Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black Proffesionals..Profiles of a lost Workforce

On a very popular blog, I made the statement that my company (---_---) has about 400 employees, and about 4 of them are black. Seriously 4. Though people believed me, they were puzzled by the number. I'm here to tell you I dont see alot of black folk in the white-collar workforce. I cant honestly tell you why this is . I can point out a couple of things that got me to my place in life and maybe it will serve as a blueprint.

1. I never settled ..When I joined the military I made it my goal to get a job I can do that required my brain and not my body for labor. Or worse for bullet catching.

2. I inspired myself. When told I couldnt do something. All it really did was make me want to do it, an d do it better then my counterparts. Ultimatly I wanted to get so good at it, that I wanted to teach it ..And I did.

3. I took a job that matched my skills. When I got out the military I made it a point to find a job that coincided with what I did while in the military. It had to pay enough to allow me to leave the military, and not lose any face while doing so.

4th. I made a promise to myself I'd do better. Ok I have a goal and thats to be in a job where im complety happy irreguardless the salary, yet I will allow myself to save enough money for a rainy day. Im getting there now, but I have a ways to go.

I cant speak for the rest of our small group, but I know this much to be true. I got where im at, because I was not comfortable settling, and taking the easy way.

With all that said. Is our new social epidemic a lack of a whitecollar workforce. How do we get more young proffesionals out there? Im interested in this debate, b/c it does hurt to not see alot of us out there. It does hurt when i go to lunch that in the cafeteria mine is one of the rare faces I see of color.

My people, what steps do we take to make this happen, and how do we maintain it. In the 90's many of us were out there, but come the new decade,, it went away. How do we get it back peepz? Simple question....


AFC and NFC West ..This'll be quick

Im jus sayin.. These are probalby the most predictable Divisions in all of football. Niether really brings it to the table, and the top teams always underachieve. I will however say this, one of the teams from these 2 divisions, is my odds on favorite TO WIN THE SUPERBOWL...

With that said


LT is gonna come back healthy and pissed. With the addition of the WR's they got in the offseason, and the D, that is there staple, this team is simply unbeatable. If they can figure out a way to get and maintain homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, they will lock the NFL DOWN.

Here's the bottom line, if this team can stay out of its own way, there my pick. Period.

Just Watchin

Denver Broncos 8-8

The lost of Javon Walker, and no premier running back will be huge. I know they have a system, but that system isnt built for baby mama havin rb's who cant stay healthy..Travis im talkin to you.

Not Serious

KC. 6-10

Watchem cuz in 3 yrs they'll have the best DT in football. Watchem cuz of LJ, and maybe even Tony -G. But thats about it.

One Day

Oakland 6-10

I'll say this, despite having my pick of rookie of the yr in Darren McFadden, he wont be enough for the QB, who will need atleast 2 yrs to figure it out. Hey, if they can get it together, with there roster, it will be tough. They have 2 of the best CB's in football, and they are gonna be pretty much out there playin with nothin to lose. I'd like to see them shore up the O-line. Other then that tough young team that will lose 6 easy.

NFC WEST Champs St. Louis Rams 9-7

Not much sizzle here. They 'll be healthy at all the key spots, and will rely heavily on Howie's son on D. Expect a major yr from Stephen Jackson, and Marc Bulger .

Outside Lookin in

Seattle Seahawks.

There nucleus is old, and Julius Jonesm mwill show his true colors fast.


Arizona 5-11

Who's the QB Linehart or Warner, who's the RB, and who is on the D

SF 4-12

Alex Smith might make Frank Gore punch him in the mouth.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If you havent seen Batman GO AWAY NOW!!!

OK, I gave everybody fair warning, and now its time for me to give my unabashed, full fledged, no joke 100% all out take on Dark Night Batman part 2.


Dark Knight is by far the best movie I have seen in the past 5 yrs. It has everything a guy could ever ask for. Its creepy, suspensful, sexy, and someone very important in it DIES... The cast of characters inclue Batman, Harvey 2-Face, Commish Gordon, Morgan Freeman as the gadget guy, his Kate played by Maggie Gylenhaal, and THE LATE GREAT HEATH LEDGER AS THE JOKER...I SAYAGAIN, THE LATE GREAT HEATH LEDGER.

Heath stills the show as the Joker. From start to finish he puts the cops and the people of Gotham in positions that cause them to either kill or be killed..It all starts out with the a Bank Robbery. Joker pretty much enlist the help of a crew who's sole job is to kill each other off if they take to much time. He starts with 8, by the end of the robbery, he's down to 3.

