Thursday, November 30, 2006

Is there a Better On Field Motivator then Ray Ray?

It's 3pm and you just finished 5 hours of practice along
with 2 hours of weightlifting prior to that. You’re ready
to go home, but you look over in the Gym and the lights
are still on. Someone's in there. You peak in and its
Ray. You whisper to yourself, "damn I sure hope that
%^%^$^&#%^*#& didn’t see me. I'm tired"

But, HE DID. You go about your business
and walk to your car hoping he won't bring this encounter up.
The next day, its practice, third down scenarios commence.
You go to make the tackle, and the running back bow's over you
for the first down. The coaches are pissed, but theyre always
mad, you get up and there standing above you is number 52.
With that scowl Ray Lewis has made classic, he delivers it to
you. The next thing you here is, "YOU GAVE UP ON US. YOU NEED

Now Ray's in your head. Youre thinking about those commercials
where Ray is punking the rookies, and in the locker room,
charging you up on a weekly basis. Youre thinking about the
Super bowl Ring he earned, that funky dance he does,
and the many pro-bowl appearances. (not to mention the Respect factor)
Now you feel guilty. The next play Ray goes and plants
that same running back who made you look like a rookie.
Your guilt turns to anger. Your anger is immediately expressed
on the next play when you overpower the tackle, and jump the
Quarterback. The coaches’ cheer and Ray just walks away slowly.
You look at Ray for some reassurance, but he just glances at you
with that look that says, thats exactly what I expect from you.

Ray's officially changed your outlook. Thats what Ray Lewis brings
to a team. Leadership, toughness, and on field coaching that’s
only matched by that of Payton Manning. Ray is a head coaches
dream. You know every play he's gonna give you 100%, and god forbid
someone gives up on a play. They dont worry about the sideline coach,
having Ray Lewis in your face is much, much worse.

Tonight Ray Lewis and the Ravens head to Cincinatti to face
Carson Palmer, Ocho-Cinco and the Bengals. It figures to
be a must win game for Cincinatti and a statement game
for the Ravens. If you know me, when predicting wins
and losses , when it comes to the ravens, I check to
see if 52 is playing. If he is, they instantly become
my favorites for the day. I expect that if Ray puts
the hat on Rudi early , Carson's gonna have to pass
for his team to win. This is not a reccomended course
of action I'd take with Ray's little brother Ed in the

Unfortunatly I do not have NFL Network with my current
cable carrier, so I will be watching Gray's Anatomy instead.
I'll have to catch the world wide leader for highlights.

Top Model Recap

Im 2 weeks behind on this, but the good thing is, that
with last nights elimination , I can catch up with one
picture. The second of the twin combo of Amanda and Michelle
was sent home leaving us with Cari-Dee, Melrose, and Eugena
remaining as the finalist. To be honest, these 2 really scared
me. Not in a hiding in the closet with a baseball bat, scared
but in a caring parent scared your kid is not healthy way.
They both looked anorexic, and one of them had identity issues.

But, to each its own. Tyra made the comment last night that
the twins have the "now-look" so there's no doubt in my mind
they will land on there feet and get hired.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MADtv -Watch Me Play Madden

This goes out to all my Peeplz who ever
waited in line for more then 2 hrs for a video game, or made
a girl watch the end of a Bronco v. Raiders classic on Madden.
This also goes out to my lady friends who try to,
but can't quite figure out why men can’t put there joysticks down.

Snoop D.O. Double Trouble

Looks like Snoop is on the opposite side of the law again,
this time its for cocaine,marijuana and possession of a
firearm. This, on top of the collapsible baton he got
arrested with earlier this month is making it really
hard for the Snoop D.O. Double G. Keep ya pimp hand
firm dogfather.
Snoop Arrest Article

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Social Commentary from the Cheap Seats

Rev.Jessie Jackson, Rep. Maxine Waters(D)Los Angeles, and
Comedian Paul Mooney are calling for movies, authors,
rappers, and various entertainers to stop using the N-word.
Before you do a double take, yes that Paul Mooney. He of
the N-word folklore. He, who at one point would start his skit
with about 20 n-words within the first 5 minutes of his routine.
Theres no doubt Micheal Rihcards has brought this change in
attitude in Mooney , who said " Richards is my Dr. Phil

My take,
If, you want to see an effective change in the use of this
word, teach black folk about the word in the one spot they
frequent the most and find there morality,Church.
Youll never get the full aspect of the word in school,
considering black historyis only taught in February. Have reverernds
inform the congregation that this is morally wrong. For my other
then black readers, this word is equally bad to us as the
word c^nt is to women, or wetback to Latino/Hispanic Americans.
All of these hate terms should be taught to your kids equally. RPS

Condoms In Jail

While driving in to work this morning I was listening to
Tom Joyner, and the featured topic of the morning was
the National Minority Aids Council lobbying for condoms
in Jail. Theres also in article written by
Theresa Freeman of Metro West Daily News Covering The Same Topic

My Take
AIDS in the black community is a SERIOUS PROBLEM.
To ignore the epidemic, is asinine, even in prison, where Theresa
article says
Black men in the United State are seven times more
likely than whites and three times more likely than Latinos
to be imprisoned.

Lets not pretend that were ignorant to what happens in prisons.
Many man who claim to be straight, after a couple of years ,
become qucikly indoctrinated into life on the Down Low
and have a hard time shaking that mentality once they are freed.
When this happens, those same men whom have undoubtedly
engaged in unprotected homssexual activities are now going
back home to there loved ones and infecting them. Not to mention,
the fact that Rape which is currently reported at 2100 men annually
in prison,(once again thats reported cases)
further increases the chance of spreading the infection.

What Needs to Happen
HIV Awareness shold be a mandatory lecture in prison. Safe
Sex should be another lecture, followed by the distribution
of Condoms. Will this stop the rapist, probably not, but it will
atleast make them aware of the risk.

