA Championship
Dallas Vs. Phoenix
Best Of Seven

The entire Playoff Process would not last longer then 6 weeks total. If you'll notice, the teams with the best records in the NBA this season ended up in the Finals playing the best teams possible along the way. Now with everything in life, there will be problems with this, IE the younger talent not making it to the playoffs. This in my opinion would make front office guys do a better job evaluating talent, and place a stronger emphasis on free agent signing and drafting. Before its asked, I actually like the NBA Draft process, its a lottery, so even though dogging it gets you more balls, its not guarenteed you'll win.

Your Thoughts....

Lil Bush

I know after Dave Chappelle left many of us decided that Comedy Central had its run, but someone over there had the ingenious idea to come up with a Cartoon Show about the days and times of Lil' George Bush... Its probably, one of the funniest shows you'll see on TV..Lil W, is a little tyrant dummy..Now, because Viacom owns the rights to Comedy Central, and they pretty much shutdown anything that gets reproduced without there consent I wont provide a youtube link, but for those interested you can see clips from the show at Lil Bush ...Trust me, you ll laugh...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mom Of The Year Candidate /Mom Contracts Daughter to Boyfriend while Recovering From Surgery

Yep, You read the titile correct..A Muskegon Hieghts Michigan mom was sentenced to 12 and a half to 22 yrs in prison for writing a Sex Contract that would allow for her 37 yr old boy friend to have sex with her 15 yr old daughter while she recouped from abdominal surgery..

Where i'd ususally have a quirky one liner to follow this story, I think im going to let this one just marinate and let the comments if any speak for themselves.... But, for the record, sometimes I think they dont build jail cells low enough..

Contract With Daughter Story

Beyonce Who?? Brick and Lace Never Never

For the Fellas! Damn a Beyonce..Watchin trhem make a Nicka wanna do some situps..At about the 3:20-3:45 mark you'll see

Memba Deebo!

King of the One Hittah's and probably the one cat who could take the Chain yo Grandmamma gave you and leave you in utter silence... Deebo didnt just run the block, he owned it..Case in point, A couple of fella's were rollin dice with Deebo, he lost, and when the dude that beat Deebo got all braggadocios about it, one quick glare for Deebo's direction , and just like that, he was giving Deebo his cash..

Deebo was also known for being somewhat of a stickup kid.. This was displayed when he convinced one of his neighbors to jump inside a dudes crib raid it with him, and he. DEEBO, would keep all of the earnings...Deebo's only weakness, is his jaw, for a shot square in the middle of it will render him useless..Its a certified guarantee.

But, this isnt the time, to relish over Deebo's inability to close in the clutch, rahter, lets celebrate Deebo's probably best bullying feat...

DJ Pooh decided he would ask for his Bike back, in front of the fella's no less and Deebo decided he wasnt having any of that..Rather ten talk it out with Pooh, Deebo one hits him and lays him out over the concrete..Later in the Day Pooh brings his father over to handle the situation, his dad steps out quickly eyes Deebo and decides agains conflict....

Smart Move pops...

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pacman Should Make ME his Agent

Yall hear me out on this one....While on the phone with my boy GIP yesterday, it hit me, if Pacman hired me as his agent all of his off the field woes would be taken away much like calgon for the A-typical Housewife....

Hears my resume, Im World Traveled, Big, Smart and I keep a mental Road Map of every place I have ever been... So instead of you seeing Pacman in local clubs with his boys Thuggin it up, Id have him in Sydney,Aus on Kings Cross..(look it up) My boy GIP is GREAT with money, so he can serve as his financial adviser, and this my peepz is how we can keep Pacman out of trouble and on the playing field, move him...

My first official move if Pacman hired me would be to fire his entire Entourage.. Id sit each one of those cats down one, by one and give them 250 dollars to be through with Adam.. Before yall laugh at my dollar amount, go to the hood, and offer the first Corner Dweller you see 250 dollars to do anything, and watch how fast it gets accomplished.. To the ignorant minded thats Big-I-CAN-FLIP-THIS-INTO-500-DOLLAR-Money..Trust me Ive tested this theory...