While around the very crooks he robbed from, he tells them that he's not there enemy, BATMAN is. Of course there to pissed to realize this, so one of them makes the horrible mistake of sending a goon to take care of him. This guy is quickly introduced to the pencil trick.

Batman cant get a beat on him throughout the entire movie.

I dont plan on typing out the movie, but know these talking points.

1. The joker's most fascinating feat may have been his birth of Harvey two face at the death of Kate.

2. His most clever trick may have been threating to blow up a hospital if the guy who planned to out Batman wasnt stopped.

3. But the Boat trick. Best one of the bunch. Essentially, you detonate them, or vice versa.

On to Batman, ya boy may have had the sickest motorcycle eva! My homie dave said one of his Kids may miss college so e can get his hands on one.

Back to the review, througout the movie he's seriously vexed by the joker. Cant figure him out. Alfred finally breaks it to him, this guy is playing it with nothing to lose. You cant figure out a guy who doesnt have a care in the world.

Batman finally nabbs him by pretty much making the FISA BILL toiletpaper. However, it came to late as he had already lost Kate in a game of pick the one you save. Harvey Dent, or Kate.

People its a 100..This is a mjust see twice movie. Ive seen it, and will be watchin it again. It go's that hard. Plan to jump, plan to shout, but plan to watch every minute.


AFC and NFC South Predicts

Lets pick right up where I left off last night

AFC SOUTH CHAMPS..Jacksonville Jaguars...TADA!!! 12-4

To much of the perfect storm allows for this team to be reeaalllyy good this year. Payton Manning is coming off knee surgery, They play the NFC North for 4 games, David Garrard is contiously getting better, and they restocked on that Defense in the offseason. A defense that was punishing before. Expect this team to make ALOT OF NOISE.


Indianapolis Colts 11-5

They'll have alot of teams gunning for them. Payton is vulnerbale (allegedly) there monster at the DE Freeney many argue has lost a step, Marvin Harrison's off-field issues etc..I expect all of that to bother them at the beginning. However, there gonna figure it out around week 6. And then, as usual its gonna be a tough battle. Expect them to be that wildcard team no one wants to see.

Close but no Cigar

T. Titans 9-7

The division is just to tough. There going to split with the Texans , and that loss will keep them OUT the playoffs. Vince has to step it up. This is just a fact. They cannot go anywhere when he's barerly got a 70 orso passer rating. I'd like to see those WR's catch a little better to.

Still Just Watching

Houston Texans 6-10

Not having Dunta Robinson is gonna be HUGE. You simply cant replace him with Dallas waste. Furthermore, alot of there progression will rely HEAVILY on a ROOKIE LT. A guy this blogger personally believes should not be here, and should have been Mendenhall. That being said, if he can keep the backside of Schaub safe, I think it might make the difference of a win orso. This team needed to adress running back early, and im sorry Steve Slaton was not what I consider getting it done. Esp if the rumors about him and ball control early out are true.

On to the NFC South..

NFC SOUTH Champs New Orleans Saints 11-5

You can officially start drinking the Reggie Bush Koolaid. This is the yr he breaks out, and alongside Jeremy Shockey and there soon to be Probowl WR, this team has an offense no one want to line up against. There defense got toasted arially last yr. I wont lie it wasnt pretty. I expect there 1st round draft pick to change that some. I have said this since Drew was in SD. He's an every other yr. guy . Last yr stunk. Expect him to be whispered for MVP this yr.


Carolina Panthers 9-7

Heres all im going to say about this team. None of this is valid if they cant keep Delhomme upright. Period.

So close...

Tampa Bay Bucs 8-8

Once again, if youre in the Brett Favre chase, odds are youre not satisfied with your QB. I f youre not satisfied with youre QB, odds are that means that position you consider weak. There D. is old, but solid, and Cadillac has to be healthy. He just has to be. If not they might not go very far.

This might get ugly..

ATL Falcons 2-14

Nothing and I mean nothing will make this team good THIS YEAR. There QB's 3 yrs away, they lost Dante, and Norwood will see 8 in the box each and every time. Its not gonna be pretty for the dirty birds but they know that. The good news is, if you enjoy inside football, this team is perfect. Young Tail back, Young, Quarter back, and Young WR'..I mean young and fun free, who can hate that.


Monday, July 28, 2008

NFC and AFC North Predicts....