Leaders Call for end of N-word Article
Paul Mooney Article
Theresa Freemans Article

Monday, November 27, 2006

Akon, The man with Many Wives

Despite the rumors that he may or may not be dating
a certain R&B star, Akon is a practicing Polygamist.
The Senegalese star who's currently featured on Snoop
Dogg's Hit singe I wanna #*ck You has said that its
no different then dating multiple women,its just now
hes married to them. Akon reportedly has 3 wives.

Well my friend, heres my take,
Being married is work, hard work, at that. To make it
with one woman when the divorce rate is at 50% is considered
good, but to do it with 3 well, you may have just created
a new man law.
Full Story

10 Things We Learned from NFL Sunday

Vince Proving Why He Should Have Been Number #1

10. Rex Grossman will not lead the Bears to the Superbowl.
Bears Fan, I love your defense, but your Quarterback is
killing your team.

9. Michael Vick has the worst receiver combo in the league.
Three First rounders dropped 4 catchable passes ( two of
which on 3rd down). This does not include Algee Crumpler,
who in his defense saw double and triple teams.

8. Boy is my Pink Slip thing catching on in the NFL.
Looks like Coach Shananhan submitted a candidate over
the weekend.

7. The NFL screwed over 70 million fans with its
choice to go with NFL Network on Thursday night
to cover Broncos/Chiefs. On Thanksgiving, you
have to give us all the games. That should be
a law.

6. To quote my brother, "The Lions need to no longer
be on Thanksgiving." There a bad team, with one
of the worse GM's in football, and them getting
blownout along with turkey, makes it really tough
to stay awake for the Cowboy's Game.

5. Speaking of the Cowboy's, How's Bout them
Cowboy's! Tony Romo, has just joined Payton,
and Ladanian in the MVP race.

4. Memo to Texans Fans, I am not mad Mario
Williams was drafted, I am mad you didnt get
Vince Young. Now I have to listen to my cousin
Richard remind me over and over again about how
Vince is the greatest. And honselty, I can't
blame him.

3. Speaking of Vince Young, I just wanna say
that as a Native Houstonian, I thought you
did it all in Austin, however your play yesterday,
in light of what we have down here, has everyone
talking. check here or here Theres many more out there,
I just thought you should know,
we think about you.

2. Kudos to Jason Campbell. You not only won,
but you beat a playoff team, many picked to go
to the Superbowl

1. The Baltimore Ravens are playing like
the old Baltimore Ravens, that means, they
are right up there with San Diego, and the

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Who Gets Your Pink Slip?

Realpeeplz has decided to start a new segment called,
"You Get A Pink Slip"
Getting a pink slip is usually means that your services
are no longer needed at a certain place, and put
frankly, youre fired!.

We'll get the ball rolling with our first
3 Candidates:

1. David Carr
Four and a half years and the City of Houston has
nothing to show for it. Your Sir get a Pink Slip

2. East Coast Rap
Your off again on again ways are no longer
tolerated. Your inability to produce anyone
other an Jay-Z over the last 10 years has
not gone unnoticed. You get a Pink Slip
(the jury's still out on 50)

3. Shannon Sharpe
Im tired of having to rewind to understand
what it was you were tryin to say. Whenever
you do a highlight, I just press mute and watch.
Either you slow down and pro-nun-ci-ate or
you get a Pink Slip

Aries Spears Impersonations

If you close your eyes and listen, youd sware this dude was Jigga, Snoop, and DMX combined.

USC Pummels Fighting Irish

USC showed us yesterday why it will be them and not
Florida playing in the National Championship Game
beating Notre Dame 44-24. Dwayne Jarrett had 7 receptions
for 132 yards and 3 touchdowns, and led the way against a
Notre Dame defense that seemed like it didn’t even belong
On the same field with USC.

Speaking of Florida, beating the Seminoles was
great, but now the media feels you didn’t make it
sexy enough. Now what? story

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving Break, and the Top 5 Things I'm Thankful For.

Realpeeplz will be taking a 3 day break as we celebrate Thanksgiving
in Houston. Its been great getting feedback and suggestions
from all my family and friends. You all actually run the page, I'm
just the guy who tries to type up a good enough story for yall to like.
We Will Return Saturday with more hot stories so be on the lookout.

But Before realpeeplz is put on break, we decided to list 5 things
were thankful for.

1. Supportive Family.
My Wife and Son have been through alot this year.
Thanks for the support and know that I appreciate it

2. Extended Family and Friends.
If I never thanked the many, who have helped me move,
work on my resume, allowed me time out of work to job
hunt, buffered me from near eruption at work you name it. Thanks.

3. The Military. Thanks for 9 good years.
We had many ups and very fewdowns. You got me out of Houston,
and showed me the world, taught me how to be independent, and
most important, gave me a skill set that landed me a pretty good job.

4. My Former Commanding Officer John C. Post. Thank You along with
your entire Ward Room and Chief Mess for making NIOC Whidbey Island MY WORST NAVY EXPERIENCE EVER,
thus confirming my choice to leave. Your Micromanagment of the command ,
along with YOUR FAILURE to acknowledge the many hard
working people who work for you who do not deploy,
made getting out a for drawn conclusion. Oh yeah, denying me the right
to where my E-6 badge, classic. To bad I was knowingly drawing a check
and your crack staff of administrators didnt pick up on it until
after my paperwork was submitted to get out the navy. But ,
I hold no grudges. Especially non against
my buddy and pal CWO4 Doug Mc Vey.
Where would I be without my right wing whackjob of a div-o.
I especially liked how you did lunch bag inventory to ensure
us "fatties" as you put it were eating healthy. I want you to
know personally, that im eating a Triple Cheeseburger as
I type this . Always remember sir, theres talkers and do'ers..

5th Finally, Thanks goes to the almighty Savior. God, im convinced
you put me on this earth to speak my mind and let the chips fall
where they may. I know I have sometimes said and done things that
are clearly against the bible teachings and I just want you to know
that I constantly pray and ask for your forgiveness in those matters.
Continue to guide me in the direction that you want me to go...

David Lack's It, so Texans pay the Price.