The second thing i'd do is get Adam a passport. From there, i'd advice GIP to freeze all of Pacmans assets, and put him on an allowance of no more then 3k a month..This should cover ,food, clothes, security and the occasional Tropical Storm he wants to throw in your local Stripping Establishment....

From there, Each Month, i'd have Pacman, going from random country to country maintaining a low profile , and sight seeing..All this while spending ZERO time in the USA...Its my honest belief, that Adam Pacman Jones could find trouble in North Dakota, so b/c I feel this way, Id do my best to keep him away from all that may de terr him...

After the year was over, and he got re-instated, I'd move Jim Brown in with Pacman (or hire him as his consultant) to keep on him and teach him how to invest his money into helping his boys in the hood vice enabling them....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Austin Party Like a Rockstar

Ive been to alot of places to party fam...ALOT, and im just gone come out and say it now, Austin shocked the HELL outta me..This past Friday, wifey, me and some friends went up to the States Capital to have some grownfolk fun, and let my testimony confirm, that that place, is indeed a party town...

At some point while on 8th there had to be a stretch of like 20 bars on either side of the street..

And this WASNT including the grown and sexy Over 25 to get in Jazz side... People, if you ever in Texas, take it from a cat who considers himself somewhat of an authority on the state, book a trip to the Capital...TRUST ME on this....Bring some slacks fellas, cuz the grown and sexy side is no blue jeans, and ladies, just come ready to have fun....

For my straight up partiers, the 21 to get in spots were just as good to, we hit a majority of those spots, and it wasnt as young as I expected...UT does infact run the city, so with that said, there are co-eds and those teaching co-eds a plenty out there......

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Be a Father to our People....Sisters and Brothers Read

For my dads out there Happy Fathers Day..We labor in the one job that is constantly under attack by negative influences, teen aged hormones, gang warfare, you name it..And I think, as a father you have to constantly be a positive role model for your kid b/c its so easy for the youth of the world to get lost into the cycle of all that is bad, and forget that they themselves have the ability to do something good, and make a positive contribution to society.

For my non fathers out there, here's the real challenge, if you have the free time, go out there and be a big brother to someone out there who does not have a Father Figure in there home or community.

As a black male, growing up without a male influence for the first 13 years of my life, it was tough. For, the better part of my youth we spent it an neighborhoods surrounded by similar unfathered homes like mine where the only male images around us were those of Drug Dealers with there Lexuses, Corner Dwellers looking to hustle, and Pimps using women as there slaves...My mother worked , and went to school, so she'd have my grandmother help in the remainder of the evenings so we weren't constantly around those who could lead us astray. But this, wasnt the case for all on the block..If I had a dollar every one of my homeboy's who would tell me that at the age of 10 they were out on the streets hanging out until 2 and 3 am I wouldnt have to work for a month...As many of those kids grew up, I would notice how some would start skipping school, the ones that did go didnt stay long, and most if not all of them got into the drug life early...Now, of those friends, I made and lost if I had to give you a round a number , id say about 12 orso are in prison, at least 3 or dead to my knowledge, and 1 is actually working and supporting his kid full time with his wife.

This is our dilemma.

Ive asked that both sisters and brothers read this b/c I feel that the time of relying on Mom to be both Mom and Dad are behind us. Yes women are more then capable of pulling off both roles, and theres something in there DNA that gives them the strength to move mountains with there mind, but its time for our men to step up and give these women that over the years they are far deserving of.

To My Ladies Raising Men.

S.I.T.D.O.W.N. With Your Son

Stay on them..Be that constant ringing in his ear that keeps him motivated.
Inform them they can be more then Rappers and athletes.
Teach your Son that the easy way, isnt always the best way
De terr them from negative influences that distract from your parenting.
Offer alternatives to negative images you dont want your son exposed to.
Win the battle against the stereotypes...Show your son positive role models
Never Give Up on Them. . Once you lose faith in your son, and he knows it, youve lost him.

To my Fellow Fathers out there NOT with there kids.