Ok yesterday I told yall that Barring any unforseen miracles, Dallas and New England should walk away with there respective divisions. To be fair, Dallas may have it a little tougher though. Infact EVERYONE may have it tougher then New England..That being said, lets check out the NFC AND AFC NORTH...

NFC NORTH CHAMP NFC Minnesota Vikings 10-6

Let not there team surpise you..This team is going to run it in your face and smash it in your mouth. Adiran Peterson will get MVP touts early and expect the line to manhandle anyone standing in there way. Unfortunatly all this is hinging on the arm of Tavaris Jackson. I say again Tavaris "I can barely compete a 15yard dump route jackson" I know what i said about Brett, but he wasnt going to a team in his division anyway..That doesnt count, heres what does. This defense brought it last year, and the offense minus the passing attack cam e at you hard. If they can keep this formula up, expect no one to want to face them..

What Happened Team

Greenbay Packers 7-9

Brett Favre is going to be the death of this team..YES!!!!!!!!!!! No longer can the national media hold over TO'S head that he's a cancer on a team. That new crown will go to Mr. Pain Pill popper himself Brett Favre. He needs to sit down and find a cluie quick.. Since 2002 He's been teasing retirement, and now that Greenbay has had enough he wants to cry fowl. I say f-that..You had your chance. Your LEGEND no matter what some of us think of it, has came and gone. Sit down and LET AARON ROGERS GET HIS CHANCE.

Brett, you may never read this, but if you do, know that no one here thinks you are washed up, we just think that what youve done to Greenbay, had it been any other player might have came off as cancerous..Im jus sayin...All of the above said, expect the off field to swarm the onfield and distract this team to no end. The moment Aaron has a bad game expect the chants for Brett. To bad to, this tem couldve been something.

We need a QB TO

Chicago Bears 6-10

No QB STILL, and no Wrs. You can pay Urlacher, Harris and Hester out the ass, but without a solid offense this team isnt going anywhere.

We suck.

Detroit Lions. 6-10

Sorry, everyone is going to use them lke a pinyata at a birthday party. Move Millen this changes. Keep him round, you get what you pay for.

AFC North Champs Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5

Fast Willie , Rashard Mendenhall, Limas Sweed and A returning WR corp that is built on speed. Yes the Steelers are ready to make noise now. Casey Hampton get in shape, and this team will bring the ruckus quick..Watch out for there hot young MLB. That guys got issues


Cincinatti Bengals 10-6

Got better on defense , got Chad in Camp, and Palmers healthy. Not a bully, but not a punk. Expect them to earn there bonafidies this season. They are reaallllly close.....

Just Lookin

Cleveland 8-8

They'll be the victims of being in a seriously tough division. To bad, cuz on paper, they have everything you could want. All there key positions except running back are young. And that guy is still a brusing 30.

We aint there yet...

Baltimore 6-10

Failure to nae a starter at QB is NEVER GOOD...Ray Lewis is older, they cant stay healthy, and yet another team that is no good at spreading the field. I can type about this being a problem all yr long for this team, but there actions will do all the talking..

Look for the first yr coach and the Hiesmann to prep the guy from delaware for alot of letdowns...

Tommorow the AFC and NFC South.

Will I have Indy atop the Dirty for a 3rd yr in a row, or will a new team emerge..tune in....


The Next Food Network Star

For some its the history channel, others it maybe Discovery Channel..(who can get mad at that really) for me , its the Food Network. Yes i said it The Food Network is my guilty pleasure. If youve been watching there reality series the Next Food Network Star you'd know why to.

Last night they crowned Aaron McCargo Jr. there 4th season star, and he will began hosting Big Daddy's Kitchen this week. Yall bruh'man can FLAT-OUT-COOK...Ya heard me??

Dude made a Banana Steak and Collar-Green combo that made my TV melt last night. Ive told yall time and time again, with me, I love it simple. You don't have to hit a homerun with me, just show me how I can make food at an executive level, with a blue-collar budget. Aaron does that.

This brutha will cultivate you with his simple recipes that pack mouthwatering flavors that you will swear cost you an arm and a leg to produce. Ya know, this is yet another sign of the Apocalypse..A brutha winning Food Network Star, Will Smith being the Top Earner in the Box Office. If this keeps up........Im jus sayin.....

If you caught it, your thoughts on Aaron and the field.


Sunday, July 27, 2008

NFL's Almost Here...NFC and AFC East Preview

Ok, I know it has been AGES since I touched on a sports topic. To be honest, the political season has ate so much of my time I've became literally englufed in it. Family, Im going to be hitting that hard, but dont worry I WILL ALWAYS HAVE TIME FOR FOOTBALL!

