Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Songs That get stuck in your Head..Yael Naim New Soul

30 Day's and counting, and every day I wake up, or when I get stuck on seomthing..I find myself Humming la la la la la la, la la la la la la ,
la la la, la, la la, la la la..... Whats your song...e

Friday, April 25, 2008

Chris Rock Summed it Up for me....

"There ain't a White man in this room who'd trade places with me, and I'm rich"
----Chris Rock

You know why that is, its because deep down, in some its in the subconscience of there souls, they know we are nothing more then "NIGGERS"...Before I get bombarded with anti-black emails, and post, I want to be perfectly clear, not all White Folk feel this way, but BOY there are alot of you who do....I know, youre gonna ask, really, then prove it....

Ok no problem

Here's another

Oh, I just put extremes up right..Well here's one That im sure most can easily identify with...

But, today, its not about any of that. Today its about injustice....One can only assume that all the talking heads that were screaming INJUSTICE when OJ was acquited on all chagres of murder, that TODAY, they will call for the NYPD to not only suspend the 2 Detectives who unloaded 50 shots into an innocent man, but ask for there letters of resignation.

Message to Hillary Clinton (D-NY).
If you want to regain any of the BLACK VOTES you stand ABOSLUTLEY O chance of ever getting back, I surely hope that you condem this. Justice was not served today....

Sad Day for America As Sean Bell Killers go Free

You know, they say justice is blind. I didnt know that they meant it was color blind. Today, 2 New York City Police Officers were acquitted of all charges stemming from the shooting of an African American male the day before his wedding at his bachelor party. The question thats sure to resonate amongst many of us is simple, WHERE IN THE F*CK is the JUSTICE???

What am I missing? This young brutha was coming out of a club, with his people, posing no threat, and was gunned down. 21 shots. Ya'll, I'm heated, but im also mindful. This is just another example of why black folk in this country fill a deep resentment for the Justice System.
This is not going to end well.

I had alot I was going to say, but if im just speaking from the heart on this one. Im FUCKIN PISSED RIGHT NOW! The base of me being pissed isn't from the fact that these assholes got off, its the FACT that as a Young AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN, that very easily coudlve been me. Thats what makes my blood boil. Thats what makes my skin crawl. Thats what makes me "wanna run out and punch the first hateful white dude I see." This is pure BULLSHIT! Plain and simple.

I cant find the words that eloquate this into an articulate discussion b/c at this very moment, I don't feel like appealing to those who want to debate my feelings right now. As a gov't employee, who's worked with Law Enforcement Officials, and people who make a living out of Criminal Justice, I know the right and wrong of arrest....So I just wanna vent..Fuck it....

You know, they wander why we have resentment..They wander why blackfolk walk around with just a slight chip on they shoulders. They wander why when we see cops we dont think security, we think, oh sh*t they about to him us up.... Sean Bell was denied justice today, and as I witness the PUBLIC LYNCHIN conducted daily on a high profile African American running for president, i just sit back and have to wander, is this what "were supposed to be so proud to be Americans for?" Ifso, I'll pass

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Barack Channelling the Jigga in all of us...

Peepz, i knew if I said it, and had no proof, you wouldnt believe me...With that said, I know give you Your Future President Barack Obama "Gettin-Dat-Dirt-Off-His Shoulders.....Damn I love this dude!

ABC Conducts Public Lynching Right in front of Your very Eyes

The results are in and no matter where you look, even Fox News to a smaller extent, all agree, that last nights Debate amongst the to Democratic Presedential Candidates, was nothing short of a Public Lynching.

Family, when the price of gas as I type this is sitting at 3.45 nationally, for unleaded, I ask you, why is this the LAST question asked?? I'll tell you why, because the nice folk over at ABC felt it more of a pressing issue to grill, enflame , and press Senator Barack Obama on his personal ties. 45 STRAIGHT MINUTES of nothing but personal attack until the first real issue based question surfaced..

Its official were in the silly season. Now, to be fair, Hillary got re asked about the most dead panned issue I have ever heard of in regards to the Bosnia Flap. She handled IT, with grace and even mustured up an apology. When Barack was asked sbout it, he said people are going to mangle words...When you have microphones on you all the time, youre gonna slip every now and again.