Continue to be an impact on your child. Just b/c you are paying the Court Ordered Child Support doesnt mean that youre fufilling your obligations as a dad. Your sons need that person they can emulate in life and your daughters need that person around who can inform them of the ways of men. Make the most of every time youre with your child. If its just on the weekends, make those weekends special..You dont have to brake the bank, simple things like movie night, or game night will easily suffice. Bottom line let your kid know that you care.

I can say that in my life I was blessed with a Positive male figure when my mom married her now husband of 16 yrs. He didnt have an easy road.. A woman with 2 teenage boys who were set in there ways took alot of adjusting to..There were battles, and there were disagreements, but in the end, he taught me and my brother about life, and how to be men. I take alot of what he taught me and teach my son with it now...

Thats my view from a fathers standpoint talking about dads...For those who read thanks, and I hope I earned another reader....

Friday, June 15, 2007

Houston, You Have a Problem

Dear Byron Houston ,

Its ya boy E, man if you get this, I just want to inform you of these new places have out there call Strip Clubs..See in some of them, if you pay enough you can gladly go into what they call the V.I.P. and "process your meat" quietly with a lovely female without the annoyance of cars, pedestrians and oh, i dunno ,the local law enforcement whizzing buy you own the highway.. Bruh its never cool to get caught giving yourself a penile massage especially out in the open..Atleast have some pride and keep ya shoes on...Where you trying to set the ambiance with undies down and shoes off in your whip ??? Bruh thats just nasty.. What if one of ya boys wanna borrow the whip one day and they sit in the aftermath of one of your excursions to the local apartment complex??

Thats not cool...Better yet, hows bout you just stay at the crizzurb and rub them out there..Evidently this isnt your first time getting caught from what I hear..From what I hear in 01 you got caught atop your Apartment Balcony masturbating, twice in 022 your caught in the whip touching yourself and in 03 you said youd go to treatment...

Man get this prob fixed..Cuz it can only get worse..

Byrons Sad Story

Whats wrong with Elijah's Mom?

Evidently the 5 kids from the four different Babby Mom'z wasnt enough for Tampa Bay Devil Ray Elijah Dukes, now he has reportedly impregnated a 17 yr old on the couch of his cousins crib...

The unidentified foster girl Elijah hooked up with was unavailable for comment, but Phyllis Dukes, (Elijah's mom) was saying "

Every time one of those (whores) lays down with my baby, they end up pregnant," she said. "That's right. And I'm tired of them."

Yeah cuz its there fault your son is trying to create his own village. Hey ED, do us a favor, when those kids get older, teach'em about Contraceptives Dawg..I aint even B*llsh*tting with ya'... Its apparent, your mom fails to realize that you want your legacy of wife beating and manic threats to continue far into the 20th century...Whats her problem?
Elijah Dukes Update

Simple Love Taps

Old Skool Friday Montell Jordan This is How We Do it..

As per my local readers...Enjoy!

Another Day in SA.....

Im actually lying here..Last night when it was official, San Antonio got kinda rowdy, and honsetly, I for one couldnt be more happier. It was nice to go from channel to channel and watch the people of the city party like its the first time... In the rain no less. .To my local bloggers who i know read this, Im tippin my hat , b/c the Riverwalk looked like Bourbon Street last night...e Oh yeah its early but unless theres a mirale in the works like a trade sending KG to LA, or Phoenix being able to resign Marion , Im calling it now, Spurs in 08....My NBA Hell will continue to fester....For those interested, im going to create a post of my view of how the NBA should look like if they did a re-organization..

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Memba Nino Brown??

In continuing my Maddest Catz in Movie History, I'd like to take this time to pay homage to a true OG Nino Brown.. CEO CASH Money Brothers Incorporated (CMB). Talk about a gangsta, man, if they had to redo the dictionary, to include pictures and youtube clips of certian words, I'd Submit Nino's pic and clips to the following words , Gangsta, Thug, Entrepreneur, Killer, Coldblooded, Heartless, Ladies Man, Savvy, and Ruthless..