With that said Last time I left you, I was getting ate alive by every GIANT FAN WHO EVER LAYED EYES on Realpeeplz for my predicition of them being a one and done wildcard team on the verge of cutting ELI MANNING.. Boy did I get it...If yall saw the emails youd think I was the worst person breathin..Its all good though, Im a big boy. I can take it. Im here now to pick right back up where I left off and ,and being that the Giants are the Champs what better division to start with then the NFC East

NFC East Champs=NFC Champs

Dallas Cowboys 13-3

As long as Tony can remember that he hasnt earned the right to be a celebrity yet and take what Tuna was trying to tell him to heart, this will still be the team to beat. Yes they lost Julius Jones. But they went out and got an ace tailback named Felix Jones to back up Barber in his stead. Not to mention, they have Pacman, (who will be on the field) and they went out and selected a top notch CB in the first round that would start for any other team.

I have to admit, this pick scares the life out of me. Dallas is like the hot chick you try all night to get with only to find out she is HORRIBLE in BED. You wanna like her, you wanna you wanna take her home to momz, but youre not fully committed to her b/c this flaw is hanging you up...


NY Giants 9-7

The Superbowl Champs Exceeded all expectations last year. Getting to and winning the Superbowl against the New England Patriots may very well be the biggest upset ever. That being said dont look for them to repeat. I know, its possible. As to is Lil Wayne being unseated by the end of this summer. Its just tough thats all. Theyve lost Jeremy Shockey, and Micheal Strahan. Those are HUGE losses. Now ELI can shoulder the load of a Shockey loss. I mean one less loudmouth in the huddle is always a good tihng. I just have issues with the D. Strahan is by no means LT, but he did bring heart. The Giants are more then capable of proving me wrong, (the hot chick thats above them is not above her traditional flop job) I just have to see alot more from them on D. with the loss pof Strahan. D. was there strong point last year, if they keep it intact, I might be forced to reconsider.

Outside lookin in

Philadelphia Eagles 8-8

There lack of a star WR is pathetic. It will be the sole reason why this team does not make the playoffs. Assante Samuel was a huge addition, but Philly has always been known for there D.

Donovan is gonna have to hope and pray Westbrook can do it all.

Not Ready for the Bigs

Washington Redskins 7-9

Campbell is going to experience a lot of growing pains with this offense. The Recievers are there, the runningbacks to, the problem is, this team CAN NEVER STAY HEALTHY..NEVER! As for the D, Jason Taylor is going to make an impact, I just dont know how much. He admits he may have at best a yr to 2 tops. Look, tuna aint getting rid of a TOP NOTCH D guy for nothin. This DOES NOT PASS THE SMELL TEST. This team will live and die by Jason, if he's on watch out.

If not, watch the bo-birds come fast and quick...

AFC East Champs New England Patriots 14-2

When a team goes 17-1 and there only loss is in the Superbowl, I get the since they might be a little hungry come the following yr. They arent going to slip this yr either. Unfortunatly, they have allowed the Colts, Chargers, and Steelers, to catch up with them. No fret in the Division though. They are the Fonz, and the rest of the AFC East is Ralph Malph...They return most everyone on offense and though they lost Assante, and Colvin, both were replaced in the draft and free agency. Winning the division is eeeeaaasssssy....The fun for them will start in January. Was last yr a big set up for the end, or a call for arms? We shall see..If you notice, I only have them winning the division..I for one think they got rattled...

The Rest.

Buffalo Bills 7-9

If youre on Brett Farve Watch then that tells me youre not satisfied with your QB. If youre not satisfied with youre QB then youre more then likely 2 yrs away at best. This team will struggle but i expect them to finish strong with a modest record.

NY Jets 6-10

Check Buffalo's write up. Its gonna be tough playing second fiddle to the champs across the river, and the Patriots in your division. Oh, not for nothing, Bretts overrated...Just a thought...

Miami Dolphins 5-11

Ugh this is gonna be tough. You can bring in Tuna, Shula and anyone else, but the stink of 1-15 is always gonna be there. PERIOD..The good news is, with a young QB all you can do is go up from here. The bad news, if youre a fan, its not gonna be pretty, unless youre a inside football guy. Track the progression of your young QB and LT , they have yrs to get together, and make this offense sizzle.

Tommorow, the AFC and NFC North.