This candor was not returned by the Former First Lady and Junior Senator from New York. On each and every personal attack, every single one, when the high road was there, she abandoned it. She tried to open the Rev. Jeremiah Wright scab, she tried to expand on the association with Bill Ayers(which amusingly backfired),, she tried to re capitalize on the bitter statement. Yep, there's a highroad in which we talk about how you can let your opponent handle his or her situations, but Hillary was having nothing to do with that street. Its to safe..

And then there was ABc

I cant even type my frustration with ABC'S Charlie Gibson and Former Clinton aide and Spoon fead Rightwing radio tool George Stephanopolous..First Charlie. You serve as lead anchor, you mean to tell me that you had nothing of substance in all the questions you had on that paper until 45 minutes into it. Where you honestly in the back with members of the RNC , John Mc Cains campaign, and to a smaller extent Hillary backers before the debate started?? Thats despicable.

I never watched your venue before, so its not like im going to gain much ground in saying I dont plan on watching it in the future...

Then there was George. You probably thought we werent listnening when you went on Sean Hannity and got spoonfed the Bill Ayers question..To bad we saw that coming. You sir get the award as the biggest tool ever. At no point did you ask one substantive question. Much like a monkey at the zoo, you flung feces, and then ran for cover laughing all the way. Your stile of journalism shouldnt be tolerated. However, in a society where people only rember the last thing they heard, I suspect your dive bomb tactic may infact work in the short term.

Clearly if youre a Barack supporter last night had to heat you to the 10th degree..Its ok fam, he weathered it. It'll only get worse though. Bare in mind, last night, that was with Hillary. The real mental gymnastics have yet to begin when John 100yrs war Mc Cain and CO. decide to come barrelin in..There's no doubt in my mind that Barack will once again surface as victor, but, if last night is any indication of things to come, Chicago will have to beef Barack up on the offensive ALOT more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nick Cannon da black Brad Pitt and A. Keys Fallout

I know its been a minute fam since I graced yall presence.. But there's good new out there and I cant leave yall wandering why I havent touched on any of it.

If I told yall I had a homeboy who has been with the likes of
Christina Millian, Selita Eubanks , and Mariah Carey, yall would tell me that my homeboy is the Mu'puckin man right? Well that homeboy is Nick Cannon..Talk about braggin on your accomplishments..I cant be mad at that man, for being the Black Brad Pitt..If ya lineup the ones Brad been with, and how they are looked at within the white community, and line up the ones Nick's got to touch and how they are looked at within the black community, its easy to see that this arguement can be easily made. Hell, I'll take it one step forward, Brad Pitt is the white Nick Cannon. Say what you want to about him and Ray-J, but the notches on the bedpost have some very elite signatures. Keep slayin the top notch ones bruh..You can only live once. While out , while you can homie!

Alright, alot yall been hittin me up via the email about comments A. Key's made about hip hop being a geverment conspiracy. Look, yall do realize she' about the closest to black sensuality, sexy, and girl next door we got right. Given all her physical beauty , she' s also quite smart, and I even heard somewhere she's a genius. With all that said, sometimes, people say stupid ish... And im willin to give A. Key's a pass b/c off all the above mentioned. Look if hip hop was really a gov't ran conspiracy dont you think the moment Li'l Billy and Becky started to rock 50 in there whips, the GOV. woulda pulled the plug?

Ray-J..My nicka just cant stay out the media...This time I hear word that he's takin shots at B. Brown, and talkin about how Whitney like her hair puled. Now, If it wasnt for the fact that he's a porn legend, I probably wouldnt validate these claims that Bobby wasnt doing his job in the sack. However, Bobby, its on video, Ray-J lay it down...All im sayin is..Bobby, its on video homie....

Im bitter it cost 50.00 to feel my gas up. Im bitter many of my ex-shipmates are fighting in a war that shoulda never been waged. Now, when I think about it, I turn to a real good friend of mind named MGD...But hey thats me. I DO KNOW MANY, FROM PA, who turn to other outlets..Some drink, some hunt, and some turn to god almighty... Some even blow kill....sans life..