Attention David Carr fans look away, this will get ugly

As a proud member of the Houston Texans bound by blood Fan Club,
I, along with entire city of Houston am Calling for David Carr's job
this offseason. The Houston Texans have many hole's to fix, but the
biGgest hole they are goig to have to plug , is the one David Carr
is currently filling.

His Charges
David Carr you are Charged with the Following Crimes

1. Not being a leader. You have no locker room pressence.
When something goes wrong on the field ,you dont get an any
bodys face, you just bitch and moan and clap your hands.

2. You lack the "IT" factor. People dont rally around you.
When the texans are losing(which is quite often) they need
a Quarterback who can gut out anything when the chips are
down. Dave when the chips are down, youre more then
likely folded up in a cornere somewhere.

3. No Toughness. Youre from Southern Cali. Thats a very
laid back community. That mentality translates to your
play. This city nay this state Takes there Football very
seriously. You have yet to figure that out.

4. You let the Media fight your battles. Fans have been
calling for your job for the past 2 years and you have
yet to adress the issue. Even win Vince Young was being
screamed for from every corner in Houston, intead of
defending yourself, you stood pat and let the media
defend a choice in not picking you. By the way,
for any Houston Media reading this,(John Mc Cain) He's a big boy,
he needs to stand up for himself, and take reponsibility
for all the screwed up things he's done

5. In 5 yrs you havent improved the team one bit. Theres a
golden rule win it comes to Quarterbacks, First year they
learn the system. Second Year, They begin implemitation of
the system. Third Year, training wheels come off and they start
leading. David you and I both now, its going on yr 5 and you are
now no better then what you were when you first got here.

1. You Have Great Hair.
2. You gave me a reason to bring up Steve Francis.
You see David, youre not the only Houston Sport Star
the city got wrid of after almost 5 yrs of service and a new
head coach
3. You make the silliest faces when being scooped up of off the ground.

What Should Happen Next

You should honestly ask to be traded. Im convinced that
you need a change of scenery. Oakland's looking for a
QB. Tampa, could use your services, and Rivers could use a
solid back up. Just whatever you do, let Houston go, we as fans
have already let you go

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When Gators Attack

Its come to my attention that many of you believe that I
slapped the Gators in the face when I suggested USC take a shot
at the throne when its all said and done. Well lets look at
the Gators Resume vs. Usc Resume:
Non Conference Games USC
Arkansas Nebraska Notre Dame

Non Conference Games Florida
UCF Florida St. Western Carolina


SEC schedule vs. Pac-10 Schedule

ADV. Gators.

Teams they lost to

USC/Oregon State

ADV. Gators

Common Opponent TBD.
Its plain and simple, If the Gators can win out, I can see
why many of you would want to see them play Ohio St. problem
is however, can they walk the walk, or will they crumble under
the pressure.

Heres what I think will happen
If both USC and Florida win out, then USC gets
a slim nod. Florida's not out of it, but they are
going to need some angels in Southbend making a road
trip to Cali to help them out. And By the way, when your
game is close gator fan, I'd go with the Quarterback,
whos been in there when its mattered.

Jay-Z 's new CD doesn't get Homie Stamp of Approval

Jigga has come quite the long way. Many of us can remember
the guy Biggie dubbed the next great thing from classic hot
tracks making him the Alpha and Omega when it came to the
rap game. With that said, go figure the king of rap as we know
it would go out and tarnish his throne with Kingdom Come. Many
of my Jay-Zologist have dubbed this "the worst". Its been given
as high as a 5 and as low as a 3 rating on my Music Appreciation
survey. In plain folk terms, this means, Limewire this CD and save
your money. another bad review
and here. Jay you gotta get your grown and sexy
we get that, but is worth your fans? You had to know this
CD was trash when you put it out right? Well if not, I'd give
it about 2 or 3 challengers to the throne before you right back
to the old J. If not, maybe retirement want such a bad idea after all..

Kramer The Racist. *Warning Racist Slurs *

Former Sienfeld star Michael Richards best known for his role as Kramer went Mel Gibson on stage dropping N-bombs repeatedly. Before his exit, he decides to put icing on the cake by capping it with, "50 yrs ago, you'd be hung and poked at by my fork"
And yall wonder why we never watched Sienfeld. I wont be watching anything this man is apart of.

Giants not So Big in house of David.

Last night David Garrard went 19-32 for 249 yards
and ran for 31 more yards to lead the Jacksonville Jaguars
to victory past the NY Giants with a 26-10 victory improving
there record to 6-4 and Dropping the Giants record to 6-4.

How this Affects the Jaguars
The win put the Jaguarsin the heart of the wild card race,
and when the civil wars in the afc west are all settled
you might see them atop the wildcard.

How this Affects the Giants
Dont look now, butte Giants are now tied with the
Dallas Cowboys in the NFC East. How Bout them Cowboys!
Everybody had an opinion after the redskins game, now
2 wins later they sit atop the NFC East.

How the Giants Lost
The Giants couldve had Popeye and a full
can of the green stuff and it wouldnt have been enough to
stop the line Jaguars D-line from pressuring Eli and holding
Tiki Barber to just 27 yards. The giants odefense was just as
bad. The Jaguars were hitting passes all over the field, and they
made David Garrard look like a young Donovan McNabb.

Whats Next for both Teams.
The Giants Travel to Tennessee to face the Titans
in waht should be a closer game then many might give it credit.

The Jags head to Buffalo to face JP Losmann and the Bills

Monday, November 20, 2006

This Man Actually, Wants A Draft.

New York Representative Charles Rangel (D) calling for a draft
cannot be serious. Ifso, I ask that the representative take a good
hard look specifically in his own backyard before he attempts to push
this bill through. Harlem , and Washington Heights last time I checked
was not overflowing with support of the current administration. If im
not mistaken they welcomed Hugo Chavez in with open arms when he was
offering free gas (The same Hugo Chavez who's repeatedly called
for sanctions against the USA)

Mr. Rangel, says
There's no question in my mind that
this president and this administration would never have
invaded Iraq, especially on the flimsy evidence that was
presented to the Congress, if indeed we had a draft and members
of Congress and the administration thought that their kids from
their communities would be placed in harm's way

Charlie, gotta question for you, have you even asked anybody
in your district how they feel? The New York Daily News has.
70% of the people in your district are against this.just check.
Charlie, if you want to bash W, get in line, we all have something
to say, and most of us like you cant wait until 2008 when he's out.
But, don't use your chair for causes that you yourself know have
no chance of passing.