Farve Fans you might not wanna tune in..


Saturday, July 26, 2008

Im Guessin if you dont like Lil Wayne, this Summer had to be a Musical Dissapointment

"He's so sweet make her wanna go and lick the i let her lick the rapper........."

Not doin it for ya...Ok how about this one..

Baseline......(Ima millionaire yes a young mon-millionaire, toughin then Nigerean hair"

Still not feelin it, Ok one more chance

"To the left to left, if you wanna leave be my guess you can step. Thinkin you irreplacable like Beyonce..Then I'll put yo ass out on yo B-day"

All hot lines, all dropped by one dude. Dwayne Carter, aka Lil Wayne. Family as one who is somewhat a musical fan, but mostly a simpleton, Im coming out swing for the lil guy about his new CD The Carter 3. Its a 4 star must buy. Right out the gate, the Duet with Jay-z Mr Carter shows you how he can keep his own with a legend in the booth. They compliment perfectly, and Wayne makes the bold decision to backdoor Jay on a verse and excutes it brilliantly.

Unless you are living under a rock you missed A-Millie. This is the SUMMER BANGER OF THE SEASON. Its been remixed so much that upon first hearing it, I hnoestly thought it featured Chris Brown, J, Fab, and Young Gun. It doesnt its just him. Its just so many catz think the beat goes so hard, they just had to flow on it.

I'll leave lolipop alone. I'll just say this. Im amazed at how far weve came to allow it to get on the radio, and maintain a number one spot for almost a month. Then there the track you dont see like Comfortable featuring Babyface. He talks of how you shouldnt get complacent in relationships and how if you do, you might wake up and noticed him gone.

Another hidden track features him David Banner, and Busta. Started out Hustlin, ended up ballin. It goes of the richter. My title says it all. Not to mention another hot summer banger thats not even on his CD Loyd featuriang Lil Wayne, I want you.

No one else is out there even tryin. My nucka in the biz say's its almost unfair. My homie Dave says Police Lady should be Summa Banga. Both of these catz wouldnt have gave Wayne tyme a day 5 yrs ago. Me neither. My message to those out there laggin back. Dont get to comfortable, this little fella is in it to win. Plus with DETOX looming you might not get another chance to put yo stamp on the game out there..


CNN's Black in America..A tale of 2 Stories...

Whenever I watch a documentary, I try my hardest to view it with the eyes of a person who doesnt live that life. My goal is to watch and get a better understanding of whats really going on and see if I learned anything new from watching the show. That being said, it was hard for me to watch CNN'S Black in America without being a little more crittical then normal givin that A, I am indeed a Proffesional Black Male in America, and B Im married to someone who is Black and living in America.

If im being totally honest, I give the overall 2-day special a 5 on a 10 point scale. Before I breakdown why, allow me to express this quick point about the special. It was infact, groundbreaking. MSNBC tried something along these lines, but there story was based more on a young man tracing his roots back, and coping. It is my hope that other networks pickup where CNN left off. There are so many aspects of peoples lives that frankly we just dont know about, and with us on the verge of potentially electing a blackman as president, I for one am a HUGE FAN of full disclosure. I want want to see how this affects the whiteman, brownman, blackman, and soforth.

Ok , back on track..Day1 Black in America Blackwomen.
Family I was VERRRRRY dissapointed by this. 90% I repeat 90% of the special was dedicated to painting sisters as promescurous sex goddeses who rarely work, engage in unsafe sex, cant marry, and have low self esteem. The sistahs who are out there, are to out there, and only want to focus on there careers. Atleast thats the picture CNN painted on Wednesday's canvas.

Here's a summation
There was a story of a woman who through bad choices/lack of dad was living in Houstons fifth ward district(avg. ghetto usa) trying to make it as a real estate agent and raise her 5 kids by her self. Everyday was a struggle between want and need. She gets kicked outta her home, and the gamily has to move into a lower mortaged house. She's making it though, but its tough. She blames her upbringing for her decision to makem men her burden/pleasure. Growing up withoutt any prominent ones in her life, resulted in her chasing them in her adolescent age. 2 kids beofore 20, and 5 total by 35. Another story was of a cutie who had unprotected sex just once and contracted HIV. This one broke my heart. This girl has alot of energy, and she has the looks of a dyme. She's now an activist, and speaks out against AIDS/HIV. The last snippet I'll provide dug into the life of a biracial married couple in ATL. Sistah with Opie..The situation didnt bother me at all. Im all about people dating whoever makes them happy. What bothered me was the commentary given by Tara Wall )(conservative sistah) .."Black men are taken aback by my sucess and often dont want to date a succesful sister"

WRONG WRONG WRONG. I dont know what circles up in DC she's runnin in, but I know first-hand that nothing is more attractive to a man, then a woman that can do her. Throw in a cute face , and the ability to make a brotha a country style breakfast, followed with freakishly heathenist sex, and I'd say a sista is the most lethal thing on the planet. And those women exist.