Nino took over an entire apartment complex and turned it into a Dopehouse. I aint just talkin about that one house on the block with camrera's and lookut boyz, (those who know, know ) im talkin about an entire complex....Made that sum'bitch unlivable for all the residents in it, and what makes this worse is, the Cops knew all about it, but had no evidence directly linking him to anything.

However , maybe one of Nino's biggest downfalls was his poor judgement of character. How else can you explain your #2 guy cutting side deals b/c of p#$$^, his girlfriend turned states evidence, and he let a U/C he met and got to know for all of 3 weeks, get as close to him as members who had been in CMB for the better part of 10 yrs....

But, nevertheless he was a gangsta...Even in his youth,(13) as a member of the Hoover City Boys he knew he was destined for greatness..For on that one day, when told by his leader in order to get credibility he had "Snuff Somebody Out" He took out his best bag of Ya, hit it to win, ran up on the first person he saw and shot her dead on the street....He didnt even stick around to watch to the body drop...............Gangsta......Another tale of his sheer disregard for the life of others takes place at a wedding..There he was set up by the rival Italian gang in an apparent hit.

Well Nino, sniffing out the marksmen, quickly observed the situation and took cover as best he knew how to avoid losing his life in the conflict..And who better then an innocent 6yr old little girl.......Ruthless...

I'll end this with one of my favorite Nino Quotes, as there are many, i just found this one to be the best one at the time....In the night club, after the wedding Nino is approached by his girlfriend who is contempt to call Nino a murderer to his face..Clearly fed up with her, in the face of his entire crew, he Grabs her thrust her unto the table, pours a bottle of Champagne over her, and says "Cancel this Bitch, I'll buy Another" ............My friends, to this very day, I use that line....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

To Bad Cleveland, This Song and Etch are Hot!..Oh yeah and the Tony Rap

Hey, i gotta give this Etch-a-Sketch Guy Credit, hell as a kid, I had the hardest time trying to make a house without reshaking that thing about a dozen times....

Well For those who missed it the Last time, heres what you can epxect to see alot of in the next couple of Days..I love how in the end when the rap is done, he just go's in to the "Ho's Ho's" and the crowd, who im sure couldnt understand any of it, just goes wild..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Thurbert Baker ...

In case you were wandering whos behind Genarlows AppealThus keeping him in jail longer then he should be... Its North Cacka-lacks finest !#$^% ,...I know many OMEGAS and I have yet to run across many like this ....for those interested in sending Mr. Baker a letter, email or phone call he can be reached at :
Thurbert Baker
40 Capital Square
SW Atlanta Georgia 30334

Genarlow Wilson FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!! UPDATE

2:12 cstThanks to my boy e over at bgdboom for the scoop on this
but apparently b/c of the appeal filed by the prosecution, our boy may not be exactly free...Genarlows lawyers are working for a bond release, and we can only hope this puts an end to this very sad and unfortunate tale of what could have happened to any one of us ....



Genarlow Wilson..Free or Not..Todays the Day.

For those who were unaware of this case, Genarlow Wilson , Georgia teenager and now 21 yr old inmate was arrested for consensual sex with a minor shortly after a tape of his acts was presented to the local authorities.. Sex amongst teenagers is about as common as the cold and taxes, yet in some states, depending on the age, you can be considered a rapist if the female is considerably younger then the male..Doesnt make it right, but thats the world we live in...

Well, today after testimony given on Friday we should know if Genarlow is Freed... If there is anyone out there reading this before noon eastern, I dont know who you pray to, and I dont know what you do in times for inspiration, but if you can call to your savior on Behalf of this young man, it would be greatly appreciated... This could have happened to any of us, and Lord knows, many of us, have had SEX before the age of 18. Genarlow, were with you in spirit...E

Genarlow Update

Friday, June 08, 2007

Old Skool Friday/Cleveland Inspiration...

Aiight Cleveland, yall want some good luck from bloggers...Well heres me showin luv...e

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Memba When 80's Black Folk Movies and History..

Look, i couldve went in bout 1million different directions with this one, but in light of the Youtube clip, Im going to let it do most of the talking ...However, I remember a time when 80's movies that were primarily black had alot of singing, and dancing, but no karate. That was, until The Last Dragon came out... Now, you may see many characters past and present that will take you into another mindset, but SHONUFF, that brutha was viscous...