You see Charlie, i've done the whole military thing. I actually
got a kick out of it, but I know many who didn't. Charlie, I know
people who only joined to get money for college and get out. The
moment anthrax was mentioned Chuck, those friends ran, and they ran
fast. Don't kid yourself. Don't go into this with the mentality that
oh, if they draft so and so from there little elite status, then what.
I'll tell you what Charlie, those whom you're aiming at get missed,
(they have money, and money buys you lawyers, lawyers get you freedom)
and those whom you tried to protect get hit. Then, those people whom
you say that are there are from lower class (who volunteered by the way)
will only increase.
House Speaker Rep. Pelosi(D) says your only posturing and this is
to show your disgust for the war, well there are more ways to do this ifso.
You can get on Bill Maher's show, you can say it on the radio, and
most importantly, you can urge your people to vote. I know people
from Harlem who are actually quite proud of there 0 voting history.

In the mean time Mr. Rangel I suggest you go back to Washington
Heights, and Harlem and ask around. You never know what you may

10 Things We Learned From NFL Sunday

10. The Falcons need to either A find a new Offensive
Coordinator or B find a new coach. Remember when T.O. was
in Greg Knapp's Face, we all called T.O. uncoachable after
that. I'll bet if you ask Mr. Vick about his current Offensive
Coordinator, you'll be surprised what you here.

9. When you're bad, its in your team DNA. The following teams are
BAD and for the next 5 yrs will be bad;
the Lions, Texans, Browns, Raiders, and Cardinals all fit
in this category.

8. Speaking of the Texans, at what point do you bench a guy ?
David Carr has a career 21-53 career record. In that spand A
Superbowl MVP, and 5 Prowbowl quarterbacks have all been either
benched or cut yet he keeps his job. He's not a winner, he lacks
the It factor, and the longer he remains in the lineup, the longer
Houston Fans will suffer

7. Don't look now but the Steelers are 4-6 and have won 2 straight.
This sound familiar?

6. Sing it with me now The Saints are Overrated clap-clap-clap-clap-clap.
Spare me your Reggie Bush Hype. He's Done nothing. 102 combined yards
an overhpyed Michael Westbrook, does not a phonon make.

5. Ladainian, welcome to the MVP Race. I know , you've always
been there, its just Peyton got out to such a huge lead, that it
was hard seeing you back there. By the way, making the number 2 rush
defense in the NFL look like the Texans, classic.

4. While were on the Chargers, anybody else ready to give them
the AFC? Ifso, let me remind you that they are a team known
for second half meltdowns. Plus this team is coached by Marty
If they can win the next 2 without Shawn Merriman , I can see
the band wagon getting pretty heavy when he returns. But
here at realpeeplz, will hold true to the notion that the Colts
are the team to beat.

3. About those Colts. You have got to beat Dallas. Period.
Now everybody doubts you. Everybody thinks the 3-4 is the key
to beating you. You have Peyton Manning, many people wish to have
a coach on the field like that. Adjust to the blitz and dominate,
like we know you can.

2. How Bout them Cowboys. A victory against the Colts, and
potential loss tonight by the Giants ties you for the lead in
the NFC East. Tony Romo looks more and more like a leader, and
the defense is taking control of games.

1. Philly Fans just can't get a break. Donovan McNabb going
down again, this time with a MCL tear all but guarantees them
they are not going back to the playoffs. While rolling out of
the pocket, Donovan McNabb was bumped out of bounds, and complained
of leg pain. It was later discovered that he had indeed tore his MCL
Backup QB Jeff Garcia came in and went 26-48, but lets
face it, he's not Donovan. Ask T.O.

Housewives Recap

Last night on DH we learned that Susan and new Boyfriend Ian
are finally settling down and are beginning to take big steps
in there relationship. Susan wants to connect more by moving
some of her belongings into Ian's house, this however does
not bold well "the help". Ians butler has serious issues
with this b/c of his loyalty to Ians wife who is currently
in a comma.

Brie, learns that dealing with her mother-in-law is not as
easy as she predicted. She, drinks, smokes, and oh by
the way drops the bombshell that her son was a cheating adulterer
who's wife vanished and broke her heart all in the same rant.
This prompts Brie to kick her hubby out and sadly watch as
he makes his way to the local hotel.

Mike is still in his haze, but after the raid of his house,
the police began to slowly piss him off to no end. He seams
in the clear until at the end while trying to hide his toolbox
he's confronted by a local detective, and once can assume arrested.

Gabby, tries to help a friend by speaking to the local youth about
becoming models. All goes well until she rehashes up memories of
the old days. You know, bulimia, drugs, and Gammorah Parties.
(popular fetish parties that theme around overall sexual erotica)
This upsets the mom's of the girls until Gabby apologizes and
offers up her trade tips to weight loss to the portly group.

Finally, Lynette sixth sense tells her to inform local cops about
her somewhat suspicious neighbor(the one with the mini
NEVERLAND RANCH in his basement) Her kid goes missing ,
and instantly her mommy alarmtells her, check the alleged
perve. Her son was actually at Mikes house, but nevertheless
the door of accusation was open between Lynette and
neighbor, and closing it will take one helluva plot twist.

Why there Should NOT be a Rematch

Let get right down to it. The BCS rankings were released
yesterday, and no to the surprise of many Michigan was still
sitting in the Number 2 spot, however in the USA Today, and
Harris Polls, they were ranked third. USC, the team we all
love to hate, moved to the number 2 spot in the Harris and
ESPN/USA Today polls , but did not advance past Michigan
in the computer averages getting a number 3 rank yesterday.