The proffesional sista who was taught by momma the way to keep, and maintain a proffesional career/relationship. Sadly CNN was more interested in highlighing baby-mommadrama and the rest of the stereotypical assumptions made of black women.

Here's 3 things CNN could have done to improve the women segment.

1st. Hilight Sista's in there comfort zones. Ie the Beauty Parlor, Massage shop etc. Give them an open mike and moderate it all topics ranging from politics, to gossip.

2nd More showcasing of the Proffesional Sista. Investiigate her struggle to maintian in a workforce that is DOMINATED BY THE WHITE MALE, all the while maintaining her blackness

3rd. Coastal representaion. Sho how sista's from Cali differ from there Houston, Baltimore, and NY counterparts

Overall I gave the Black Womens segment a 3.

On to the Brothas.
Someone at CNN must have got the memo, either that or they were directed by 2 totally different people. Whatever the case, it was like night and day.

CNN showcased a tale of 2 brothas out the gate. Brotha one was the modern dayt Cliff Huxtable. Model family 3 kids all succesful, and wife is a Circuit Court judge. He a superintendent , along with his wife raises his kids to be smart, repsectful and value an education. Brotha 2 was a former felon who accepted God while in jail and made it a point in his life to turn young brothas life around.

Both men were in there mid to late 50's and had came up in newly de-segregated Arkansas.
The stories ran in perfect parralel as they showed how choices can shape and change your life.
Another story hilighted a young brotha who got a Computer Science Degree while in prison. No he's a felon so his job options are a little bleek, but he still remained positive and hopeful that his prospects will improve as time goes by.

Now here's where it FLOORED ME. A proffesor at Princeton did a study. Get this, 95% of blackmen with a felononious are criminal backround almost never get hired. Now that may sound steep but heres where I just sat there. A whiteman with the same prison wrapsheet has a 50% chance of getting hired. THE SAME STATISTICAL ODDS OF A BLACKMAN WITHOUT A PRISON RECORD...Essentially a blackman w/o a prison record is just as hirable as a whiteman with one.

Im going to let you digest that one for a bit....

Ok, Im back. They had Spike Lee on. He dove into the complexities he's faced trying to get his movies out. Many of them are privatly financed b/c Hollywood believes his message can be "to over the top"..Blackfolk we know code. The counter to his arguement was Joseph C. Philliips. He of Strickly Business, and small role fame. (He was the naval officer who married Denise on the Cosby's) He claimed that Hollywood does have the job's its just blackmen are lazy. Of course since he hasnt been heard of since Girlfriends axed him, I guess he's just to lazy to be found out there. Black conservatives irk me. Most of there stich is puttin us down. They seem totally oblivious to how society has ACTUALLY TREATED BLACKFOLK, and they come off as trying to hard to impress a culture that secretly could care less .

My last snippet is of he brotha they followed out on the job chase. This brotha was young, had 3 kids, and was on a daily grind. He was positive, and focused and in the end he got a job. A good one night stcoking, and delivering. Now they had another one, specific to me. A young brotha who was in a worfoce heavily dominated by wihtes. I thought it to be good as well, but I would have liked to see them go deeper into how he has to be proffesional while being black. Its a fineline that I think people need to see.

Overall I gave this special a 8

I'll close by saying this. CNN isnt going to impress everyone with there special I am one of those people. I will say though, that im really impressed with the effort. I felt Soledad Obrien did about as good as one could w/o the exp. of street life. I place a strong emphasis on someone being able to tell a story or drive a narrative they can somewhat relate to.
Blackfolk are a prideful people. We are proffesionals, we are entertainers, and we are family people. Not all of what you see on BET represents us . You wont catch a majority of our men walking around with wifebeaters and gold teeth. Also, you wont catch a majority of our sista's walkin round in booty shorts with 5 kids at home, and lookin to find there "Captain"... (dont act like dont know what that mean..)

CNN was able to provide insight on one of these,and for that I thank them. But im standin up for my sistas and asking them to to submit a better perspective on sistas the next time.