The History I speak of in the is in regards to SHONUFF actually..I cant verify it, and i may need a little help, but SHONUFF, is the first recorded damn fool you told yourself, I can never take out the house, let alone to the movies... Its my humbled opinion that SHONUFF created the whole Cant Take a Nicka No Where Movement....Daddy Greens, wrecked it, Movies wrecked it, and The Disco, well, that pretty much speaks for itself..... Whats your 80's black folk movie and character?

Now, Bow down, to the baddest MOFO LOW DOWN AROUND this TOWN....

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My People...Research Who You Voting For

Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you Bill Jefferson. Now, for those who dont know him , he represents the 2nd Congressional District of New Orleans primarily the Lower ninth and Downtown regions to be specific. Now, youd think that someone with his back round would probably have a clue as to how to hustle, or at the very least know that cash in hand in DC is well documented, but nope not Bill, Bill's old school...Bill takes bribes goes home and throws that money, marked bills in all in the deep freezer. Then when the FBI agents come and trust me they came, he denies the sheer existence of the cash in the first place...

Bill, so let me get this straight, somebody came into your house broke, in , and GAVE YOU MONEY.......Yeah that happens on a daily....

This however isn't the least of his corrupt ways.. Amidst Hurricane Katrina ravishing all of New Orleans, this guy has the National Guard go to his crib and pack it up..Then when stuck at a road block, sends more National Guard cats to open up the road for his convoy of stuff to be let through. Classic pimpage...

So today my people, Im saying this as we are a mere months away from primary's and campaigns and commercials etc.. Do your Research...I cant stress this enough..

This brutha was making back handed deals in hotel lobbies and neglecting The NO, yet he was sitting on The House Ways and Means Committee...Now hes under investigation for bribery, and corruption,

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Im Gettin Sick Of This Dude

I cant speak for everybody, and if its just me, thats cool, but Akon has found that rare nerve that only certain people can get to and is now tap dancing all over it.. Let me get this straight, you wanna show a bunch of Spring Breakers how tough you are by throwin a kid 50 pounds lees then you off the stage..Man sit you lil ass down bruh....Get at a big cat like that...Im told this kid evidently hit Akon with a stray piece of paper, or yelled an obscenity his way, either way, playing fan toss with a minor wont get you a hood pass from me cat...Hit up someone yo size, and then holla at me...E

Monday, June 04, 2007

Are You a Witness??

Of Boobie? Boobie, gets all the credit for The Cavs miraculous victory past the Detroit Pistons..Of course Le Bron is the man, but lets not kid ourselves, 19 in the 4th, thats BALLIN!...
Its safe to say, that Daniel "Boobie" Gibson may have just elevated himself to Scottie Status, b/c as you know, stars are born in the playoffs, but the real question is, can he be enough to fend off Dirty Tonio??

Let me go ahead and answer that NO, but, one more player added next year like a nasty down low big man to compliment Anderson Varajo, and you never know, but right now, Le Bron's gonna have to settle for Boobie, and that Russian who commits more offensive fouls then Shaq.

But, this isnt the time to talk about the finals (btw Spurs in 6) its about Boobie and LeBron. Props go out to them for introducing us all to What It Sounds Like When Thugs Cry. Props go out to Anderson for holding your own down low with 3 considerable beast, and props to Coach Mike Brown for keeping your composure and calling the right plays.. The City of Cleveland is probably one of the best sports towns ive ever been around. The fans LOVE there teams, they are very long suffered, and are desperate for anything good. This helps. Lebron, we all witnessed the journey, now its time to finalize the trip...Good Luck were all rooting for you..

Friday, June 01, 2007

Old Skool Friday Patra Romantic Call

Friday Wrap Up...

Evidently When I talk, LeBron Listens I'm Just sayin..

My Dog Ray-J will now be Reppin for the The Trojans. Prolly shouldve went with Magz, but hey, paper is paper..

And Finally Adam Kokesh is getting Im with you bruh, keep ya head up.