Michigan had its shot, and they blew it. What does this mean?
Does it mean the Big-10 is playing better football then the SEC
PAC-10, BIG-EAST, AND BIG-12? I dont think so. Line'em up there
best 4 against any of the other confrences best 4. I'll bet the
BIG-10 is on the outside looking in on this one .

A USC win against Notre Dame could mean a number 2 ranking
next week all around, but nothings guaranteed. You see, a
USC win could actually hurt, them. Here's why, If you blow
them out, then it shows pollsters that Notre Dame was overrated,
and that now isn't as much as a quality win as you thought it
would be. Michigan, who also beat the Golden Domers loses as
well b/c there win is now devalued, thus opening the doors
for potentially the winner of the SEC championship. (Provided
its not Arkansas, b/c then USC would raise hell) Back to the game,
Michigan v. Ohio St, was good, but it was not great. Many, including
the World Wide Leader, are dubbing this a classic, but realpeeplz thinks

Our Definiton Of Classic
You see, in order for a game to be a classic, you have to be
convinced that the game is not teetering on a blowout. You
have to be sold on the belief that if you leave your seat you
may miss something. But most importantly , in order for a game
to be a classic, it has to leave no doubt in your mind that if
played again on a neutral field the outcome would be different.
Well i'm here to tell you, none of that happened on Saturday.
If not for a bad snap, Ohio St. goes up 2+ touchdowns, and I
seriously doubt Michigan comes back from that.
Let us at realpeeplz give you what we think are "insta-classics"

1. USC-Texas It speaks for itself
2. Notre Dame-USC No Reggie push, ND wins
3. Georgia-West Virginia what a comeback
4. Oklahoma-Oregon (Either the bowl game or rematch)
5. Michigan-Texas I close my eyes and can still see Vince scoring

What Happens Next?
Here's our predictions for the remainder of the College Season,
USC wins out, beating ND, and UCLA . This catapults them to
the number 2 spot and drops Michigan to the 3 spot. ND loses
but gets an automatic bid to a BCS bowl game b/c everybody loves
ND. Florida, defeats Arkansas in the SEC championship and Texas
beats Nebraska to capture its 2nd consecutive Big 12 championship.
Boise wins out, Georgia Tech wins the ACC, and Louisville
comes out of the Big East as Champions.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

We May have Got This One Wrong

We at realeeplz are first the first to admit when we may
have screwed a prediction or two up, So in being honest, to
our integrity, we'll come clean. We screwed up on Rutgers.
Did any of you see that game? Come'on guys, a loss to the
Natti? Aren't they a Basketball School?

I guess we missed on another game as well, I think Michigan
was playing Ohio St. yesterday, and we may have predicted
a Wolverine win. OK you got me, so I backed a team that's
lost now 3 straight to against its rival, who cares that
I picked against the team with the Hiesmann Lock?
Ohio St. is who they thought we were, and Michigan
gave them the best match up we could have expected, It
just wasn't enough. Now this by no means is me jumping
of the wolverine bandwagon(although, that Arkansas
wagon looks really empty) this is me coming to the
realization that in the now immortal words of Coach
Dennis Green, If you want to Crown Ohio St. then crown
there a$$e$, Michigan had them on the lines, and let them
off the hook. (I'll bet Dennis never thought i'd actually
be using his quote to not make fun of him with it)

What Next?

I imagine, Michigan, provided a Notre Dame loss to USC
(yes im already calling that one)will obtain in at-large
bid to a BCS Bowl Game. For the victor, i'd pack plenty
of water, the Arizona heat has proven to be real unfriendly
to those not familiar with it. Im sure the Ohio St. loyal
could care less about that though, the only thing that may concern
them is who's next?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Iron Mike to offer Happy Endings

Ever have the fantasy of sleeping with a R&B Star or famous actor/actress?
Sure you have, we all have that one person whom we say is more then
worth anything we have to get one chance with them. Well, for my
lady readers, if that guy was Mike Tyson here's you chance.
In the falls from grace files, its being reported that former
Heavyweight Champ and notorious bad boy Iron Mike Tyson
will now be a male escort under Hollywood madam Heidi Fless.
Though the price of his services are unclear Hiedi
is calling Mike her Big Stallion so expect Mike's services to come at
top dollar amount. Mike, I don't know if you'll ever
read this, but I just wanna say that you have truly went
left on this one. You are Iron Mike Tyson. You don't
need to do this. The UFC is out there, as well as that
reality show we heard so much about. What do you think is
going to come from this? Do you think that you're so inconspicuous
that we wont notice you out in town. And to the woman who
decides to go out with Iron Mike,You do realize that if
you short Mike on his money he can literally knock you
the f#ck out?. You might as well go into it with the
mindset that you're leaving a tip. Also, have you heard
Mikes voice? When in the heat of the moment, his orgasm
just might be at a higher pitch then that of yours. Mike,
you're better then this..Ladies, if any of you actually
commit to a date with Iron Mike, hit Realpeeplz up. We want
to know every detail.

If This Man Brings His A Game, Michigan Wins

This week you've heard a lot about Michael Hart needing to
establish the rush, or Chad Henne needing to get Manningham
Arrginton and Preston the ball, but i'm here to tell you,
LaMarr Woodley is the real reason why Michigan will win this
Saturday. The Lombardi Finalist has his toughest matchup
to date facing Ohio St's Troy Smith, a finalist himself
for another trophy you may have heard of. If LaMarr can establish
a solid pass rush Troy Smith will be forced to scramble thus
eliminating the down field attack of Ted Ginn Jr. and
Anthony Gonzalez. Michigans defense leads the nation against
stopping the rush , sacks, and third down conversion percentage,
but many argue that the only team that Michigan played was
Notre Dame, so there stats are convoluted. Well, as a non-biased fan
of college football im here to tell you, I've watched 3 Michigan games,
to include the games against Notre Dame, Penn State,and Iowa.
In all 3 Michigan's defense set the tone. If LaMarr Woodley and company
bring the same intensity they brought to the games previously mentioned,
Its going to be near impossible for Troy Smith to get anything going.
My prediction, Michigan wins final score Michigan 28 Ohio St. 24

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. The Texans are actually favored this Sunday
I'd pick them to win but straight up avoid any

9. No Ray Lewis equals no way I pick the Ravens
against the Falcons. All reoprts out of Baltimore
so far indicate that Ray wont be on the field. This
has to be an early Christmas present for Vick.

8. Fantasy Fans , I would not start Ladanian Tomlinson
this weekend. The Broncos have allowed only 2 rushing
touchdowns all season and rank 4th against the rush.

7. If Tony Romo leads Dallas past the Colts, can we
officially make Dallas the team to beat in the NFC

6. Miami has won 2 straight and Minnesota has lost
3 straight, I'd go with Miami to continue there
winning streak. Minnesota's offense has forgotten
how to play football.

5. Tom Brady has never lost 3 games in a row.
Green Bay Fan's, I reckon you know that means.

4. Anybody else notice how sweet a deal NBC
got? I liken this to your kid going trick or treating
and you getting to riffle through the bag and
pick the best treats.

3. If Dennis Green's Cardinals lose to Detroit, it
doesnt matter what he thought they were , the chair
he sits in will be electric and the Cardinal fans will
want blood.

2. With Jason Campbell starting for the Redskins does
this mean that Joe Gibbs is putting his team in a position
to win, or is he looking ahead for the future?

1. If the Bengals lose to the Saints, can we officially
get off of there bandwagon

How Good Does Your Kid Have to be to Get This?

The Sony PS3 has hit America and already Ebay
has bids as high as $ 2200.00 The retail value for a PS3
is currently $500.00 for the basic 20 gig hard drive and
600.00 for the 60 gig hard drive. This doesn't include the
money you lost missing work and waiting in line for it.
In order for my son to get a PS3 my grandkids would have
to bring in Straight A's. (and my sons only 3 so what does
that tell you. For 600.00 dollars, I could get my wife the
good micros. You know, the ones that you get done in a studio
and not in some girls house, and hold up for 3 months.
With 600.00 Dollars I could actually catch 4 football games
and not worry about playing John Madden on PS3 b/c I was
actually at the game. The people at Sony meant well, but
unless this machine can figure out a way to balance my budget,
entertain all members in my family , and solve world peace,
they may have shot a little to high in there price if you
ask me.

Last Night On Grey's Anatomy

Warning Spoliers Below

On Grey's Anatomy last nigt we learned that George's dad
has cancer and a bad heart. George has elected that Burke
and intern Yang take the case, despite the fact that he is
aware of Burkes skaky hand. Also, Izzie is assigned to shadow
ex-bf Alex, who interns for McSteamy.( I cant believe I actually
tpyed that) In the heat of the moment Alex kisses Izzie and she
informs him she's not ready for that yet. Finally,
it appears Addison has came to the realization that
its over between her and Derrick. There really wasnt much
drama last night, but if the previews for next week are any
indication, then we are in for a treat on Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My NBA 2006 Forecast

The NBA season is off and running and so far the main story is the
dislike for the new ball. Personally speaking as a fan, I can live
with that. We are only 2 years removed from the incident in the Palace
and that dominated the NBA for most of the 2004-05 season. I'm going
to put my opinion out there(which is usually wrong)on all the divisional, and conferenceraces as well as postseason awards.

My favorites to win each division are as follows
Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
New Jersey Nets

Boston will give them a good run, but in the end New Jersey's
trio will pull them out of tight spots.

Central Division
Detroit Pistons

I reserve the right to change this pick to the Bulls the moment
they get a consistent scorer

Southeast Division
Miami Heat

Probably the easiest cakewalk in the enitre NBA

Western Conference

Northwest Division
Seattle Super Sonics

Resigning Wilcox to go along with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis gives them
a great inside out combination

Pacific Division
Phoenix Suns

They were great without Amare last year. His presence this year could only
mean one thing.

Southwest Division
Dallas Mavericks

If Avery can ever get these guys to play defense, there going to be a tough out.

Eastern Conference Preview
Detroit vs. New Jersey

Detroit in 6

Wester Conference Preview
Phoenix vs. San Antonio

Phoenix in 7

Finals Preview
Detroit vs. Phoenix

NBA Champs
Phoenix Suns in 6

They were one game away from the NBA Finals without Amare. He's healthy now, and if
he can bring the dominance he brought 2 years ago back , he'll create an inside
pressecne along with Shawn Marion that will be unstoppablele.

Rookie of the Year
Brandon Roy Minnesota Timberwolves

Comeback Player of the Year
Amare Stoudemire

Defensive Player of the Year
Ron Artest

Most Valuable Player
Kobe Bryant

I reserve the right to change atleast 3 predictions listed above.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When Life as a Cowboy's Fan came Full Circle

Im a Diehard Cowboys fan. For sickness and health, for better and through worse. There my boys, my team. I supported them through, Firing Jimmy, err I mean letting
him resign, signing Vinny, as well as Drew, even when they brought in notorious
Cowboy Killer Tuna to head Coach. But I gotta draw the line somewhere. Emmitt,
I aint got your back on this one. Beating down AC SLATER to become the Dancehall
King gives me the right to pull your man card and never give it back. Now you a
baaaaaaaaad boy, I mean lets face it 3 Superbowl Rings , various MVP awards, and
you just happen to be the all time rusher. However, seeing you dance the mambo or lambada, when for years you never gave me one touchdown celebration capped it for me. Now, you owe me, nay, you owe us Cowboys fans something manly. When you go home, were gonna need you to stop at the store get some Jack Daniels, Buffalo Wings and a shotgun. Figure out away to make all those coincide . Consider it a haiku. Your man card is on the line. RP

Well Jaeda, Its not Like This Was a Surprise

Last night on ANTM, Tyra and the gang ended Jaeda Young's chances of becoming
Americas Next Top Model. If youre a fan of the show, you knew this was coming.She never photographed well, was in the bottom two 3 times before, and never did get over the chopping of her hair thing. (a tradition on ANTM since season 1)
Now im not a betting a man (you can ask my brother) (atl, hou, chi, cin mia, ne, kc, pit, car, phi tb, az, sea, ind, den, jac-36) but if I were , i'd bet for sure that Jaeda will eventually get back on her feet and find a career as a model. Nigel and Tyra both thin she photographs well and has nice bone structure.
Good Luck Jaeda.

Open Letter To OJ

Dear Juice,

Hi, its Black America, its been awhile since we last had a serious
conversation so we decided to drop by. We heard you're in the progress
of doing an interview on Fox that states how you, would have *wink wink nudge nudge* killed Ron and Nicole hypothetically. Well we
thought about it, and we've decided that you're to much of a risk and were
letting you go. This was not an easy decision. You presented a pretty strong
case with Cocaine and Brown Eyes , your guest role in Roots,
and who could ever forget Dt. Norberg from the Naked Gun. This time
my friend, you've crossed the one line we as a race cant forget. That line is
supreme and Utter Niggadom. See when you abandoned us once you got big we thought
to ourself, its cool, its tough out there who could blame the guy. When you married
Nicole our sisters were even more critical, but we convinced them you're a complicated yet simple man. You have needs that a sister may not relate to. We welcomed you back to open arms even after the conviction because we just thought in our heart of hearts your interview on BET was you trying to reach out. But this, your hypothesis, well Juice we want no part of this. Its hard enough to keep Flavor Flav in line with his integrity, our insurance wont let both of you remain on the same account. We have more then enough problems then dealing with your super inflated ego and holier then though mentality. Good Luck on the other side and let us know how that works out.

Black America

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another Day, Another LAPD Beatdown

Im not going to going to go into specifics b/c this video speaks for itself. To summarize, on August 11th William Cardenas whom had warrants, was trying to flea from police. When caught he made no attempt to resist and that's when this happened.(If you listen closely, you'll here him say, "I cant breathe")
I ask that those of you who see this please forward it. This has got to stop
The LAPD to this day believes Rodney deserved what he got.

Read The Full Story

What Jigga's Lyrics Really mean.

We at realpeeplz wont start drama , but circulating it, well thats another story.If you know Hov, you know he has no problems with calling people out by name when it comes to whom he's dissing ask Nas,Mase, and Kiss however on his track Lost One's, he decides not to. He insists that this is not a diss-track, but come on Jay, you not firing back by name makes about as much sense as you retiring. The internet has been flooded with rumors about Jigga and Beyonce having problems in there relationship, ie here or here to name a few. Jay did no attempt to downplay them if you listen to verse 2 of the single.
I don't think it's meant to be
For she loves her work more than she does me
And honestly, at twenty-three
I would probably love my work more than I did she
So we ain't we, it's me and her
Cause what she prefers over me is work
And that's where we defer
So I have to give her free time even if it hurts
So breath mami it's deserved
You've been put on this earth to be all you can be
Like the reserves

You can draw your own conclusions as to whom it is he's reffering to, but, If I were a betting man, my options would be narrowed down to one person. As for Dame, one can assume verse one is dedicated to him, but we'll let you be the judge of that.
I heard muthafuckas sayin' they made Hov
Made Hov say ok, so make another Hov
Niggas wasn't playin' they day role
So we parted ways like Ben and J-Lo
Shoulda been did but I been in a daze though
I put friends over bidness end of the day though
But when friends bidness interest they glow
Ain't nuttin' left to say though
I guess we forgot what we came fo'

Britney's Not Your Average Dumb Blond

Like many of you, when it broke 2yrs ago that Mega Star Britney Spears was marrying
Trailer Park hip hop legend and Fresno County Wigga Champ
Kevin Federline, I placed numerous bets online for the longevity of this marriage. Sadly, my bet of 6 months was defeated by a mere 18 months.
On election day, Britney filed for divorce from K-Fed ending there 2yr marriage along with any hopes of K-Fed's name to get any media attention ever again. To be fair, K-fed was a backup dancer for stars such as Justin Timberlake, Micheal Jackson , and a host of others, so he still has a career to fall back on. But, any attempts to hit Britney for allimony are going to be squashed thanks to her Iron Clad Prenup

The divorce

Federline will receive £157,894 in spousal support. The pre-nup states this is the sum he will get for every year of his marriage, up to half the number of years he has been married. As the marriage only lasted two years, this is his total settlement. It is not known whether it will take the form of a one-off payment of monthly instalments.

For those of my readers not familiar with the pound sign,(the squiggly figure next to Kevins dollar amount,) thats his money in brittish dollar in American that about $300,505 dollars.
Currently K-Fed is fighting for custody for his kids, which is kinda ironic considering he didnt put up much of a fight for his kids he had with Shar Jackson prior to Britney's marriage. I suspect he wants more money from Britney and he knows he can get it via the child suport road. Lets face it. This is Kevins Lotery ticket.
To not alteast attempt to cash it in will look bad on his side.
Cant knock a guy for trying.

Monday Night Recap Panthers win 24-10

Every now and again Monday night delivers one of the games you'll be talking about at work for weeks. You know, like NY V. Dallas or even Arizona V. Chicago (probably game of the year for MNF) But last nights Buccaneer V. Panthers didn't do that. It was a defensive struggle for much of the first half that the Panthers opened up in the second outscoring the Buccaneers 24-3 in the second half.
With the win the Panthers improve to 5-4 and tie Atlanta for second in the division.

Monday, November 13, 2006

NFL Recap 10 Things We Learned from Sunday

10. The Jacsonville Jaguars officially have a Quarterback Controversy.
David Garrard went 15-34 with 4 INT'S against the Texans and lost.

9. Dont waist your time trying to bet the Falcons. They beat good teams
and get embarrased by bad teams. This was proven with theyre most recent loss
to the Browns at home.

8. How bout them Cowboys. Tony Romo is quietly bringing this team back
up to the division race.

7. With Clinton Portis injuring his hand , the bulk of the offense
will now shitft back to QB. Mark Brunnell. I sure hope Campell is ready
at a moments notice

6. The Colts can win sloppy, The Colts can win with finesse, but overall
they can just win, no matter how much we hate them

5. Those average Bears cornerback held Plaxico Burress to 4 recpetions
for 48 yds. And they intercepted ball intended for him. I'd hate to see
them if they stepped it up.

4. Frank Gore is severely underrated

3. Miami's Defense is keeping them in games. Joey can go to bed
knowing that when he wakes up he'll still be the number 1 guy.

2. When the Superbowl champion Steelers want to, they can play
as good as anybody.

1. The Bengals have no defense. LT went nuts with 4 Touchdowns
and 100+ yds rushing, as the Chargers win 49-41 at Cincy.

Housewives Recap

We at Realpeeplz will always take time away from sports to recap our
favorite tv. shows.(Desperate Housewives, LOST, ANTM, Grey's Anatomy etc.)
Last night saw Eva Longorria's character Gabrielle try to get
back into modelling only to be given the reality check that she's no longer
in the top spot. Instead of getting a job as a mischevious young girl, she
gets casted as a mom and goes directly into diva mode, but that ended up being
a lost cause. Meanwhile, Lynette is recovering from her gunshot wound and coping
with her sons PTSD. She enlists the help of the newest neighbor Arthur.
All goes well until Lynette makes it down to his basement to discover his secret
photo collection. Brie meets with her mother-in-law which her husband has a real problem with .(evidently theres a secret between mom and son that keeps him at bay)
Finally, Susan is in the middle of an up hill struggle with daughter Julie over her current love interest Austin. She calls her ex-husband over for support, and he's to busy being focused on her relation ship with Ian.


Thanks to teams like Kansas State, Arizona, Georgia, and Rutgers, The BCS finally got what it wanted. Pure Vanilla teams left in the national Championship picture. Notre Dame and USC pole vaulted Texas, Florida, Auburn and Cal to make them legitimate contenders for the National Championship. With that said, Realpeeplz is now officially backing Rutgers Football. Its time the little guy’s got there voice heard( not to mention, they are undefeated.) Lets go Scarlet Knight. As far as the here and now, all eyes will be more then likely focused on the Michigan v. Ohio St. game this weekend. The guys over at the World Wide leader waisted no time hyping the game up.Countdown to Columbus
Here’s my opinion on the game, as long as Michigan has Lamar Woodley, and he brings the heat to Troy Smith early and often, Michigan wins.

The Current BCS Standings are as follows:
1. Ohio St. 976
2. Michigan 983
3. USC 869
4. Florida 849
5. Notre Dame 819
6. Rutgers 786
7. Arkansas 756
8. UWV 657
9. Wisconsin 642
10. Louisville 640

Saturday, November 11, 2006

We'll Miss You Gerald

This track came out when I was like 10. It was and still is a classic

Remembering Gerald (July 13, 1966 - November 10, 2006)

Today while watching television a buddy of mine called and told me some sad news.
R&B artist Gerald Levert passed away yesterday from a heart attack. Though I never knew the man personally I knew and loved his music. He was the original Big Sexy with a voice that drove the ladies wild. With classic songs like Baby Hold On To ME and Baby Im Ready, he was the original BIG SMOOTH.

Remembering Gerald

10 Things to Ponder Before NFL Sunday

10. In order for the Giants to beat the Bears Its going to take a
huge day from Plaxico Burress. The same Plaxico That said the
cornerbacks for the bears are "VERY Beatable"

9. Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Steve McNair will play Sunday's
game like its the Superbowl. Nothing says we love you like
barring the franchise quarterback from the training facilities,
trading him, then going out and drafting his mentee.

8. For all my Fantasy Football Guys, Do not start Randy Moss.
Theres a great chance Champ Bailey will be covering him, and
Champ is playing some of the best football out there.

7. If there were an upset on Sunday, I'd put good money on it coming
from Arizona Beating Dallas. Dennis Green is 16-2 coming off of the
bye week.

6. No Lights Out in Cincinnati equals win for the Bengals. I suspect
Rudi Johnson will have a huge game this Sunday without Shawn Merriman
in the Chargers Lineup

5. The Texans are still gonna lose, you just wander how long until Sage
is put in.

4. Mike Shannahan still enjoys sticking it to the Raiders. Id pick them
to win huge. Shanahans Broncos have won 6 of the last 7 meetings.

3. For all my Reggie Bush fans, don't expect huge numbers against the
Steelers . They rank Ninth overall against the rush and past.

2. If the Dolphins lose against the Chiefs, Lemon will be your new
flavor of the month in Miami

1. The Most difficult game of the year to predict will be 49ers v. Lions.
This could be a preview for the NFL Draft. Look for both teams that are ranked
near the bottom of the NFL to rack up big numbers.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Drawn Together This Black Chick's Tongue

If you were wandering what my new favorite television show is wander no more, the answer is Drawn Together. It airs on Comedy Central In Dave’s old spot. (Wednesday Nights ) It makes Family Guy look like The Simpsons. It’s a great play on cartoons past and present living in a house and having to work out there problems. Foxxy Love is my favorite character by the way

Dont let the Door Hit you on the way out Rummy

With Democrats in control of both the House and now the Senate "W" did what he had to do make everybody in both houses happy. He gave Rummy his walkin papers. To be fair, Ive
never met the man, but you would think with all the negative media coverage, he ranks
right there with T.O. and Miami Hurricanes football as most hated in the public eye.
Dont worry "W" , youre up there on the list to, but gas prices went down so im keeping

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wave Goodbye to Anchal

Top Model Fans . The perennial Favorite (at least my favorite ) Anchal was booted of ANTM
on Wednesday. I gotta be honest, at first, it was easy to follow her, she was getting hated on left
and right by Melrose and she's probably the best Face that show has ever had . Towards the
Latter stages however, her inner diva came out and she decided she couldn't do a simple dance for
Tyra and that led to her dismissal.

Scarlet Knights pull one out

I didn't think I'd be starting my blog giving props to Rutgers Football, but they are certainly due. Last night, Rutgers beat Louisville to improve there record to 9-0 and place them right a top the Big East Standings. As far as what this means to the BCS, we have to wait and see how they fair against WV.